Chapter 276: Arrogance With No Consideration For The Opponent

Chapter 276: Arrogance With No Consideration For The Opponent

Although Sima Longyun was not the clan member with the most promising future and that there was even quite a big gap between him in both background and talents compared to Oldest Prince Ba Xia, but by being bestowed the Royal Noble title at such a young age and having a Mysterious Fate cultivation meant that he was truly a genius of the Saint Country. He was quite well known in the Middle Eastern Hundred Cities as someone who has a bright future; many of the younger generation cultivators were willing to win his favor.

“Sister is so beautiful tonight, anyone will surely fall in love at first sight once they see you. ” Sima Longyun immediately praised Chi Xiaodie upon his arrival.

Even though Chi Xiaodie hated Sima Longyun, but as the host of this event, she had to put on a smile to greet the approaching Sima Longyun.

After he took his seat, Chi Xiaodie let other disciples take care of him. Meanwhile, many other young prodigies immediately rushed forward to greet him in order to form some ties.

As the moon surrounded by the stars and being called friends by everyone, Sima Longyun was riding high with quite an impressive aura. Even though some of the prodigies present did not like Sima Longyun, they couldn’t deny that coming from a powerful country like the Saint Country gave him some advantages that other powers could not compare to.

Sima Longyun was laughing and enjoying himself as the star of the room, but when he saw Li Qiye sitting silently in a corner, he suddenly became serious with a feeling of annoyance.

He suffered quite a loss not long ago at the grave auction; he even lost quite a bit of face. Today, when he saw this nobody Li Qiye at this place, how could he maintain his good mood?

“Today, at Goddess Mei’s dao preaching session, anyone who can enter are all exceptional people — all prodigies. Don’t tell me a few nobodies took advantage of the situation and secretly snuck in?” At this time, Sima Longyun coldly stared at Li Qiye, and everyone here could hear his words.

Thus, many people looked over at Li Qiye who had kept a low profile in his lonely corner this whole time. They only now noticed him after Sima Longyun’s provocation. In fact, they didn’t even know who Li Qiye was; the Grand Middle Territory was too far from the Eastern Hundred Cities. The previous Difficult Dao Era had just ended recently so very few of the younger generation entered the Grand Middle Territory. It was understandable that they didn’t know about Li Qiye.

Many people felt strange regarding Sima Longyun’s sudden attack on Li Qiye. Of course, him being arrogant was not a matter of just one or two days, so they weren’t too surprised. However, some of them carried a bit of schadenfreude while others lamented the person who provoked the Saint Country. This was causing trouble for oneself, especially as an unknown junior — this was akin to courting death.

Li Qiye, who was drinking alone, lifted his head at this time and saw Sima Longyun provoking him; his eyes couldn’t help but narrow.

On the other hand, Sikong Toutian was laughing because he knew this Sima Longyun who doesn’t know life from death actually came here to provoke Li Qiye. He wouldn’t even know how he died after the matter was over.

“Only contemporary heroes can come to this dao preaching today; you’re just a nobody yet you still dare to come here, will you even be able to understand the mysteries of the grand dao? You aren’t embarrassed at all.” Sima Longyun smilingly said.

A few young prodigies who wanted to flatter Sima Longyun also added with laughter: “Brother Sima, even if they don’t understand it, there are those who will pretend they do. They will close their eyes and meditate on the ground. Even if they fall asleep, at least others will think that they were listening to the dao preaching.”

A wave of disdainful laughter suddenly appeared. As for the young prodigies who didn’t want to mingle with Sima Longyun, they simply shook their heads and felt that this unknown junior ahead could only lament his misfortune; he would absolutely suffer humiliation after provoking Sima Longyun.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and also smiled back at Sima Longyun’s sneering, then he said: “Ah, isn’t this the foolish Sima who used one million refined jades to buy some trash rotten beans? You’re dumb to the point where you can’t even distinguish between good and bad Underworld Rotten Beans, yet you still came running here to listen to the dao preaching session. In this society, even a little three year old child would be able to discern between good and bad Rotten Underworld Beans. You are even dumber than a three year old child! Coming for the dao preaching session — this is even more nauseating than an ox chewing on peony. At least, when an ox does it, it will learn the taste of the peony. As for you ah, I’m afraid you won’t even know how to write the two words ‘dao preaching’ afterwards. You have such a low level of intelligence yet you still don’t mind showing yourself in public…”

“... With your level of comprehension, even if you take off your pants and reveal the short-to-the-point-of-negligible thing on your crotch, you would still be proud of it. It is not shameful to be foolish, but coming here as if you are afraid of others not knowing just how dumb you are, then starting to display your stupidity like this — this is just too embarrassing. You should just go back to your Saint Country’s playground and play in the mud. But watch out, don’t mistake the shit in the manure pit for mud, otherwise the stench on your body will be unbearable.”

Li Qiye leisurely spoke without any sign of annoyance. These words should be coming from a fishwife shouting profanity in the streets, yet when they came from the composed mouth of Li Qiye, they sounded as if they belonged to the preachings of a heavenly scripture. [1. I wonder if this is sexist, but it is a well known “joke” that older ladies, especially vendors, in Asia are the best at cursing and retorts.]

