Chapter 275: Princess Bao Yun

Chapter 275: Princess Bao Yun

“Well, let’s not talk about your Heaven’s Secret Valley anymore; it is just an old and rotten matter.” Li Qiye noticed the fear in Sikong Toutian and didn’t want to make it hard for him.

Sikong Toutian sighed in relief. He had always been very mysterious and he always hid his identity. However, he felt naked in front of Li Qiye as if nothing could escape his eyes.

“It is still better if Big Brother is more cautious about Jikong Wudi.” Sikong Toutian regained his composure and whispered to Li Qiye: “Jikong Wudi is definitely a demon; he is a natural born Saint Fate, Saint Wheel, and Saint Physique! Three saint aptitudes, number one in the contemporary times; even Goddess Mei’s natural born Immortal Bone might not be more devilish than him.”

Anyone who heard about the three saint aptitudes would faint from fear. From the ancient ages till now, not many people actually had three saint aptitudes.

“He is only a three saint aptitudes.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “As long as he doesn’t provoke me, I won’t care for his three saint aptitudes. But if he does, then even if he had three immortal aptitudes, I would still personally destroy his bones! Even if Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was still alive, I would still find him to take care of business!” He said as his eyes narrowed!

He knew who committed the deeds back at the Evil Infested Ridge. If Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was still in this world, then he would use his killing methods to annihilate the Space Trample Mountain!

However, if Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was not in this world, then he was too lazy to find his descendants and destroy the Space Trample Mountain just because of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s actions. Of course, if its disciples dared to come bother him, he would be happy to kill all of them.

Sikong Toutian felt a dreadful sensation in his heart after hearing these words as a cold chill surged. He absolutely didn’t think that Li Qiye was just blustering; he was definitely capable of carrying out this task.

“Oh, Brother Li is right here. Don’t be offended at my lack of hospitality.” Chi Xiaodao finally had a chance to take a break from his busy schedule. He noticed that Li Qiye was drinking in the corner so he quickly came to see him.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Don’t be so overly cordial with me, you are still busy. Look at your sister over there. Even though she is overloaded, she must be very excited.”

“Ah, do you want me to tell my sister to give you a tour of the royal palace?” Chi Xiaodao immediately smiled while looking at his sister.

Li Qiye glanced at him and shook his head: “Okay, Brat, I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your sister. I will help her a little bit about that other matter.”

Chi Xiaodao would not let a single chance of hooking his sister up with Li Qiye slip by, but how could Li Qiye not know his good intentions? Li Qiye was very approving of Chi Xiaodao, but as for Chi Xiaodie ah, it was normal for a golden girl like her to have some arrogance so he had no ill will towards her.

Since Chi Xiaodao was trying so hard for his sister, Li Qiye would help Chi Xiaodie just to give Chi Xiaodao some face.

“Ah, is this a friend of Brother Li?” Chi Xiaodao immediately greeted Sikong Toutian who was sitting together with Li Qiye because he did not recognize him.

“It is that thief.” Li Qiye looked at the embarrassed Sikong Toutian and smilingly replied.

“The little bandit!” Chi Xiaodao stared after hearing Li Qiye’s words and immediately glared with caution at Sikong Toutian: “Little Bandit, why did you come to this place? Don’t ruin this, this dao preaching event is a grand matter to our Lion’s Roar Gate. If you mess it up, then we will have an irreconcilable grievance!”

Chi Xiaodao’s reaction was understandable. He especially didn’t want to mess this event up, and Sikong Toutian — in particular — didn’t have a good history with him. Who knows what heaven-frightening matter he would cause after sneaking into the royal palace?

“Must you be so dramatic?” Sikong Toutian wryly smiled and said: “I am a good person; I came here this time to give Brother Li some news.”

“Really?” Chi Xiaodao skeptically asked: “You even dared to dig the ancestral graves of the Tiger’s Howl Gate; who knows whether you are here to steal our treasures or not!”

Sikong Toutian was suddenly speechless, but there was nothing he could do. His notoriety was quite well known to the point where everyone wanted to hunt him down.

“Don’t worry, I will observe him. Nothing will happen.” Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Chi Xiaodao’s caution and said.

Sikong Toutian immediately smiled: “Is it okay now? With Brother Li’s assurance, you can rest assured, I will absolutely be good and not do anything. I am only here to hear Goddess Mei’s dao preaching for a bit.”

“If he dares to do anything, I will help you destroy his bones.” Li Qiye also smilingly said.

Sikong Toutian, who was excited for a bit, immediately became dejected, so he had to say: “I definitely will not do anything, I will guarantee it right now!” He patted his chest right after speaking.

“So, earlier you were still planning on doing something bad?” Li Qiye looked at him and leisurely asked.

“No, absolutely not.” Sikong Toutian immediately denied the accusation and pointed to the heavens to swear: “Brother Li, do not worry. I will be a good boy in the Lion’s Roar Gate’s territory; I will not even touch a single blade of grass or a single petal on a flower!”

