Chapter 2758: Kill You With Your Own Sword

“Looks like you just won’t commit suicide.” Li Qiye looked disapprovingly at the saint: “Then get ready, survive one move and I’ll spare your life.”

The saint’s eyes were brimming with fury. Though he wasn’t a peerless expert, he was quite accomplished on the dao of the sword.

Even the Eternals back in his kingdom didn’t dare to look down on him or talk about taking his life with a single move.

Li Qiye who seems to be a cripple dared to mock him like this? He couldn’t handle this humiliating insult.

“I see, I see!” The sword saint laughed wildly in response and sarcastically said: “I’ll have to see the amazing moves from the big shot of Mountguard even if it means dying.”

“Clank!” He slowly took out the huge sword on his back.

A while ago, he admitted fault in order to save his life, aware that he wasn’t a match for Li Qiye. But now, Li Qiye didn’t think a sword saint like him could stop a single move?

He wanted to prove the guy wrong even if it meant risking his life. This was his bottom line - taking one move to preserve his dignity.

He was undoubtedly a coward, always ready to submit in order to stay alive. Alas, Li Qiye’s arrogance was too much to take. Surviving one move became more important to him than staying alive now.

“That’s more like it. You haven’t thrown all the dignities of a sword saint away just yet.” Li Qiye looked at the furious saint and said: “Very well, I will grant you a swift death because of this.”

“Let’s see how you’re going to do that.” The saint was ready to go all out, no longer as shackled by emotions as others. This bold feeling made him quite comfortable.

“Go.” Li Qiye said.

“Clank!” The sword saint held his weapon with both hands. His vitality and true energy erupted like a soaring dragon.

The hymn of his sword echoed repeatedly. He started rotating his sword, resulting in remnant images almost like the tail of a peacock behind him. These sword images multiplied and became a throne of swords.

The actual one in his grasp had a majestic aura with enough energy to sweep through the entire world. Within the aura were numerous visual phenomena created from the dao.

“Nice, Pinnacle Sword Saint’s dao far exceeds similar-level Ascenders.” Many ancestors nodded approvingly.

“Die!” He unleashed a star-slaying slash that could end the six dao and the reincarnation cycle. Yin and yang were severed as he left behind an elongated wave of energy.

This wave of energy looked like the image of a heavenly sword. People feel as if they have fallen into an ocean of swords. The cutting and culling would never end, always continuing indefinitely and virtually unblockable.

“Clank!” Everything suddenly stopped.

The crowd saw Li Qiye stopping the slash with his fingers. The ocean of energy filling the sky and the actual physical sword were nullified.

The sword images behind let out their hymn and shot forward towards him like arrows.

The two combatants were so close to each other. The incoming arrows crushed the void and the earth, wanting to grind Li Qiye down to nothingness.

However, in this crucial moment, a deafening commotion could be heard as if millions of swords were unsheathing at the same time. The gigantic sword trapped between Li Qiye’s fingers suddenly slashed backward, resulting in a tsunami of sharp energies.

“Rumble!” This tsunami instantly wiped out the sword saint’s sword images and didn’t stop there.

It continued to fly straight for the horrified sword saint. He instinctively bellowed: “No!!!”

“Ah!” He tried to retreat but it was too late. The tsunami of swords minced him down. Not a single part of his body remained intact.

Fleshy bits and blood stained the ground. The sword saint was no more to the horror of the spectators.

Li Qiye said that if the guy could survive one move from him, he would let him leave. Everyone assumed that Li Qiye would use his own invincible merit law to take the sword saint down.

They were very curious and wanted to see the ultimate move from this Mountguard ancestor. Perhaps it could be something left behind by Everlasting Forefather.

Alas, from start to finish, he sat in his wheelchair and didn’t even stand up. He only slightly moved his finger and used the same style of sword dao against his opponent.

Flesh pieces were still falling on the ground. This made some spectators feel the urge to vomit.

Not to mention others, the sword saint himself probably didn’t expect that he would die to his own sword. This was quite a cruel end.

Some got cold sweat while looking at the blade still gripped by Li Qiye’s fingers. They touched their own weapons in response while trembling.

For all cultivators, their weapons were meant for protection as well as taking down the enemies. Being killed by their own tools was quite terrifying.

“Clank!” Li Qiye loosened his grip and the giant sword dropped to the ground.

“Time to rest.” He didn’t take a second look and closed his eyes.

Jiahui and the others regained their wits and started pushing his wheelchair away.

Though he was still a disabled man in a wheelchair, people still stared at his departing figure with trepidation.

Just imagine, he could kill an Ascender like a dog right now. What if he were to stand up one day? Perhaps even Eternals would tremble with fear before him.

“Who is this ancestor from Mountguard? I’ve never heard about the existence of someone like this before.” An ancestor found this unbelievable.

“I don’t know.” Ascenders from the previous generation stared at each other, thinking that Li Qiye was definitely an Eternal.

However, an Eternal without any fame or reputation? That’s exceedingly rare. Moreover, a third-rate sect like Mountguard should celebrate having a being of this level. 

How was it possible that no one has heard of him before?

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