Chapter 2752: Battle

“Die!” Zhou Ziqing flashed into disappearance for an attack.

Her speed was unparalleled as she crossed through everything and jumped into the formation of the seven.

“Buzz.” The formation’s light rippled and activated, causing Ziqing to slow down.

However, the imperial sword had impressive power. It exuded a majestic force capable of piercing through everything. Thus, the slight stagnation didn’t stop her assault.

“Clank!” Her first target was Lu Ruoxi, the youngest and weakest of the seven. Killing her would render the formation ineffective.

The sword thrust looked like a true dragon soaring to the sky with extreme speed and profound movement. It locked onto Ruoxi - certainly a fatal strike.

As the sword was about to thrust through her chest, the formation changed again. A divine wall spanned through the wall and blocked between the two girls.

“Bam!” The move was dominating enough but was still stopped by the formation.

At the same time, Ruoxi leaped backward in an arcing motion like a rainbow - a very pleasing move to the eyes and as fast as lightning.

“Go!” Jiankun roared and used a sword-and-shield style. His shield slammed towards her with the force of a divine mountain. His sword flew out of his hand like a lightning bolt and headed straight for her throat.

Meanwhile, the Xiu Brothers silently attacked her left and right with their flashing saber.

“Scram!” Ziqing roared and her sword resonated with a clank. She swept it all around and instantly repelled the three.

The three staggered thumpingly backward. The formation flashed brightly and numerous jade pillars appeared behind them to stabilize their stance.

“Poof!” Zhiting joined in with her fiery affinity. The formation also erupted like awakening volcanoes. It spewed out waves of lava straight for Ziqing.

Ziqing wasn’t afraid at all. She moved her sword like a peacock spreading its tail. It created a barrier to stop the lava waves.

“Taste my hammer!” Xuehong went on the offense with a vertical smash. The resulting bang had enough force to crush the earth.

Alas, it still couldn’t break through the sword barrier erected earlier, only cracking it in the process.

In this blink of an eye, a glint flashed as something finally penetrated the damaged barrier. The sharp glint looked like a poisonous snake biting for Ziqing’s throat. It was Jiahui delivering a fatal move.

Ziqing reacted quickly because of her superior cultivation. She moved her sword back in front of her and parried the dangerous thrust.

She then swiftly went on the offensive and became one with her sword in terms of technique. A lightning-fast slash darted for Jiahui.

“Boom!” Jiahui slashed forward and the formation also answered her call. It released thousands of swords into the sky, resulting in a sword formation empowering her slash.

“Go!” Ruoxi joined in and unleashed a torrent of shooting star towards her opponent.

“Now!” Li Jiankun and the others have stabilized their position and began their ambushes.

“Rumble!” The two sides have exchanged a dozen explosive moves so far. The fight seemed even.

In the beginning, Ziqing thought she would be able to kill everyone here within ten moves. They were pieces of trash in her eyes since she had easily maimed them in the previous fight.

Who would have thought that they would become so tenacious after just five short days?

Their power increased and their teamwork became more perfect as if their minds were connected. This allowed them to perform the formation in a flawless fashion.

Plus, their weapons were on the same level as her imperial sword. Some were actually stronger.

Worst of all, these weapons harmonized so well with their users. On the other hand, she only had her sword for several days and wasn’t used to it. This meant that she didn’t have an advantage in terms of weaponry.

The spectators could see that the seven were weaker than Ziqing. The difference of two full realms should be insurmountable even when they outnumbered her seven to one.

However, they have created a miracle and showed no signs of losing to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Such perfect teamwork should require several decades of honing…” Many older cultivators praised after seeing the smooth movements and battling patterns of the seven.

Many fellow brothers and sisters trained to fight together. Some sects had amazing techniques and formations for teams too. However, few could reach this level of mastery displayed by the seven.

“Looks like we have underestimated Mountguard. They actually have something like this up their sleeves.” One sect elder said movingly.

Seven disciples from a third-rate sect managed to fight against a disciple from Central Sacred Ground. This was nothing short of a miracle.

“Damn you all!” Ziqing became enraged. She had boasted about killing them quickly before but thirty moves have passed now and the seven became fiercer than before.

“Clank!” She released all of her vitality and true energy into the sword. It emitted a bloody light because she also added her true blood too. True blood was extremely precious for cultivators but the crazed girl no longer gave a damn.

“Boom!” With the influx of true blood and energy, a majestic imperial power manifested in the sword. This stormy aura resembled the arrival of an emperor.

Ziqing roared and swung her sword with all of her might. The slash could overcome all obstacles, cutting them down like dried branches.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The seven couldn’t withstand the power of this move despite the formation aiding them with divine walls.

All were blown flying. Some of them were wounded and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Their formation arrays became chaotic since they have been forced away from their position. Weak spots appeared on their formation.

If Ziqing were to keep on pressing, she would definitely be able to break the formation and kill all seven.

Alas, she had a hard time breathing right now; her true energy depleted. That slash earlier used most of her true blood so she had no strength to attack again.

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