Chapter 2759: Central Saintess

Li Qiye didn’t return to the ancient walls but chose an inn instead, paying for a place with a private courtyard.

In the past, Mountguard had plenty of properties and estates in each of the cities here. Their disciples didn’t need to stay in inns back then.

Unfortunately, they have sold all of them. The current school master, Chen Weizheng, didn’t mind finding a cheap place to stay. He found it wiser to be thrifty.

After settling down, Li Qiye glanced at the group and casually threw them a pouch of true stones: “Go play outside, this is the rewards for your hard work.”

The group opened the pouch and became dazzled by the treasure lights stemming from the stones. They never have seen so many high-level stones before but were still aware of their worth.

They stood there frozen, not knowing what to do. This was their first time seeing so much money.

“Thank your ancestor already.” Weizheng was the first to calm down and glared at them. In fact, he felt the same shock because this was also his first time. Their sect right now couldn’t afford this level of true stones.

Plus, this was only spending money for the juniors too. 

‘That’s the ancestor for you…’ Weizheng thought. His ancestor always did things in a flashy manner far beyond their imagination.

The group hurriedly bowed towards Li Qiye and became excited. They were rich compared to mortals but were impoverished compared to the disciples from bigger sects.

This spending money left them ecstatic. They saw many things they wanted to buy ever since they got to this place. The lack of wealth stopped them from doing so, until now.

“Hmph, settle down. Be frugal now, you’ll be spending a lot more money for other things in the future.” Weizheng told the departing group.

The group acknowledged and ran off with a big smile on their face.

Weizheng was also happy and envious to see the kids being excited. Youth was indeed amazing; they didn’t worry as much.

Though he wasn’t that capable, he was responsible for the entire sect - akin to walking on thin ice every day. He never dared to relax, always overwhelmed by anxiety.

The death of Pinnacle Sword Saint and Flame Banner Sacred Lord created quite a stir in Reincarnation Mountain. 

These two weren’t considered top masters or anything in Immortal Demon System, but their killer originated from Mountguard.

An ancestor from this shabby sect actually took down two experts? More importantly, they actually offended three lineages at the same time - Central Sacred Ground, Eight Trigrams Kingdom, and Pinnacle Kingdom.

Remember, the former two were considered behemoths. Pinnacle Kingdom wasn’t weak either with plenty of masters.

Now, the weak Mountguard has offended all three while acting rather pompous. That’s why everyone became confused.

What was Mountguard going to do against these powers? Were they not afraid of being destroyed? It shouldn’t be hard for the three to defeat them, probably as easy as eating breakfast.

Many older experts tried to connect Li Qiye with an old sage or ancestor from Mountguard. Alas, they couldn’t come up with any historical figure that matches.

On the second day, an imperious figure arrived in this particular city - a supreme beauty riding a phoenix carriage engraved with gold and jade.

It had a regal presence, clearly belonging to the nobility. The carriage had eight golden swans pulling it. Their spreading wings in motion emitted an incredible radiance.

The carriage landed in the city and a supreme woman dressed in a red phoenix gown came out like a goddess from above. 

The glowing woman was also shrouded by auspicious clouds. She exuded a majestic and overpowering presence.

She scowled after arriving. The sound of dissatisfaction could be heard across the whole area.

“Boom!” She opened her fate palaces and released her true energy like waterfalls.

“Central Saintess!” Many in the city recognized her right away.

“Eleven palaces, ninth-level Ascender, so close to being an Eternal.” A youth curiously counted the palaces and said.

“She’s indeed more talented than others. I saw her several years ago and she was only an eighth-level Ascender then. It won’t be long till she becomes an Eternal.” An older expert emotionally commented.

“She’s so young still, there’s a chance she’ll become an Everlasting.” People approved of her power.

“Yes, blessed in both talents and looks.” A prodigy became infatuated with her appearance.

“Forget about it because only the crown prince of Eight Trigrams is worthy of a woman like her.” His friend told him to drop this idea. The young prodigy sighed in agreement.

Numerous youths admired her in the system but only the crown prince of that kingdom could win her heart. They had no complaints because he is one of the best cultivators in these parts.

“She should be able to fight against a low-level True Emperor.” A high elder from an old clan commented.

“That depends on the emperor’s background, one without any support or one from a famous power.” An Eternal present said seriously: “She has supreme arts from a progenitor and possesses invincible weapons. An emperor from a humble background can’t match that level of resources despite having the better grand dao.”

No one really objected to this statement. Some might feel jealousy but this was indeed the truth. The girl was blessed due to her background.

Back during the foundation of her sect, her progenitor asked Everlasting Forefather to bestow a name for his sect. The great forefather gave it the name “Central”, a very positive and auspicious title. The sect was clearly favored by the forefather, albeit not on the same level as Mountguard and Longevity Hall.

Because of this, there were rumors about this sect possessing many merit laws and treasures from Everlasting Forefather. They have been passed down for generations. The long ages of accumulation improved the sect.

This particular girl was a genius since youth, adored by the seniors in her sect. She cultivated the best merit laws and had the mightiest weapons.

After the marriage alliance, she earned the love of two behemoths at the same time. One could only imagine her superior wealth and hidden ace cards. 

A True Emperor hailing from a normal sect might not be as rich as her.

“The one who killed my attendant deserves death!” Her authoritative and cold voice echoed: “Come accept the punishment and I might spare your sect. Otherwise, everyone related to you will die!”

Her ruthless declaration made people see blood in the upcoming days.

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