Chapter 2743: Entering The Battlefield

It was moving watching this place. One could sense the dead combatants’ unyieldingness while standing outside and couldn’t help but feel respect.

Weizheng and the others naturally felt the strong battle intents and became emotional.

One could easily imagine the ferocious battles that took place here. The dead soldiers still wanted to fight after so many years.

“Get out of the way!” Suddenly, they heard loud shouting from the back.

A group came from behind, young enough to show that they were here for training.

Their attires indicated their high upbringing. All of them had an air of nobility and expensive trinkets and treasures. Poor kids like Li Jiankun’s group from a tiny sect couldn’t compare to them at all.

Among them was a girl whose dressing style was actually less pompous. However, her temperament seemed to be one of arrogance and pride.

They started shouting despite being very far away as if Jiankun’s group was in the way.

In fact, Jiankun and the others weren’t blocking anyone’s path. The entrance was large and they only occupied a tiny part.

Nevertheless, they still moved to the side, not used to dealing with the imperious disciples from the bigger sects.

“Bam!” A whip struck the ground near Jiankun, nearly hitting him.

One of the male disciples in this new group shouted aggressively: “Be smart and stand to the side.”

This clearly had nothing to do with the path itself. The newcomers simply wanted to act in a pompous manner and bully cultivators from the smaller sects in order to bask in their perceived superiority.

Jiankun restrained himself since the whip didn’t hit him. They didn’t want any trouble. Nay, they couldn’t afford to provoke these bigger sects.

However, the young Ruoxi lacked patience and voice her dissatisfaction: “There is plenty of room left so why should we kee-”

Weizheng stopped her from continuing since he was used to this type of scene.

“Oh, got a problem?” The male with the whip stopped and glared at her.

“I’m merely speaking the truth!” Ruoxi was still annoyed.

“She’s too young and naive, please don’t mind us.” Weizheng hurriedly jumped in and smiled at the male disciple.

The youth snorted and forgave them after seeing Weizheng’s apology. Meanwhile, the girl at the center noticed Jiahui and her crown.

“You’re that new sage from Mountguard or whatever?” She arrogantly asked while looking down on Jiahui.

“Yes, that’s right.” Weizheng smiled and put on a humble tone.

“What a load of crap.” The girl said with disdain: “Not just anyone can wear that thing, don’t lose your head now.” With that, this group entered the ancient battlefield.

Weizheng’s expression changed but he didn’t retort.

The group didn’t stop at this particular battlefield but moved on to a mightier one.

“School Master, they were ridiculously arrogant, why did we need to apologize to them? So unfair.” Ruoxi complained.

“Fair or not, you need to watch it when we’re outside. Provoking someone stronger can bring about a disaster. This is a world where the strong eats the weak and a loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.” Weizheng said with a serious expression.

“Do laws and justice not matter?” Ruoxi has only become a cultivator recently, the newest disciple among the group.

Jiankun and the others were used to this and didn’t feel the same level of indignation.

“If you want justice, then speak with your fist and take him down.” Li Qiye suddenly opened his eyes and said.

“But that will make me the same as them.” She tilted her head in response.

“There will be a big difference. If you’re only strong enough to beat them down, then you’re limited to maintaining the justice you so desire. However, if your fist is strong enough, you’ll be able to change the rules in a region or the entire world. You’ll become the law, able to create a sect of righteousness or a fair world. Of course, you can also create a world where you’re the number one, the sky’s the limit. Remember, laws and orders require strength and force to maintain. If you want justice, then make yourself stronger first.” Li Qiye elaborated.

The group was moved. They simply wanted to become stronger and cultivate better merit laws in the past and have never contemplated about deeper issues. They learned something new and desired strength even more. 

When one’s fist is strong enough, they’ll become the laws! This phrase encompassed plenty of logic in life.

“And the chance to grow stronger is before you all now. Go train, lose some sweat and blood. Your effort will craft the life and world you desire.” He insipidly said.

“Remember the ancestor’s teachings. Only blood and sweat will change the world into something you want.” Weizheng emotionally said. He also benefited from this speech.

The group took a deep breath and bowed towards Li Qiye.

“Alright, let’s begin. Go up to that altar and worship the progenitor.” Li Qiye pointed at an altar and said.

Next to the battlefield was an old and broken altar. Nevertheless, it still had a majestic and sacred aura. There was one altar like this in each battlefield.

The group exchanged glances and tidied their clothes before slowly climbing up the altar. They then respectfully kneeled before the memorial tablet up there.

Under Li Qiye’s guidance, they channeled their cultivation laws.

“Buzz.” The texts of their merit laws appeared above them and poured down strings of light.

These strings of light circled around them, seemingly becoming a protective barrier.

“After entering, you all will face the lost souls. Remember, when your barriers are broken, you will be teleported back to the city. When feeling fatigued, come closer to these statues and you will be rejuvenated. However, losing and being teleported back numerous times is shaming me.” Li Qiye pointed at the battlefield.

The group saw several statues erected in that place. Though the face wasn’t clear, they could tell by the aura that it was the progenitor of Immortal Demon System, Everlasting Forefather.

“If you can defeat this battlefield, then keep on moving. Outside of power, this is also a test for your dao heart to see how long you can last. This makes it a good training ground to gain actual battle experience and polishing your dao heart. Don’t lose so fast after just several rounds and humiliate me.” Li Qiye sternly said.

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