Chapter 2765: One Slash To End The Stampede

“Come, the more the merrier.” Li Qiye remained apathetic to his opponents.

“Ooo!” The eagle king became furious and blew a horn.

“Boom!” All the beasts moved at the same time.

The first were the massive ones causing nonstop quakes. The entire city was affected.

Rhinoceroses ran at full speed, using their horns like swords. One could even hear the hymn of sabers.

Numerous sharp rays shot at Li Qiye, wishing to cut him to eight pieces.

Devil bulls came next with fiery clouds surrounding their hooves. The ground beneath them would burn from the high temperature. 

They advanced with incredible speed and their dual horns also acted as crescent sabers against Li Qiye.

“Screech!” Flame birds joined from above. They spewed out true flames in an endless manner, wishing to drown him out.

At the same time, large hedgehogs shook their body a bit and shot out a rain of sharp quills towards Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” Next, giant tentacles drilled out of the ground with a big mouth at the tip that tried to suck Li Qiye closer, wanting to wrap around him.

In the distance were numerous coiling serpents the size of a mountain. They spewed out a miasma that killed any vegetation nearby…

“Rumble!” These beasts attacked in a frightening manner at the same time. The battlefield turned into hell.

The ground was crushed; the soil melted into lava. The spatial area above was lacerated and turned into a terrible storm. 

They came from all directions - the air, ground, and even underground. Anyone would be killed in the blink of an eye.

The weaker spectators turned pale and trembled with fear, thinking about the sad end if they were in Li Qiye’s spot. They probably wouldn’t even have the chance to scream.

“Numbers mean nothing, still just ants.” Li Qiye casually whirled his sword around.

“Clank!” A circular sword energy rapidly expanded with him at the center. It looked like the sun and emitted boundless sword images. Millions of swords started sweeping through the area.

“Oooo-” Pitiful shrieks echoed across the area, loud enough to blow away the clouds.

“Poof!” Pillars of blood gushed upward in a magnificent manner, almost like an ocean being flipped over.

The red liquid then poured down in a torrential manner and started accumulating on the ground, high enough to cover the corpses of smaller beasts.

The slash that killed the Iron Gate members earlier only resulted in a drizzle, unlike the downpour this time around.

The horde was annihilated, whether it be the mountainous serpents, armored rats, lightning-fast light birds, or poisonous ants the size of a finger… 

Not a single fish escaped the net. The ferocious and powerful ones also failed to withstand the energy, dying on the spot instantly.

The stench of blood overwhelmed the nose. Courage was being tested before this hellish scene. Some failed since their legs were clearly trembling.

“Too brutal…” Not to mention the young, even the older experts who were Eternals shuddered inside.

“No!” The eagle king bellowed but he couldn’t save the horde.

Keep in mind that he spent his entire life gathering this army of beasts. To do so again required thousands of years.

“Bastard, I will end you!” He furiously roared with reddened eyes.

“Boom!” A red radiance exploded around him, illuminating the sky vault with the same shade.

He turned into a blood eagle. The flapping of his wings resulted in waves of blood.

At the same time, the four main beasts on the ground also activated their skills and started glowing.

“Buzz.” All five beasts sent out runes that imprinted on the ground. Arrays started moving and connecting with each other to form a great formation.

“Boom!” The completed formation replaced the world with another.

Li Qiye’s area turned into a primordial wildland with thick forests. They seemed to have been transported to the oldest age.

“Boom!” A divine beast landed from above and instantly exerted its stately aura.

It had the head of a leo, body of a dragon, four limbs of an elephant, and two arms holding long sabers.

The two sabers have changed, gaining a sacred glow in the process. Moreover, the beast also had a pair of wings that were as red as blood. The feather was sparkling, seemingly carved from rubies.

This abomination released an oppressive domain. A halo appeared above its head, flawless and pure. People suddenly felt the urge to prostrate, not daring to have disrespectful thoughts.

“That’s a divine beast?” Someone murmured.

“No, it’s the Four Forms Formation of the eagle king.” One ancestor had seen it before and explained: “Their fusion could summon the soul of a divine beast and allow them to wield a mighty force.”

The four beasts and the eagle king have successfully fused and turned into this ancient monster with an old soul.

“You’re done for, brat!” The eagle king bellowed.

“Boom!” The great beast glowed brighter, same with its halo. Millions of beast images appeared behind the beast. Each one was a king in their own right and possessed a regal aura. The primordial auras of these beasts empowered the main one.

The beast changed again and had an ocean of runes imprinted on its body, granting it an endless source of grand ado power.

The two sabers seemed to be made from perfect runes as well while exuding the light of the grand dao.

“Four Forms Divine Annihilation!” The beast leaped into the air and unleashed two vertical slashes.

“Clank!” The hymn of the sabers descended as the two slashes intertwined with each other. Their energy instantly engulfed this realm like a world-ending flood.

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