Chapter 2749: The Battle’s Prelude

“The Virtuous Crown?” Experts were shaken after hearing the news about it: “Does Mountguard want to assign the next sage now?”

Mountguard was a mere shadow of its former self but many great powers in the system still had a deep impression of their sages.

After all, only these sages were eligible to greet Everlasting Forefather during the reincarnation cycles. This was an extremely prestigious position. One could even say that these sages were the representatives of the forefather back then.

The disappearance of the forefather also started the decline of Mountguard. No more sages came out either.

Now, the symbol of the sage has returned once more and started a storm.

“Don’t tell me… our great progenitor is reincarnating again?” One master started fantasizing. After all, their progenitor has done so successfully in the past.

The cycle was disrupted for unknown reasons but it didn’t mean that the forefather was no longer capable of doing so, hence the hopeful thinking of the crowd.

“The crown is also the symbol of the main branch.” Ancestors from great powers felt their heart beating faster.

Everyone was tempted by this symbolic and powerful treasure. Possessing the crown meant being the orthodox branch in the system.

The crown was actually useless for the current Mountguard. It could even bring about a sect-destroying disaster.

However, for the rising sects that were part of the side branches or even more distant from the progenitor, they would be able to select their own sage after taking the crown. This would boost their status by several levels. Perhaps they could eventually gain authority and rule over the system too.

This was the reason why Eight Trigrams desired the crown so much.

“Both Central Sacred Ground and Eight Trigrams Kingdom have their own schemes with this.” A senior sighed after hearing Zhou Ziqing’s message.

Everyone knew that forcefully taking the crown from Mountguard would incite a lot of criticisms.

However, an official feud between juniors resulting in winning the crown? This was justifiable since it was a common event. No one could criticize them for doing so.

“Eight Trigrams might be in charge of this. They’re the strongest kingdom right now so they need this crown to manifest an official status.” One ancestor added.

The central saintess was going to marry into the kingdom anyway. If her maid were to grab the item, then the kingdom itself would eventually gain it and have a sage.

Numerous big shots regretted not coming up with the same scheme. If they have done this earlier, they might be the one with the crown right now.

“Eight Trigrams will get it for sure.” One expert analyzed the situation.

Zhou Ziqing wasn’t that exceptional among the young generation but she shouldn’t have any problem dealing with seven disciples from Mountguard. It didn’t matter if these seven were the best in that sect either.

Of course, the greedy spectators needed to restrain themselves. They knew Eight Trigrams and Central Sacred Ground were behind this matter too. These two sects would do anything for the crown, so it’s best not to provoke them.

Ziqing’s declaration served as a delicate reminder to everyone to back off from wanting the crown.

“Mountguard won’t be able to escape this disaster.” Another ancestor became emotional.

As the adage goes - possessing a jade ring invites trouble. It was a crown in this case.

Mountguard was no longer the same as before. Having the crown still wouldn’t revitalize their sect. On the other hand, it would incite greed from others.

If Zhou Ziqing wanted to destroy Mountguard, there will be people from the two behemoths willing to carry out the task for her.

That’s why in the eyes of the spectators, Mountguard wouldn’t be able to get away from this mess. The feud between the juniors didn’t matter. Something else or another excuse would have happened anyway since everyone wanted the crown.

The five days passed by right away.

Today was the date for the battle between Zhou Ziqing and the seven disciples of Mountguard.

The stage had plenty of spectators with no lack of ancestors.

The battle itself meant nothing due to the disparity in power between the combatants. The seven from Mountguard had no chance of reversing the tides.

They believed that Zhou Ziqing would win for sure and were only here to look at the Virtuous Crown.

After all, this was something bestowed by the great progenitor himself. Though it wasn’t an ancestral weapon, it was still priceless enough.

Zhou Ziqing was here early, still surrounded by many peers. She wore a red cloak, looking quite domineering and prideful.

She was also certain of victory, ready to put the crown in her bag. She wasn’t afraid of that ancestor from Mountguard either because she invited characters of the same level here too.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Zhou.” Young peers came to greet her. Some from the last generation joined in too.

If Zhou Ziqing was only a regular prodigy of Central Sacred Ground, she wouldn’t have the same status. However, being the maid of the saintess there changed everything. She had the chance of becoming a concubine or even a consort of the crown prince from Trigrams in the future.

Remember, Eight Trigrams was strong enough to eventually seize the authority of the system. The crown prince could take the throne soon too and he would have everything at that point.

Just imagine, one might not be able to flatter the king from a lack of contact but they could still communicate with a consort. Through that, one could get their agenda across to the king - this was plenty already.

“The saintess isn’t here to cheer her on.” Someone quietly said.

In fact, the crowd wanted to see this saintess since she was considered a supreme beauty in Immortal Demon System. Her looks could charm any man.

“She doesn’t need to show up for this. As an amazing Ascender, just one word from her and plenty of masters will take action in her stead. It’s not hard for her to declare the death of Mountguard.” A master shook his head.

This was indeed the truth. The saintess was rumored to be an eighth-level Ascender, on the verge of reaching the ninth level.

Moreover, she was also the future queen of Eight Trigrams. She was influential enough to command other Ascenders to destroy Mountguard. There was no point coming here in person.

In fact, Zhou Ziqing found this to be beneath her too. If it wasn’t for the crown and potential criticisms, she would have told other experts to kill these disciples instead of having to fight them herself.

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