Chapter 2760: Gui Jiahui At The Gates Of Hell

People naturally shuddered at her bloodthirsty declaration and took it seriously too.

After all, her words represented Central Sacred Ground and to a certain extent, Eight Trigrams Kingdom too.

Just imagine, these two behemoths enjoyed a great status in the system. Few powers were comparable to them. No one would dare to oppose them without thinking twice, then another time.

“Will Mountguard be able to survive this?” Discussions sprang all over the city.

“Hard, no, impossible.” One ancestor shook his head: “Though they have that ancestor who called himself ‘Fiercest’, he alone can’t do everything. Central and Eight Trigrams have plenty of powerful ancestors too, even Everlastings. Yes, their true powers are unfathomable. Just Having one strong ancestor can’t protect Mountguard forever. He can’t compete with two sects that have dominated for so long.”

People agreed with his statement. The current Mountguard had no chance against the two behemoths.

“They messed with the beehive this time, just surviving will be the best outcome thanks to the blessing of their past ancestors. I think this ancestor will bring ruin to them.” A high elder added.

People could see that this ancestor was very powerful and that Mountguard had hopes of revitalization under his guidance. However, he was too arrogant and offended three powers at the same time.

A third-rate sect facing enemies from all directions? It would be a miracle if it manages to stay alive.

“The ancestor from Mountguard must come here and profess his sin and commit suicide for repentance. Otherwise, we shall destroy Mountguard.” She eventually added this death order to the dismay of the crowd.

“Okay, that settles it.” Everyone came to the conclusion that Mountguard was done for.

“Rumble!” Explosions detonated all over the city, shaking the sky vault in the process.

After her order, divine lights rushed out of a palace owned by Central Sacred Ground along with the roars of beasts. The place seemed to be storing primordial beasts at the moment.

“Clank!” Defensive barriers were erected and the frames of the palace turned into metal, seemingly impenetrable.

Beast roars occasionally came from inside. Their auras made passersby shudder with fear and forced them to take the long way around.

“The saintess came prepared this time. She brought along the army of Central Sacred Ground too.” People were startled to see the palace turning into a war fortress.

“She truly wants to kill that ancestor from Mountguard. He might be stronger than her, but if he dares to step inside that palace, the masters there will cut him to pieces. I’m sure they have their own ancestors coming to protect her.” One big shot analyzed.

“Looks like the Mountguard ancestor will die in this city.” Another expert came to this conclusion.

Back at the inn, Chen Weizheng also heard the declaration from the saintess. The frightened school master sought out Li Qiye for guidance.

“Ancestor, how should we deal with this?” He had no answer against a behemoth like Central Sacred Ground.

“Don’t worry about mere ants.” Li Qiye said flatly.

Li Qiye didn’t give a damn but Weizhen remained nervous. He occasionally looked outside and wondered: “Why are the brats not back yet?”

The seven haven’t returned from their shopping trip so Weizheng was very worried about them due to the city’s current climate after the saintess’ declaration.

The things we worry the most about, sadly enough, have a higher chance of happening.

“Bam!” A bloodied figure was thrown into the courtyard.

“Who?!” Weizheng rushed out and saw that it was Guo Jiahui.

She had wounds everywhere; her four limbs were broken along with many other spots.

“Jiahui!” Weizheng shouted in horror.

“Tell, tell the young no-...” She couldn’t finish before trembling once and falling back on the ground. She didn’t get up again for death has come.

“Jiahui…” The shocked Weizheng bellowed for help: “Ancestor!” 

Li Qiye appeared before him, still in the wheelchair. He scowled and raised his hand. Her corpse then flew closer to him.

He exuded a glow as if he came from an ancient era. He reached into the deepest crevice of the world, seemingly searching in hell in order to bring her soul back.

“Buzz.” He grabbed a sliver of life and reserved time, severing the reincarnation cycle and stealing the fortune of the world. This was the ultimate profundity - the mystical process of deriving life - something beyond the reach of most progenitors.

Finally, a soul flame lit up on his index fingertip. He then pointed at her forehead and the flame entered her ocean of memories. 

She twitched continuously as time reversed and life returned.

“Young Noble, did I die?” She slowly opened her eyes, still confused. She knew that she was dead earlier.

“Yes, you’ve visited the gates of hell but I’ve locked your true fate prior. No one in this world can kill you without my permission.”

This previous act allowed him to save her even when she was completely obliterated and her souls and spirits have scattered away. Very few beings in this world could actually take her down under this condition.

Weizheng’s jaw fell to the floor. A wave of emotions overwhelmed him. He clearly saw that the girl was dead, and not that type of temporary or false death either.

The person who did this didn’t hold back, causing lasting damage to her souls. She was really dead earlier.

However, Li Qiye derived the meanings of life and brought her back. She really rose from the dead!

“Buzz.” He raised his hand again and the grand dao turned into a cauldron. A majestic medical essence wrapped around her and pulled her into the cauldron for a refinement process. Her wounds healed in just a short time. Moreover, she had another physical transformation; her constitution became better than ever before.

“The others are in danger too.” The girl woke up from the process and anxiously said: “Young Noble, masters from Central Sacred Ground took the Virtuous Crown and captured everyone.”

While they were shopping, the group also heard the declaration from the saintess. They immediately ran back to the inn but were ambushed by people from Central.

They were outmatched in both numbers and power. Her crown was taken while the rest was captured. They then threw her corpse here in order to intimidate Li Qiye.

“Very well, it’s time for a massacre.” Li Qiye calmly said while his eyes flashed with murderous intent.

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