Chapter 2767: One Slash Stopping An Army

Everyone held their breath, waiting for an answer from the saintess.

“Hmph.” The saintess snorted and opened her mouth, ready to answer.

“Do it.” A cold voice accepted the bet in her stead. It was ethereal and indeterminate; no one could tell where or who it came from.

“An amazing ancestor from Central Sacred Ground has arrived.” An Eternal carefully gauged but still couldn’t figure out the position of this ancestor.

The Eternals present immediately realized that the speaker was stronger than them. One thing was certain, this ancestor was at the top in Central Sacred Ground.

“Fine, a bet it is.” The saintess took a deep breath and said.

“Good, I’m a man of my words. Win and I will let you leave this place.” Li Qiye smiled before turning towards Guo Jiahui: “Girl, go, no need to rush and make it too hard for them.”

Jiahui nodded and had full confidence in Li Qiye. She was ready to hand her life over to him whenever. 

“Begin.” Li Qiye placed his sword on top of his knees and closed his eyes.

Jiahui then turned towards her peers and nodded at them, letting them know that she was coming.

She stepped forward without running since Li Qiye told her not to.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” In the next second, a silver explosion detonated in the sky. Countless starry beams appeared and descended in a dazzling manner, not sparing a single spot on the ground. These beams were extremely fierce and fast, capable of turning the ground into a sieve.

They flew straight for Guo Jiahui and the other six. Just one beam was more than enough to slay them all.

“Pluff!” A sword move cut through the galaxy and trapped all of the rapidly descending starlights. It then crushed them into nothingness.

Next, the energy of the slash gathered again and shot through the sky. The entire sword move was perfect and smooth, starting from the overwhelming reach before gathering at a single point to turn into this shooting star.

Blood gushed at its target point like a beautiful flower blossoming in the sky.

“Boom!” A person fell down and slammed into the earth - a man dressed in silver, also with a pair of silver gloves.

His forehead was struck by the shooting star earlier with blood oozing out. The guy was dead when he hit the ground.

“Man Tianxing, the Grand Protector of Central Sacred Ground.” One expert blurted out.

His offensive abilities were top-notch in the entire system. Normally, he could reverse an unfavorable situation. Alas, today just wasn’t his day.

Meanwhile, Jiahui was undeterred during the whole exchange.

“Kill him!” The disciples in the palace to the left and right finally made their move. Their auras erupted as they unleashed energy waves towards Li Qiye with their sword and saber.

Unique weapons and treasures flew straight for Li Qiye, including pagodas, bells, iron slabs… 

Their attacks resulted in bright lights and destructive pressure everywhere. The weapons flew chaotically in the air. No one could make head or tail of this battle.

“Clank!” Another sword hymn sounded. Li Qiye used his sword again, releasing a horizontal slash.

The bright lights instantly disappeared, replaced by a scene of red. Blood splurted upward like a pillar before scattering down like flower petals.

During the chaos of the offensive waves, three phantom figures approached Jiahui’s group.

They were extremely fast. The weapons in their hands flashed, ready to sever the group’s neck.

Li Qiye slightly tilted his sword. The momentum of the previous slash didn’t stop and actually became swifter. The glint of his sword illuminated the entire area.

Three more heads were flung into the sky. The stealthy combatants failed to assassinate the group.

So it turned out that the disciples were merely distracting Li Qiye with the chaotic attacks so that these three assassins could get close to the group and deliver a fatal blow.

Unfortunately, this little play couldn’t trick Li Qiye so their strategy failed.

“They’re the three golden protectors.” A noble from a kingdom recognized the three dead figures.

These protectors have always hidden in the shadow and assassinated numerous figures. This battle didn’t go as well as before for them.

“Buzz.” The next stage started with the spatial area twisting in a bizarre manner.

It started to melt from a high temperature. It wouldn’t take long before the seven die from this next attack.

“I see, a real master from Central is starting.” An Eternal shuddered, aware of this move’s potency.

The clothes on Jiahui and the others began to burn as a result.

“A bit capable.” Li Qiye smiled and thrust his sword with a meteoric speed again.

“Pop!” It pierced through space and revealed a hiding figure.

This person refining space couldn’t dodge in time and became astonished.

“Go!” A third combatant joined in in order to save this spatial master. A great cauldron slammed into Li Qiye’s sword in order to buy time.

“Boom!” Fiery sparks resulted from the contact.

The cauldron was a heaven-defying treasure but still not enough to stop the thrust. It penetrated cauldron then the neck of the spatial master. This person couldn’t believe that this was his end. Even the great ancestor of his sect couldn’t save him.

“Voidmeld Ancestor! That’s an Amaranthine Eternal!” An Eternal gasped after seeing the dead ancestor.

Even those who haven’t seen him before have heard of this title belonging to a very prestigious ancestor in Immortal Demon System.

“Bam!” When Li Qiye pulled back his sword, the third combatant’s cauldron also fell to the ground.

“Not many of you are left.” Li Qiye placed his sword on top of his knees again, eyes closed.

There were piles of corpses in front of him now. Nearly all the experts from Central have been killed.

From start to finish, Li Qiye only used simple sword moves yet still easily defeated the experts of Central Sacred Ground.

The crowd realized that he alone was capable of stopping a ten-thousand-strong army and started sweating profusely.

He just needed to sit there and no one would be able to take half a step forward.

At this time, Jiahui had untied Li Jiankun, Wang Xuehong, and Zhao Zhiting. Only three were left.

The crowd stared at the saintess now. She was no longer sitting on her throne, needing to stand up.

It was impossible for them to stay calm after losing so many capable combatants. Most of their forces have been slain already.

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