Chapter 2757: Aggression Incarnate

“That’s the end…” Someone said softly after seeing Ziqing’s head fall to the ground.

Everyone stared at each other in confusion since none of them expected Mountguard to come out victoriously.

“Will Mountguard rise again?” Someone questioned.

A few experts contemplated for a moment. An ancestor eventually said: “A glacier doesn’t appear overnight.”

Some ancestors didn’t look too highly on Mountguard still. It wasn’t easy for a sect to rise. This required generations of effort and more than just one or two masters.

In order to reach the top, a sect needed many elite disciples. A mansion couldn’t be built with just one tree.

“It’s still too early to say. The key is whether they’ll be able to traverse the oncoming storm.” One elder gauged.

“They might have been too arrogant and reckless, showing a lack of patience.” One high elder analyzed.

Some agreed with this assessment. Mountguard has offended two behemoths in the system today - a very unwise choice. No one else would pick this path.

The crowd didn’t believe Li Qiye alone could oppose those two powers. They had plenty of masters, many of whom were Eternals. This ancestor could be extremely mighty but two hands couldn’t handle four fists.

“Mountguard has been on a decline for too long so it did need a boost like this. However, they might have picked the wrong targets. It won’t be long until it turns to ashes.” A True God wasn’t optimistic about Mountguard’s chances.

“Hmph.” Pinnacle Sword Saint snorted after seeing this, very unhappy about the result and wanted to leave.

“You think you can leave?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“What are you trying to say?” The saint stared at Li Qiye with a changed expression, clearly apprehensive.

He was a powerful Ascender compared to the juniors but not much more compared to Flame Banner Sacred Lord. The latter got annihilated by Li Qiye so he was no match either. Everyone speculated that Li Qiye must be an Eternal.

His kingdom had Eternals too but they wouldn’t come out for no reason. He was afraid but couldn’t back down in public.

“Not much, I’ll just be taking your dog life.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You!” The sword saint stumbled backward, horrified.

“Fellow Daoist, we have no feud between us.” He took a deep breath and said.

The crowd didn’t expect Li Qiye to target the sword saint too.

“Indeed, but you’re an eyesore so I will kill you.” Li Qiye elaborated.

This reason astounded the crowd. It was too illogical yet domineering.

“Is he insane? Mountguard doesn’t have enough enemies already?” Someone blurted out.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re being unreasonable here.” The sword saint’s expression became unsightly.

He was relatively famous in the system and definitely a big shot in his own kingdom. Today, this contemptuous treatment from Li Qiye was too much to take. 

“So what? Everyone has their own position and bias, that’s perfectly fine, but for a referee to do so? You threw away your own reputation along with the system’s and its virtuous temperament. To be so blatantly partial in an official duel, no other disciples will feel safe after this precedence. Thus, you have damaged the very integrity of cultivation and deserve death!” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

Numerous members of the crowd nodded their head in agreement. The sword saint did set a bad precedent for the system. No one would trust referees later on after this act.

The sword saint turned red and white but couldn’t come up with a retort. He was indeed wrong in this matter.

“In my eyes, you can only repent with death. So, will you end yourself or do I have to do it?” Li Qiye added.

The sword saint stood there in a daze, not knowing what to do.

“Hmph, I’m not playing with you anymore.” He waved his sleeve and decided to leave. He regretted lingering around to watch the show earlier instead of just leaving right away. It became so problematic.

“As I have said, you’re not leaving this place alive.” Li Qiye suddenly appeared in front of his path.

No one saw how he did it due to his impeccable speed despite still being in a wheelchair.

The alarmed saint staggered backward.

“Two choices, suicide or be killed by me.” Li Qiye calmly sat there and threatened.

“Fellow Daoist, even if I was unfair in that fight, it doesn’t warrant a fight to the death between us.” The saint took a deep breath and composed himself before coldly uttering.

“It’s nothing like that, you’ll be the one dying for sure.” Li Qiye said.

The saint found Li Qiye’s attitude exasperating. The guy spoke as if he was chatting with an ant. Alas, Li Qiye was really stronger than him.

“Fellow Daoist, I admit my mistake and bias earlier.” The saint conceded, not minding a momentary setback.

He cupped his fist and continued: “It’s better to make a friend than an enemy. This meeting is a type of fate, my Pinnacle Kingdom welcomes you as a guest whenever.”

People could see that the saint was trying to please Li Qiye by accepting defeat. There was nothing else he could do because of the power gap. Plus, he could have his revenge later as long as he can get through today.

All eyes turned towards Li Qiye now. In their opinion, Mountguard was still too weak. It was better to make a friend instead of an enemy right now.

Allowing the sword saint to leave could create a potential relationship between the two sects. That’s not a bad thing at all.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Still the same two choices as before.” Li Qiye didn’t bite.

“You!” The saint didn’t know what to do. He had accepted defeat in a humble manner yet Li Qiye still wouldn’t let him off!

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