Chapter 2762: No One Is Invulnerable Before Me

“Just one move?!” Gate Guardian angrily glared at Li Qiye in his wheelchair. Unrestrainable fury turned into laughter: “Hahaha! I see, I see, a sword move that I can’t handle, huh?” 

“If I successfully stop it, you will need to crawl and bark like a dog!” His expression abruptly changed into aggression as he continued.

“Go.” Li Qiye said with disdain.

“Let’s see you try to kill me with one slash!” Gate Guardian snorted, not believing in defeat at all.

His defenses were mighty. Not even the powerful ancestors from his sacred ground would be able to kill him so easily.

“Boom!” His armor exuded a surging light. Divine walls erected all around him.

“Rumble!” His activated vitality created runes around him, looking just like numerous attached talismans. His body seemed to be an endless source for these runes.

After all the runes came out, his body started changing numerous times. The gigantic frame increased in size by more than half.

The runes increased his vigor and toughness. He looked like a man made from steel with an unimaginable resilience.

“His race’s special ability. Rumor has it that when these runes are activated fully, they can gain an indestructible body capable of withstanding any attack.” One ancestor said.

Of course, he was far from reaching a state of invulnerability. However, his body could really withstand many direct attacks from weapons.

“Boom!” He then took out a massive shield and placed it forward. It smashed on the ground and made the area tremble. 

It was large enough to cover his entire body. It emitted the aura of an emperor.

“Deity Aegis.” Someone recognized the shield and revealed: “Rumor has it that Central Sacred Ground spent a huge sum to get an emperor to make this shield specifically for Gate Guardian.”

“Brat, today is your last!” Gate Guardian was completely confident in withstanding one slash. He took out a monstrous mace as well in order to go on the offense.

“Die!” Satisfied with his defenses, he roared and swung his mace forward with enough force to shatter mountains and rivers.

“I don’t think one slash alone can take down Gate Guardian.” People were skeptical.

“Clank!” In this split second, Li Qiye finally made his move. The slash was very casual and lacked any fanfare, only a flashing glint.

The flash resembled a thief stealing one beat from time, creating a brief frozen phenomenon.

Gate Guardian was confused for a moment. He regained his wits and looked around before pointing his mace at Li Qiye: “Hahaha, you lost, bark like a dog now.”

“What happened?” The same confusion permeated through the crowd.

The slash didn’t kill Gate Guardian nor made contact with the mace with sparks flying everywhere.

The temporal phenomenon occurred too quickly. Maybe nothing happened at all.

“Hahaha, start crawling already…” Gate Guardian guffawed.

However, he couldn’t finish before his body split in half. Blood and internal organs fell to the ground. The intestines were still wiggling down there.

The two halves fell to the ground. His left and right eyes were wide open. He finally noticed his condition and saw blood spreading on the ground. He wanted to scream but nothing could come out.

A hush fell over the scene along with disbelief. People thought they were seeing things.

“So fast, so damn fast, he didn’t even know what hit him.” A powerful Eternal gasped after seeing the incredible slash.

Gate Guardian had no idea that he was already dead and even taunted Li Qiye. It was already too late once he noticed.

“Ugh…” Someone couldn’t help but vomit due to the gruesome and bizarre nature of the kill.

Cultivators weren’t strangers to death but this was their first time seeing something like this.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye casually said, causing the crowd to shudder.

“Clank!” He let out another move that looks like a regular spear thrust, nothing special about it.

“Boom!” The great gates and the forward walls were blown into pieces.

“Rumble!” Next, the surrounding walls protecting the palace crumbled as well.

The perimeter defenses of the palace were gone in an instant, completely powerless before the might of the sword thrust.

The crowd became astounded with their mouth agape. It was as if the palace didn’t have any defensive line at all.

Weizheng then pushed the wheelchair into the palace.

“We’ve underestimated him.” One Eternal stared at Li Qiye’s back and murmured: “I think he’s at least an Amaranthine Eternal.” 

“Amaranthine…” Some shuddered after hearing this. Most sects had ancestors of this level but they belonged to the highest echelon.

“On guard!” With this command and loud explosions, more walls sprung from the ground. Each of them seemed to be made from the toughest immortal metal.

“Buzz.” Next, a bloody glow appeared on their surface for what seems to be a refinement process.

The walls changed into a ruby color with the reflection of various figures on them. These figures had boundless vitality. 

The walls seemed to have been blessed by millions of experts. They contained the vitality and grand dao power of these cultivators.

One could break down the walls but they would instantly come into form again a split second after. Thus, no one could really get through.

“Iron Gate’s unsurpassable ruby walls that have been blessed by countless disciples. They’re unbreakable.” One high elder from a kingdom said.

The defenseless palace became protected again by the famous high walls of Iron Gate. No intruders could take a step inside.

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