Chapter 2741: Friend Or Foe

“Amitabha. A monk like me toils for living beings. I will cross him over.” The monk placed his palms together while putting on a serious expression.

“Cross him over? What do you mean by that? Do you want him to join the Buddhist doctrine, kill him, or just imprison him?” The girl smiled, looking as beautiful as a hundred blossoming flowers.

The group instantly looked at the monk in a different manner and became cautious. They clearly viewed him as an enemy now.

“That’s a bit too much, Junior Sister. Monks are merciful and do not kill wantonly.” The monk frowned and said.

“Plenty have been killed by you.” The girl smiled and said.

“Amitabha.” The monk placed his palms together: “Buddhism grants salvation to the fateful ones, I simply crossed them over to paradise, saving them in a sense.”

The monk avoided using the word “killing” and sounded very benevolent. However, upon closer inspection, the group found him to be full of bloodlust as if he had killed millions and crossed over their lost souls.

“You’re talking about killing people right?” Ruoxi stared curiously at him.

Weizheng became afraid and pulled Ruoxi back, thinking that this monk might actually kill her.

“Amitabha.” The monk sincerely answered: “Crossing people over to the paradise is my responsibility. Buddha teaches that anyone can be saved by letting go of their blade. That’s all I’m doing, getting people to let go of their evil, mortal shell.”

“Got it, so it’s killing…” Ruoxi concluded after listening to the monk’s implicative words.

“Senior Brother, you have twisted our ancestor’s grand dao.” The girl disapproved: “He gazed into the world and changed its momentum in order to find a method to save everyone. You claim to have the heart of a Bodhisattva and the capabilities of one. However, you’re just trying to destroy your own obsession instead of actually ridding the world of evil.”

“Junior Sister, of course I am insignificant compared to the great ancestor. Alas, I’m still offering everything I have for the world.” The monk shook his head.

“I’ve heard the seniors talk about you before. The ancestor viewed you highly after meeting you, unfortunately, your obsession binds you, preventing you from saving people.” The girl said.

“I am ashamed.” The monk listened attentively to the criticism.

“He and I are connected so I will take him away, please don’t stop me, Senior Brother.” The girl changed the topic.

“Amitabha.” The monk replied: “I’m afraid you will be disappointed, Junior Sister. I also wish to do something good with this benefactor for the sake of all. We’re connected by fate as well.”

The monk clearly didn’t relent about this issue.

Meanwhile, Jiankun and the others kept on staring at the girl then the monk. They felt that this duo was very strange.

They seemed to have the same ancestor but not from the same sect. They spoke in a respectful manner but wouldn’t yield either.

“So you must oppose me…” The girl said.

“Amitabha. Yes, the fateful connection is deeply rooted so you will have to excuse me.” The monk gave a straightforward response.

Weizheng was certain that this polite conversation wouldn’t last much longer. A battle could break out at any second.

“Senior Brother, I entered this world specifically for him. I will not return to the sect before forming a karmic bond, so this is the last time I’m asking, will you yield?” The girl remained steady.

“Amitabha. I also wish to help you, Junior Sister, but on the other side of the scale are all living beings. I am helpless.” The monk said.

“So a battle between us is inevitable.” The girl’s eyes narrowed and became blinding like the stars.

“So how about this, the loser will have to leave?” She proposed.

“I agree. I’m interested in seeing your Graceful Blade.” The monk solemnly said: “I’ve seen it in passing back in the sect and it was truly amazing. It will be an honor to see the ancestor’s art once more.”

“You will see it again now.” Her eyes turned cold and her voice sounded like the clanking of a sword.

“Amitabha.” The monk exuded a Buddhist light; his eyebrows arched aggressively and made him look like an untouchable king.

This Buddhist glow was rather gentle in nature yet it felt unbeatable. He could stand there and suppress an entire age.

“Clank!” The girl also started glowing in a gentle manner, almost like the flow of water.

However, when this flowing radiance spread, people could sense a sword intent soaring to the sky. A treasure trove of swords seemed to be opening with enough power to flatten the world.

The group became afraid after sensing these two’s terrible power. They were clearly monstrous existences that could kill little guys like them with no problem.

“Hmph!” However, a thunderous scowl interrupted the duel.

This noise mercilessly slammed the duo like lightning bolts. Their radiance instantly collapsed, forcing them to stagger backward - seemingly wounded.

The rest of the spectators were startled and realized that it came from Li Qiye. The duo was shocked too and became frozen.

“Scram.” Li Qiye stated his supreme will.

Everyone shuddered before his command, even the strongest True Emperors and mighty masters.

“My apology.” The frightened monk bowed with his palms together and left without any hesitation.

“I’ll be back.” The girl in blue hesitated for a bit but still bowed then left.

After the two left, Li Qiye still sat there without batting an eye as if nothing had happened.

Weizheng and the others became drenched with cold sweat, thinking that their ancestor was the real master.

“Young Noble.” Jiahui quietly said.

Alas, Li Qiye didn’t bother responding, seemingly lacking interest in these trivial matters.

She heaved a sigh of relief. Only their young noble could take care of these troublesome masters.

“Let’s go.” Weizheng no longer wanted to linger in this place to avoid further complications. He has been frightened enough times already today.

The group gathered their things and hurried back on the road.

Fortunately, nothing else happened along the way. The old man, monk, and girl no longer showed up.

Li Qiye also didn’t wake up again to force the group into training. Thus, they moved with swift speed towards Reincarnation Mountain. Weizheng knew that the final training location would be there and led the way. They were about to get there ahead of schedule.

Before actually reaching the city, one could see majestic mountains on the horizon. Some of them were too high in the sky to see the summits.

These mountains spanned for a hundred thousand miles or so, creating an independent world.

On top of them were old and stately palaces and shrines. Each was big enough to be classified as a city.

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