Chapter 2756: Crushing

“These kids are good seeds, what a shame.” A few ancestors shook their head with regrets while watching the development.

Many were certain of their death. Though Li Qiye was an ancestor, he was under the suppression of the altar lord right now and couldn’t save them. In fact, who knows if he could save himself?

“One person alone can’t do anything. Opposing Central Sacred Ground was very unwise. He’s dragging his sect down with him.” Numerous experts thought that Li Qiye made the wrong decision.

They didn’t think that an ancestor from Mountguard could be that strong. He was most likely inferior to Flame Banner Sacred Lord.

Li Qiye casually raised his finger and destroyed the crowd’s expectations. 

“Boom!” All the experts on the stage from Flame Banner were instantly destroyed.

They turned into bloody mists while their weapons became powders. Their death came so sudden that they didn’t even know what happened, not even feeling the sensation of doom. 

“Boom!” At the same time, the strike of the altar lord directly struck him.

However, it didn’t split him into two or turn him into blood. Nothing of that sort.

Li Qiye’s wheelchair didn’t even move. On the contrary, the lord suffered the backlash of the impact and staggered backward.

“What?!” The crowd gasped in response and couldn’t close their mouth.

The lord wasn’t weak at all since he was at the fifth level. The power level of an Ascender was well-documented.

Strangely enough, a direct attack from the banner didn’t harm Li Qiye in the slightest, not even a single hair of his. He still sat there calmly like a statue.

“How can this be?!” Someone shouted in astonishment.

“No way!” The altar lord cried out too and looked back at his banner, thinking that there was something wrong with the treasure.

The banner was still exuding a bright light. Plus, he was certain that he made contact earlier. This truly frightened him.

He knew the power of that strike earlier, more than enough to rend the earth. Other Ascenders wouldn’t dare to meet it with their body like that. Keep in mind that his banner was an amazing treasure with incredible destructive potential.

Alas, that mighty move left zero wounds on Li Qiye.

“Who, who are you?!” The altar lord stumbled backward in horror. He finally realized the power of his enemy.

“Fiercest.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the guy.

“Run!” The lord knew the gravity of the situation and that he couldn’t keep up with the foe so he shouted at Zhou Ziqing. He turned and fled too for fear of death.

“Stay and play.” Li Qiye smiled and reached for the lord.

He didn’t need to do the same for Ziqing because she was far weaker. Just his pressure alone immobilized her.

“Activate!” The lord shouted and swung his banner, releasing a force akin to an army of a million for defensive measures.

“Boom!” He had a fiery glow and looked like a deity while going all out.

Unfortunately, this was useless against Li Qiye’s hand. His banner shattered to pieces after a loud blast and he was captured. 

“Ah!” His bones broke and struggling was futile. Different methods didn’t amount to anything.

Li Qiye tightened his grip and broke more bones, causing the lord to scream.

The mighty combatant in the eyes of the spectators looked like a chicken now. Li Qiye could kill him whenever by adding more force.

“This… ancestor is insanely strong! I think he’s an Eternal!” One shocked spectator shouted.

Only an Eternal or higher could easily beat a fifth-level Ascender like this.

“So Mountguard finally has a true expert after so many years. When was the last time they had an Eternal?” One powerful ancestor nodded.

For ordinary cultivators, True Gods were masters. For the stronger experts, Ascenders were masters. And for Ascenders? Eternals were the real deal.

As for Eternals, everyone beneath their realm were mere ants. Of course, they would also need to look up at Everlastings.

“A man needs to be decisive and respectable enough to handle a loss.” Li Qiye said: “If a sect can’t even uphold their end of the bargain, they should be embarrassed for insulting the reputation of Immortal Demon System.”

“What… do you want?!” The lord felt insignificant while being gripped like this. Fear became so tangible.

This was understandable. Anyone else would feel the same way in this situation.

“Your life, of course.” Li Qiye smiled.

The lord shouted: “Don’t be insane! You’re stronger than me but there are plenty stronger than me in our sect too! Kill me and you will have no place to go in this world, the ancestors of Central Royal Sacred Ground will hunt you down!”

“Poof!” Li Qiye clenched tighter. What’s left of the lord scattered away to the wind.

“I’ll be waiting. More people, more red paint for my sky canvas.” Li Qiye chuckled.

This flowery comment made everyone shudder as if they could smell the stench of blood.

“Kill her.” Li Qiye flicked his finger and sent Zhou Ziqing next to the seven.

She didn’t have time to get up before weapons loomed by her neck.

“You, you can’t kill me! I’m the future consort of Eight Trigrams, kill me and antagonize both Central Sacred Ground and Eight Trigrams!” The frightened girl bellowed while trembling.

“Miss Zhou, you have lost. Excuse me!” Li Jiankun shouted before slashing. Blood splattered everywhere.

Her eyes were still open while her head rolls on the ground. She didn’t have the chance to become a consort and enjoy a life of luxury.

A hush fell over the scene due to the shocking reversal. Everyone thought that Zhou Ziqing would win for sure. Instead, she ended up dying. The Flame Banner Sacred Lord failed to save her and also threw his life away.

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