Li Qiye’s profanity turned many people here dumbfounded. Many thin-skin girls couldn’t help but cover their ears. One of them had to complain: “This, this is way too vulgar.”

“That really felt good to hear. I didn’t think Brother Li’s ability to curse people is also like preaching the dao — continuous and readily at hand. This little brother feels inferior at your abilities.” Sikong Toutian burst out in laughter and clapped his hands to cheer Li Qiye.

At this time, Sima Longyun immediately turned red and was ready to vomit blood after being enraged by Li Qiye’s words. After such vulgarity, he couldn’t muster a suitable retort.

“You, you…” Sima Longyun pointed at Li Qiye while shivering. His blood energy then surged as he wanted to cut Li Qiye right at this moment. Li Qiye slowly glanced at him and said: “You, you what? Don’t come outside if you are so intellectually impaired. Stuttering the whole time and can’t even finish an orderly sentence... Run and hide back in your Saint Country, don’t show your face around here and embarrass yourself.”

“You’re seeking your own death…” In just a second, Sima Longyun unleashed his rolling momentum towards Li Qiye. [2. Raw is this thing doesn’t know life from death, but I feel like I typed that out at least 50 times in ED already…]

“What are you trying to do!” At this time, Chi Xiaodie scowled as her pretty eyes became serious with golden lights. Chi Xiaodie already hated Sima Longyun; at this moment, even before the event had begun, he was already causing trouble. This was truly the same as destroying her reputation so she was quite enraged.

Sima Longyun replied: “Sister, this is not me wanting to cause trouble, but this brat is going too far and doesn’t know life from death. Today, I will teach him an unforgettable lesson so that he won’t cause trouble in the palace.” Sima Longyun was still a genius and somewhat witty, so he immediately came up with a decent excuse.

Chi Xiaodie’s angry heart became even more annoyed with Sima Longyun. If she was not cautious of the Saint Country, then she would have immediately kicked a person like this out of the royal palace.

“Brother Li is our Lion’s Roar Gate’s esteemed guest and has been in the palace for some time. How could he have caused any trouble?” Chi Xiaodie said.

“Sister…” Sima Longyun hurriedly said.

But Chi Xiaodie cut him short and coldly said: “I am the organizer of today’s dao preaching session. I do not wish for any controversy; today, I will gladly welcome everyone who came to my royal palace as guests. However, if there are any grievances, then wait until the end of the event and take it outside of the royal palace to resolve it!” Over the years, Chi Xiaodie was very cautious towards the Saint Country so her attitude today was very tough.

“Fine, I will give some consideration to Sister today.” Sima Longyun took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. He then stared at Li Qiye and coldly declared: “You better not leave the Lion’s Roar Country, or you will die without a grave!”

Li Qiye was too lazy to give him another glance and continued to drink. Sikong Toutian poured him another cup right away. To Sikong Toutian, Sima Longyun was not someone that could get into his sight.

Chi Xiaodie silently looked at Li Qiye and secretly shook her head in her mind. She knew that Li Qiye was a bit unfathomable, but she couldn’t understand where Li Qiye got his confidence from. He actually dared to use the strength of one person to provoke the Saint Country. One has to know that the Saint Country was not so easily provoked in the Eastern Hundred Cities, not even by the other great powers.

Chi Xiaodie’s apprehension was not without reason; the Saint Country was indeed very formidable. Their power compared to the Heavenly God Sect — as a newly risen power — was much more impressive.

Unfortunately, Chi Xiaodie simply didn’t know that Li Qiye didn’t put the Saint Country in his mind at all. He even killed experts from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, so was the Saint Country actually a problem for him?

The atmosphere quickly recovered again after Sima Longyun’s episode. Many prodigies began to have fun conversations again. At the same time, some of them were also inquiring about Li Qiye’s origin. Unfortunately, no one at this place recognized Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, as the moment of the dao lecture drew closer and closer, there were more and more young prodigies arriving. When the curtain of night fell, a lively atmosphere permeated throughout the beautiful garden.

Chi Xiaodie busily greeted these young ones from all the sects and countries throughout the Eastern Hundred Cities. She prepared everything without asking for Chi Xiaodao’s help since it was not easy for him to spend some time together with Princess Bao Yun.

At the same time, Chi Xiaodao and Princess Bao Yun got along very well. They were alone in front of a quiet pond outside of the pavilion with quite a romantic atmosphere under the moonlight. Sometimes, there would be laughter from both of them. Clearly, they were very happy to be speaking to one another.

“Haha, Big Brother Li, to be honest, the little girl from the Chi Clan is not bad.” Sikong Toutian poured more wine for Li Qiye and said.

Li Qiye glanced at him and asked: “How old are you?”

“Around five hundred, but in front of Big Brother, I am still the little brother.” Sikong Toutian smiled “hehe” as he replied.

Li Qiye flicked his sleeve and said: ”Fine, stop the flattering, what do you want?”

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