Chapter 2761: Gate Guardian

“Killing a disciple from our sacred ground is a crime punishable by death. At noon, the perpetrators will face justice. Our dead disciple shall be avenged.” Today, Central Saintess made another unexpected announcement.

The crowd didn’t exactly know what as going on just yet. Not long had passed since her previous message.

“The saintess captured those disciples from Mountguard and will kill them via immolation.” Someone found out the story and it spread quickly across the city.

“Immolation, huh? She’s very ruthless and domineering then, acting so fast after just arriving.” An expert commented after hearing the news.

Immolation meant burning someone to death but not with any ordinary flame. The flame used here was a type of samadhi flame. 

It wasn’t a quick process either. This samadhi flame would burn someone inch by inch, penetrating into the bones and marrows. This agonizing experience instilled a pain. The victims would wish for death while screaming until their last moment.

 In short, this punishment was ruthless and painful. The crowd shuddered before the saintess’ efficiency and brutality. They got a better idea of her characters and methods.

“Mountguard shouldn’t have opposed Central Sacred Ground. The saintess will show no mercy, it won’t be long till they turn to ashes.” An elder from an old sect shook his head.

“Will that ancestor retaliate? I can’t wait to watch.” Some were excited to see the ancestor of Mountguard coming to the palace of Central Sacred Ground.

After all, the ancestor’s power was as clear as day while the saintess was a tough character too. A conflict between these two would certainly result in a fierce battle. 

“This ancestor might be bold enough to make this way in there, but I don’t think he’s leaving alive. The saintess clearly came prepared with ancestors protecting her.” One expert commented.

“The whole immolation punishment is meant to bait this ancestor there. If he takes half a step into that palace, the saintess will flay him alive. They won’t let someone who had questioned the authority of their sect run around unanswered.” Another ancestor added.

Everyone has seen Li Qiye’s power but didn’t think too much of it. The other side had the number advantage with an unfathomable background.

The saintess was clearly ready to kill this ancestor and take down Mountguard after her recent moves.

“That ancestor is on the move.” This news came out while many expected Li Qiye to not go save his disciples.

Numerous cultivators came out on the street to watch the assault. They wanted to see his power and Central Sacred Ground’s ace cards. Of course, they weren’t optimistic about Li Qiye’s chances.

Weizheng pushed the wheelchair with Jiahui next to him. Li Qiye seemed to be asleep, looking quite calm. This wasn’t the aura of a general going into battle.

The spectators held their breath, waiting to be impressed by the upcoming fight.

It didn’t take long before the three made it to the palace of Central Sacred Ground. It was black due to its metallic form and emitted a hardened affinity. The entire place was heavily guarded and seemed quite resilient.

People would feel the pressure while standing in front as if there was an army waiting there. The wise choice would be to leave and walk the long way around.

“The Iron Gate Division is here.” An ancestor noticed the defensive lines and said: “They are guarding the palace so well, it’s going to be difficult.”

“The Mountguard ancestor has to get through them if he wants to save his disciples.” An expert nodded.

Iron Gate was a major division of Central Sacred Ground, famous for its defensive abilities - extremely hard to break through after letting them set up.

“Boom!” The ground shook due to the closing gates, unwelcoming to the trio from Mountguard.

A gigantic defender appeared in front of the gate. Each of his steps made the ground tremble.

People needed to look up in order to fully see this person. He was three times taller than an average man with a full waist and broad shoulders. He wore a black suit of armor. His skin where visible was black as well, seemingly cast from black metal.

He resembled a mountain of steel, exerting great pressure on the spectators.

“Gate Guardian, a capable assistant of the Iron Gate Lord. He’s very resilient due to his physical prowess. Back then, he successfully guarded his sect against more than ten experts who were stronger than him. This won him the title of Gate Guardian.” One expert elaborated.

The giant was a top-two expert in Iron Gate. He came from a unique race allowing him to withstand weapon attacks with his body.

“State your name!” He let out an ear-piercing shout.

“Ancestor of Mountguard.” Weizheng had to answer for the sleeping Li Qiye: “Please release our disciples!”

“Hahaha!” Gate Guardian let out a burst of thunderous laughter: “You’re the ignorant fools from Mountguard?”

His expression changed to aggression right away as he continued: “Your sect is but a worm in our eyes yet you dared to kill a disciple of ours? Wait for your inevitable demise.”

“So you won’t release them?” An insipid voice sounded. Li Qiye had woken up.

“Release them?” Gate Guardian snorted in response: “In your dream. They’ll be burned to death at noon today, their screams will echo across the city to let everyone know the consequences of opposing us.”

He then turned towards Li Qiye and said: “You’re that ancestor, right? So what, just a leader ant in an ant’s hill. Our saintess has given an order, if you sever your limbs and crawl inside to beg for forgiveness then kill yourself, she will be merciful enough to spare your sect.”

It was understandable for Gate Guardian to look down on the group. Their army was in the palace right now, killing this ancestor would be simple.

“Central Sacred Ground is overbearing indeed, very forceful in their decisions.” People were moved to hear this. Alas, they had the strength to back it up so no one could complain.

“Beg for forgiveness? Hah, I’m here to kill everyone from Central and take your saintess’ head. That’s the punishment for conspiring against my sect’s disciples.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Damn, that’s a fierce retort!” The crowd was stunned. Not too many people would dare to utter such a strong response against Central Sacred Ground.

“One needs to be able to back up their words with their abilities. He’ll be suiciding going in there.” One spectator said.

“Boasting so shamelessly, ignorant fool. We will flay you soon enou-...” Gate Guardian said.

“Sword.” Li Qiye interrupted him and stretched out his hand.

Guo Jiahui placed her personal sword in his hand.

“I won’t bully you. Survive one slash from me and I shall spare you.” Li Qiye pointed the sword at Gate Guardian and casually said.

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