Chapter 2764: Wild Beast Lord

One slash capable of exterminating a million - this flowery praise became a bloody reality today.

Some felt nauseous but nothing would come out.

“Why do people like to seek death so bad? Does this tiny sect think it can kill me?” Li Qiye smiled and blew away the drops of blood on his sword.

The crowd held their breath, speechless at this scene.

“He’s too strong, I think he’s an Epoch Eternal, not an Amaranthine Eternal.” An ancient Eternal put on a serious expression.

“Epoch Eternal?” People gasped in response.

An Epoch Eternal was the highest level right beneath the Everlasting realm. Even a mid-level True Emperor would find it hard to compete with one.

“Just my opinion, hard to say if it’s correct. Maybe I’m overestimating it but we haven’t seen his full power just yet.” The Eternal elaborated.

Intuition told him that this Li Qiye fella was immensely strong and hard to fathom.

“I heard Central Sacred Ground has an Everlasting, is that true?” A spectator whispered.

No one could give an exact answer. One ancestor finally said: “This was verified a long time ago but the person hasn’t shown up for several generations now. Perhaps he has passed away. However, I can confirm that Eight Trigrams Kingdom has one Everlasting, and a very young one at that, only achieving the realm in the last generation.”

The crowd shuddered after hearing this. Because of the marriage alliance, it meant that the saintess also had an Everlasting backing her up.

“I wonder who came with her this time, ordinary Eternals will not be able to stop Fiercest, but their strongest ancestor? Fiercest will die against an Everlasting.” One elder speculated.

The saintess’ bold actions thus far showed her confidence. Even if she wasn’t a match for Fiercest, they had enough experts and ancestors from Central to stop him.

“Go.” Li Qiye smiled nonchalantly.

Weizheng pushed the wheelchair deeper into the palace. He and Jiahui had a serious expression, unlike Li Qiye who seemed to be asleep.

The crowd thought that Li Qiye had all the momentum right now. He could freely traverse the lair despite the dragons and tigers hidden inside.

People also got the feeling that if anyone tries to stand in front of his wheelchair, they would still be flattened all the same.

“Just imagine him being able to walk.” This question popped up.

This made the crowd shudder. He could already massacre an entire division without needing to walk. What if this disability wasn’t there?

“No, it’s best that he can’t.” One ancestor quietly said.

“But how did he become crippled?” Another expert wondered.

After all, an Eternal was capable of re-creating their body. This disabled state shouldn’t be possible.

“It’s definitely a wound.” One Eternal thought he had figured it out: “Something caused by a stronger opponent that will always be there. It had harmed his true fate, so re-creating the body is useless. Thus, he’s not really a cripple in the mortal sense. His true fate is probably incomplete.”

“I see.” Another heaved a sigh of relief: “A monster like him will cause carnages everywhere with a complete true fate.”

Many agreed with this sentiment as they watched him infiltrate deeper into the palace.

The trio eventually reached an open training field. The sky suddenly turned dark after a loud stomp from a massive creature.

“Boom!” It stood before the group, blocking their way.

Everyone got a good look at the creature - an earth dragon with a frame big enough to shoulder the sky.

When it raised its frontal claws in front of its chest, one could see their unstoppable sharpness.

“Rumble!” Three more massive creatures landed in three different spots. To the east was a bloodtusk elephant, to the west was an armored leo, and to the south was a bladed porcupine.

The elephant was larger than the rest. Its four legs looked like pillars. One stomp from it could shatter the earth. Its ivory tusks had a bloody glow.

The leo was covered with armors from top to bottom. Rocks were as feeble as tofu before its claws.

The porcupine looked like a saber expert. It stood up straight and had a dual-wielding style.

“What are they?” The spectators haven’t seen these beasts before.

“Rumble!” More beasts rushed out, resulting in an earthquake.

They appeared so suddenly as if they were teleported here. The horde included fish and bird, massive serpents, tiger king with a frenzy bloodline, eagle king with an all-piercing beak…

Ten thousand beasts or so filled up the arena. Their march could trample anything to pieces.

“Where the hell did they come from?” Many felt their legs trembling after sensing the bestial auras.

“Are we back in a primal world?” Another fearful spectator said.

“Nothing but ashes will be left of those who kill our disciple!” A colossal shadow loomed from above.

Everyone noticed a gigantic eagle king with red eyes and sharp claws. The voice came from the bird itself.

“Wild Beast Lord!” An expert shouted.

“So this lord is an eagle demon?” A few people exchanged glances after seeing this.

“Don’t look down on him. He can control these beasts and has access to the excellent Four Forms Beast Formation. His own power isn’t that impressive but he controlled this army of beasts and took down a kingdom before.” A strategist said with a serious expression.

Wild Beast was one of the strongest divisions in Central Sacred Ground. The chaotic swarm of beasts, once commanded, could tear apart anything in a short amount of time.

They were terrifying to face and have established numerous meritorious contributions to the sect.

Who would have thought that the saintess would bring them here today?

“She wants Fiercest to waste his vitality and power.” An expert knew the saintess’ plan instantly after seeing the blockade.

“They’ll throw bodies at him.” Someone looked up and saw no end to the waves of beasts. It would take a very long time to force a path open through all of them.

“I wonder how long Fiercest can last.” An Eternal wondered.

In his opinion, this division wouldn’t be able to stop him. Nevertheless, this primal tsunami could still expend a lot of his energy while the saintess bide her time waiting for an exhausted enemy.

“Just wait till you see their ace card, the Four Forms Beast Formation, it’s very hard to escape.” One ancestor added.

“You’re all courting death.” Li Qiye opened his eyes for a quick glance.

“My beasts will stomp you down to a paste!” The eagle king up above shouted in response to Li Qiye’s contempt.

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