Chapter 2763: Extermination Slash

The crowd started contemplating. It appeared that Central Sacred Ground mobilized quite a few troops to this place.

Judging by the walls ahead, perhaps all of the experts from Iron Gate were present.

“Ignorant brat, it’s not too late to surrender!” Another deafening voice resounded.

Everyone looked over and saw a man standing in front of the walls.

He had an impressive stature. Of course, still far from being as large as the late Gate Guardian.

He adorned bronze armors that had the immensity and weight of a mountain. Just a slight movement from him sounded like the march of a galloping cavalry.

“Impassable Aegis - Jiang Junhao!” Many recognized this armored man.

He was quite famous as the lord of Iron Gate. Both his power and defensive abilities were renowned.

He fought Eternals before despite not being their match. Nevertheless, he lasted several hundred moves before losing. That’s a battle feat worthy of pride.

“Surrender? I’m about to kill all of you right now with another slash.” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

Junhao’s expression soured. The spectators from the distance also took a deep breath at the bloodthirsty declaration.

“You don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Our Central Sacred ground will crush you! Men, forward!”

“Rumble!” Numerous experts emerged from the ground, completely covered in armor plates.

They postured and coiled on the ground, looking just like a ball of steel, or a hedgehog.

“Clank!” Numerous sharp blades protruded from their armors. They had a crescent shape like the moon and shined like snow, acting like the quills of a hedgehog.

“Boom!” Thousands of these experts began rolling at Li Qiye. Some leaped to the sky and built even more momentum. 

These rolling “balls” came from everywhere. Their blades released sharp energy waves that cover the entire area.

“Not good!” Weizheng’s expression soured because the energy waves targeted everyone, not just Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” At the same time, the ruby walls surged towards him too, acting like mobile shields. 

If the first wave of blades couldn’t cut him to pieces, then the incoming shields would crush him instead.

“Die!” Jiang Junhao joined the mix. He turned into a bronze beam and soared forward like a shuttle piercing through the void.

This was a three-layered ambush that focuses on killing Li Qiye right away.

People were surprised because they didn’t think that the walls have offensive potential as well. Its defensive capabilities turned into a destructive attack like a tsunami of steel. This was a perfect example of the phrase - offense is the best defense.

All three attacks headed for Li Qiye at the same time - the rolling soldiers, divine walls, and Jiang Junhao.

Their teamwork was impeccable and surrounded him in unison.

The sky turned dark because weapons engulfed the sky. This tsunami of steel left no room to run, impossible to block as well. It could permeate through the weak spots of anyone’s defense.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s area got crushed and turned into fragmented space.

“So strong! Perfect teamwork too!” One ancestor shuddered at this sight.

“A sure kill!” Many nodded at this omni-directional attack.

No one expected for the Iron Gate Division to have such mighty offensive potential as well. This changed everyone’s impression of them.

“Clank!” Li Qiye made his move as his area crumbled.

The sword hymned and illuminated the whole area with enough force to flatten the ages.

Peerless - this word alone perfectly described the exterminating slash. 

Heavy rain started pouring down afterward.

“It’s raining?” Someone instinctively touched their face only to find it stained with blood.

This was a rain of blood streaming down. The slash earlier massacred the rolling experts. The ruby walls were cut down too, failing to come together again.

The various cultivators from Iron Gate fusing with the walls were dismembered. Their blood gushed out like the spring. The fusion of their vitality with the divine walls couldn’t stop the might of the sword. It nullified the restorative property of the walls.

“Boom!” Junhao didn’t escape either. The slash sent him flying after dealing enough damage.

Blood and organs oozed out from the middle of the two severed halves. His bronze armors containing his two meat chunks heavily slammed into the ground.

Carnage and blood resulted from this single slash. The thick stench of death permeated the air and made others feel as if there was something stuck in their throat - quite a nauseating feeling.

“I can’t believe it…” Someone shouted.

“One slash slaying an army…” An Ascender turned pale.

The crowd realized that Li Qiye wasn’t just boasting earlier. His one slash had enough power to massacre everything.

“It’s over for Iron Gate.” An ancestor shook his head. The experts and even the lord of Iron Gate were dead now.

“Where did this powerful ancestor crawl out from?” Everyone became intimidated.

“He calls himself Fiercest.” They started murmuring and memorizing his title.

In the beginning, they didn’t think much about this particular title. Now, they have experienced its meaning with this gruesome scene.

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