Chapter 2742: Reincarnation Mountain City

Reincarnation Mountain was Immortal Demon System’s largest city. The entire place had a territory of one million miles, perhaps even more.

It was more apt to call this place a kingdom rather than a city. However, there was one distinct difference.

The buildings here were built on mountains. Thus, while looking from the outside, everyone would find architectures among the stars due to the height of the peaks, quite a mysterious and awe-inspiring spectacle.

There were about ten thousand or so cities scattered among the mountains. However, only a few were famous. They were connected by numerous rainbows that look even more beautiful after the rain.

These rainbows were actually divine bridges, a way to travel between mountains and cities.

Many sects chose to stay around this area, giving it a special status. It didn’t belong to one particular sect or power. No one could rule it since it belonged to everyone in Immortal Demon System.

People could come and stay for as long as they like with no entry restrictions. The city was ruled by Longevity Hall and all over sects via deliberations. 

If any cultivator or sect had feuds with each other, they must leave these personal problems aside after coming into the city.

The only exceptions required consent from both parties to have a fight in the city. Otherwise, the aggressive side would need to wait for their enemy to leave the city.

Those breaking this rule would have to suffer sanctions and punishment from the rest of the system. That’s why everyone considered this city to be a safe asylum.

More often than not, when a sect was on the verge of destruction, they would move all of their disciples here to seek refuge.

This resulted in the city becoming home to many homeless disciples since their sects were no longer around.

For millions of years now, no one has dared to break the armistice found here. The reason was very simple - the cities were built by Everlasting Forefather, from the individual buildings to the peaks.

His rules became the supreme laws. To violate them meant being disrespectful towards the great ancestor and the punishment could be banishment. 

So the top of the city had plenty of buildings. People were curious about the base consisting of large plains and valleys. Could people also stay in these places?

Unfortunately, the answer was no because they were actually ancient battlefields.

These battlefields were an incredible place for training. Strong and qualified disciples would go there to train because it was so effective compared to other places.

Future generations didn’t know the background of these places. According to the founding legend of Immortal Demon System, the forefather dragged back these places from the depths of Immortal Lineage then refined them into his own system.

The group was right outside now and Weizheng became emotional while looking at the massive cities.

“Our sect also had several seats and a large estate in this city back then.” He told the juniors.

“We had an estate here?” The young ones became excited.

Their current sect looked like a small village compared to the grand scale here. Thus, they were country bumpkins visiting the city for the first time. The juniors felt honored that their sect once had territories in this place.

“Yes, Mountguard used to have more than one hundred residences here and a massive mansion.” Weizheng said softly.

“What happened to them?” Jiahui asked, aware that they no longer had them.

Weizheng smiled wryly and shook his head: “We sold them during the hard times. The sect spent a lot of money on buying pills in order to groom potential talents. This eventually led to bankruptcy and being forced to sell.”

He felt bitterness about the sharp fall from grace. Their glorious sect was reduced to a third-rate one now.

“Another reason was because Reincarnation Mountain is too far away from our Mountguard. The ancestors needed to use too many true stones in order to open the dao portal for conferences. This expenditure became too much so they decided to withdraw from this place.” Weizheng added.

Mountguard naturally wanted to keep their territory in this place but it couldn’t keep up with the expenditures.

The group became quiet after listening to their school master. The present was less optimistic for their sect.

“We’ll buy them back again, both our properties and our influence here. Maybe not today, but we’ll get it done during our generation.” Jiahui eventually broke the silence.

She spoke in such a confident manner that no one could question her determination.

“The responsibility of revitalizing the sect is on you all.” Weizheng was happy to see the group being positively motivated by Jiahui.

“To the ancient battlefield.” Li Qiye suddenly interrupted the morale call.

The group didn’t dare to mess around and instantly headed towards one battlefield.

The battlefields below the cities were different with unique characteristics.

Li Qiye told them to go to one placed between two mountains with a stone path for an entrance. After walking up the steps, they saw a massive battlefield ahead.

Broken weapons and armor plates scattered everywhere along with cones. They have lost their divinity because too much time has passed. Nevertheless, these weapons were clearly exceptional judging by their materials. Alas, the tough battles in the past still took them down.

This battlefield had broken mounds, temples, and deep pits - signs of the destruction that took place here. 

“So this is an ancient battlefield?” Ruoxi murmured while looking at the area filled with fog and mist.

This was their first time seeing one, same for Weizheng too. His sect didn’t have enough resources to take him here during his youth.

Even if they were willing to make the long journey, they didn’t have powerful seniors to escort them either.

It has been eras since the last battle but the bloodthirst and battle intents remained. It seemed that numerous lost souls were still roaring and battling it out.

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