Chapter 2766: Four Forms Divine Annihilation

“Clank!” A saber hymn echoed through the ages.

The divine beast in the sky unleashed two intercrossing slashes. Everything else became overshadowed, only the two slashes remained with radiance and heat more impressive than the sun itself.

The sabers suddenly disappeared, leaving behind two spatial scars descending down with the holiest force intending on suppressing Li Qiye.

The sabers have turned into the heavenly scars with the power of judgment. Every other living being would need to prostrate and accept their punishment.

Even the mightiest could only lean downward to await the inevitable decapitation.

They came so fast and silently. Everyone felt this power imprinting in their heart and judging them.

The weaker cultivators couldn’t help but vomit blood.

“So strong, that’s the power from that divine soul.” A spectator shouted while the rest felt fear.

“Clank!” Li Qiye casually retaliated with a skyward slash. It instantly pierced through the firmaments.

The flow of time came to a halt, seemingly affected by his sword thrust.

When the crowd could see again, the casual thrust had pierced through the divine beast. Its blood slowly flowed down the blade.

“Crack! Crack!” Next, the primal world and the great formation collapsed.

The five beasts assumed their original form. Unfortunately, all had a gaping, bloody hole. Nothing was spared from the thrust earlier. 

The eagle king’s eyes were wide open. He couldn’t see the move clearly at all. Just one flash and his heart got penetrated just like that. He was off to the Yellow River now.

Li Qiye pulled back his sword and loud explosions happened. The monstrous frames of the five beasts fell and piled up into a mound.

Time started flowing normally again and the world regained its original appearance.

However, there were more corpses this time around. They piled up like mountains and their blood flowed like rivers. This palace turned into hell.

“Wild Beast Division is finished too.” Someone murmured.

“In just one day, he destroyed Iron Gate and Wild Beast, wait, don’t forget Flame Banner before that too. That’s almost half of Central Sacred Ground’s forces, they’re hurt to the core.” One expert shuddered.

More eventually calmed down and exchanged glances of fear. Li Qiye was just too strong and terrifying.

“Now this is a sword god. Other people aren’t worthy of using the sword compared to him.” One Eternal took a deep breath and praised.

No one would refute this statement. From start to finish, Fiercest only needed one slash to take care of his opponents and settle any issue.

Who else would be worthy of the title “sword god” if not him?

“If the old men from Central Sacred Ground don’t come out, no one will be able to stop him. They’ll only come to die needlessly. Only ancestors can deal with him now.” An ancestor solemnly said.

At the start, the saintess wanted Li Qiye to waste his energy and vitality by throwing bodies at him. Now, in retrospect, this strategy seemed futile. Even more people would still be useless.

“Dum! Dum! Dum!” Sonorous drums came from the depths of the palace.

The Central disciple still on the battlefield retreated like the tides after hearing the drums.

“The saintess ordered a retreat, looks like she wants to come out herself?” Everyone became excited.

“It’s about time to end this.” Li Qiye wiped his blade with a handkerchief and smiled.

Weizheng pushed the wheelchair once more. This time around, he was completely calm. His legs no longer trembled even if they were heading into the lair of a dragon.

“What is the saintess going to do?” One expert wondered.

Everyone thought that the ancestor would die for sure after coming into this place. However, many have changed their view. Perhaps the saintess had no chance of dealing with someone so strong.

“She has to invite the ancestors.” One Eternal said: “I know that they still have several powerful ones, ranging from Aramanthine to Epoch level.”

“Powerful indeed.” The crowd shuddered. These ancestors were indeed the pillars of Central Sacred Ground.

“One ancestor alone will not be able to beat Fiercest, but several ones might amount to something. A sect like Central Sacred Ground definitely has aces up its sleeve.” One knowledgeable ancestor said.

“It will be a brilliant fight regardless of the victor.” The anticipation grew among the crowd.

Once the trio made it far enough inside the palace, they saw a throne on top of many steps.

The saintess sat there and looked down at them, looking like a queen already with a royal aura. She had a cold aura and no signs of fear in her expression. Her courage earned some admiration from the crowd.

They thought that if they were in her shoes facing this death god, their legs would be trembling with fear.

To the left side were Li Jiankun and the others. They had visible wounds but at least they were still alive.

Six men stood next to them, each holding a cauldron with true fire. Just one command of her and they would pour the fire on the group, instantly turning them to ashes.

“I’ve still underestimated you.” The saintess stared straight at him; her tone full of bloodthirst.

“You won’t be the first one. How do you wish to die?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“It’s not too late to surrender now or I’ll burn them to a crisp!” The saintess’ eyes turned cold.

She glanced at the six men. Just a nod from her and that would be the end for Jiankun’s group.

“Pluff!” Blood gushed like a spring. The moment she made her threat, Li Qiye swung his sword and the six men lost their head.

“How boring, trying to threaten me with this child’s play?” Li Qiye was bored.

“Activate!” An Eternal suddenly ambushed the group. He appeared and poured out his true flame towards the group, wanting to finish the execution.

“Pluff!” The flame couldn’t reach them before he lost his head. 

“Bam!” His headless corpse fell to the ground.

An Eternal was killed by a single slash. He was actually on guard yet it was still not enough.

“Let’s play a game. I’ll let this little girl join too. If you can hurt or incinerate the seven of them, I will spare your lives. If you can’t do anything before she saves them, then I’m sorry to say that this will be the end of your road. See, that makes this boring massacre much more interesting.” Li Qiye grinned while sitting in his wheelchair.

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