Chi Xiaodao did not trust this guy even when he swore. His bad name had traveled far and he had committed a plethora of bad deeds, ranging from digging ancestral graves to stealing treasures. When it came to fooling and tricking, he was a master scoundrel. However, Chi Xiaodao was at ease with Li Qiye vouching for him.

“Aizz, is my character really so poor?” Sikong Toutian couldn’t help but moan after being suspected so heavily by Chi Xiaodao.

Chi Xiaodao angrily exclaimed: “How can your character be any good? You still haven’t returned my ingredients back to me. Once you give them back, then we can discuss about your character.”

“Of course, of course, of course I will pay you back.” Sikong Toutian embarrassingly smiled and assured him: “I have been a bit strapped recently. Wait until I find enough money, then I will personally hand everything back to you.”

Chi Xiaodao couldn’t trust such words from Sikong Toutian. He already felt that the medicinal ingredients that fell into the hands of this little bandit were meat buns thrown at dogs; there was no hope of getting them back.

At this time, a round of applause sounded with the arrival of a girl. The flowers would give way while the moon was ashamed at her appearance. There was a hidden sense of nobility which incited a sense of admiration from others because they instantly knew that she was a girl made from golden branches and jade leaves. [1. Golden branches and jade leaves just means a noble girl, or a beautiful girl with high status. I figured I’ll leave it in instead of using peerless beauty all the time.]

The moment this girl came in, Chi Xiaodao — who was wary of Sikong Toutian — suddenly forgot everything and stared at her in a daze.

“The princess of the Bao Yun Clan.” Sikong Toutian explained.

At this moment, even if Sikong Toutian didn’t say anything, Li Qiye would still know after seeing Chi Xiaodao’s expression.

“Xiaodao, hurry up and greet our esteemed guest!” Chi Xiaodie immediately called for Xiaodao after seeing the arrival of Princess Bao Yun. She wanted to give her little brother an opportunity.

Chi Xiaodao regained his composure and glanced at Princess Bao Yun from the distance; he was still a bit hesitant.

“You’re already shy before the battle, this attitude will not do.” Li Qiye reminded him: “Go, demonstrate a man’s courage, you have to be bold to conquer a woman! Whether you are successful or not, you have to let go of it all for one gamble. Even if you fail, it is not a big matter for you didn’t lose anything. If you don’t even give it a shot, then your defeat has already been determined! Losing before the battle begins — this is even more shameful than completely losing after the battle! Remember well, even invincible Immortal Emperors had moments of defeat, let alone you. This is no big deal. Go, the beauty is waiting for you over there!”

Li Qiye’s encouragement shook Chi Xiaodao’s heart. He took a deep breath and lit up his spirit. His eyes became bright and his aura changed, just like a gladiator inside an area. He walked towards Princess Bao Yun with an impressive demeanor.

“This brat’s spring is coming.” Sikong Toutian couldn’t help but murmur after seeing Chi Xiaodao’s refreshed air.

“I apologize for our poor hospitality when Miss Bao Yun came from so far away to visit.” Chi Xiaodao was glowing with confidence as he went to greet Princess Bao Yun. He was already a handsome man so when he exuded so much confidence, it was indeed quite charming.

Princess Bao Yun also revealed a slight smile after seeing Chi Xiaodao and gently nodded her head: “Brother Chi, long time no see.”

Chi Xiaodie tried to create a chance for her brother so she immediately told Princess Bao Yun: “Little Sister Bao Yun, I can’t accompany you at the moment, so my little brother will be your guide. If he does anything that lacks manners, then just give him a good beating.” Princess Bao Yun immediately laughed at Chi Xiaodie’s words. Chi Xiaodao also used this opportunity to take the princess to another quiet place away from the people so that they could be alone together.

Chi Xiaodao was a cheerful and talkative person so, in just a short moment, voices of laughter came from that place. Without a doubt, he was getting along very well with Princess Bao Yun.

“I didn’t think that this brat would be so good at courting girls.” Sikong Toutian stared at Chi Xiaodao and Princess Bao Yun having fun in the distance and said with some surprise.

Li Qiye gave a faint smile and said: “There are no cowards amongst the Chi Clan’s disciples. Back in the grand era of the Chi Clan, even during the most dangerous of times, they had always moved forward with their heads held high. Although millions of years have passed and the Chi Clan has fallen, how could the Chi descendants throw away the glory of their ancestors?” Having said that, he couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional.

Sikong Toutian was touched and didn’t say anything. He had also heard of the Chi Clan’s ancestors; a generation of supreme fighters who fought in the Immortal Massacre War and were renowned in the historical annals.

“Sima Longyun came.” Someone announced this and many young prodigies stood up.

Sima Longyun came in with quite a personable and extraordinary bearing. His haughty air from his powerful background was apparent from just a glance.

Many young prodigies stood up to greet him as he was quite popular. Both Sima Longyun himself and his upbringing from the Furious Immortal Saint Country decided that he would be high above in status and well-received everywhere.

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