Chapter 2755: Flame Banner Sacred Lord

Flame Banner Altar was a branch of Central Sacred Ground. Zhou Ziqing was originally from this branch. She showed excellent abilities and was groomed by the seniors of the sect.

Her status soared after becoming the maid of the saintess too. Moreover, she had the chance of becoming a consort later on. Her future prospects looked great.

Flame Banner had many excellent disciples, not just one with upsides like Zhou Ziqing. That’s why they would protect her under any circumstances and any cost.

They were aware of Li Qiye’s existence so their lord personally came to preside over the matter and protect Ziqing.

She was indeed special in the sect. Ordinary disciples could never enjoy a similar treatment.

Their lord stood there, glaring at the seven with lightning coursing in his eyes.

The group shuddered and felt a heavy pressure, needing to take several thumping steps backward.

This person was just too strong for them. He was a fifth-level Ascender, superior to Fu Kun who visited their sect back then.

In other words, this lord alone could annihilate Mountguard. This was the reason why Ziqing acted without qualms, no longer afraid of Li Qiye.

In her eyes, Li Qiye might be stronger than her but couldn’t be a match for their lord. The latter could easily kill him.

As the group was retreating, Ziqing took advantage of this and got up to run out of the formation. She then hid behind her lord.

“You!” Xiu Ling was exasperated but couldn't do anything.

“How shameless, losing then running to hide behind a senior.” Ruoxi angrily added.

The older members didn’t say anything. They were aware of the unfairness in this world and only wanted to grow stronger to avoid something like this.

“Hmph, Mountguard, I’ll remember this. Just wait, I’ll decapitate all of you and render your sect to ashes.” She gritted her teeth and threatened.

She made up her mind about this matter. As long as she became the consort of Eight Trigrams, she could mobilize an army to attack Mountguard without needing to involve the seniors of Central Sacred Ground.

“This matter ends here.” Flame Banner Sacred Lord aggressively said.

It wasn’t proper for a fifth-level Ascender like him to join this matter between juniors. Alas, Ziqing just had too much potential in the future. The only thing he regretted was their inability to obtain the Virtuous Crown.

The experts nearby exchanged glances. Ziqing had lost but still managed to come out alive thanks to the sacred lord. This was quite unfair but Mountguard could only blame themselves for being weak.

If they were on the same level as Central Sacred Ground, the latter wouldn’t have been so blatant in this attempt. Alas, this was not the case so the sacred lord didn’t care for Mountguard’s stance.

The group was furious, thinking that Zhou Ziqing was going to get away with it.

As those two were about to leave, Li Qiye finally spoke again: “Leaving so soon? No, leave your head behind.”

The lord instantly turned around and glared at him: “Don’t invite unnecessary trouble or today will be your demise.”

The Flame Banner Altar would do anything to keep Ziqing safe.

“Is that so? Plenty of people have said that to me. They’re all dead now.” Li Qiye lazily smiled.

“Ignorant fool!” The lord barked back: “You’re an ancestor of Mountguard and should be thinking about its wellbeing since our Central Sacred Ground can destroy your sect whenever.”

The lord blatantly threatened without holding back. These words weren’t pleasant but this was indeed the truth.

If Li Qiye was stubborn enough to oppose them head-on, he would only be leading Mountguard to its destruction regardless of how powerful he was. He alone couldn’t do anything.

It was a fight between an egg and a rock. It wouldn’t end well for the egg.

“Central Sacred Ground is nothing, annoy me and I’ll annihilate your sect without a problem.” Li Qiye stated.

“Is this brat crazy?” The crowd exchanged glances. Some experts found the statement amusing and shook their head.

“He’s an ancestor? Still just a frog inside the well. Does he think he can do anything to Central Sacred Ground alone? Such an overestimation of his own power. He probably is used to lord over everyone at Mountguard and thinks he’s unbeatable now.” An elder from a big sect disapproved.

“Altar Lord, he looks down on our sect and deserves death!” Ziqing immediately jumped in. This was her chance to repay the humiliation of being slapped in the past.

The lord had a murderous glint. He wouldn’t let this go even if Ziqing didn’t say anything since the person insulted his sect in public.

He raised his hand and a uniformed brigade surrounded the stage and the seven.

“Clank!” They unsheathed their swords, ready to kill at a moment’s notice.

Jiahui and the others became alarmed. They formed a formation again in order to face the enemies.

The lord took one step forward and the banners behind him poured out boundless flames. The banners became gigantic and blotted out the sky. He looked like a giant with great divinity beneath them as he approaches Li Qiye.

“Let’s see what you can do, ancestor from Mountguard.” He smirked then gave a command: “Cut them to pieces, leave none alive!”

“Clank!” His men unleashed waves of sword energy towards the group, drowning them out completely.

The group was shocked to see this. These men were far stronger than them. Even their ultimate attacks couldn’t do anything at this moment.

At the same time, the lord roared and swung a banner straight at Li Qiye, splitting the sky in the process. The firmaments trembled along with the stars above; the universe itself was flipped over.

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