Chapter 274: Heaven’s Secret Valley

Chapter 274: Heaven’s Secret Valley

This was the appeal of the Eternal River School, and this was the personal charm of Mei Suyao.

Mei Suyao’s dao preaching event started right on time in the palace garden. The garden of the imperial palace was quite aesthetically pleasing as there were ancient trees and vines filled with the fragrances of grasses and treasure medicines along with pretty blooming flowers. There were also flood dragons swimming in the pond along with old turtles and spirit cranes…

Although the Lion’s Roar Gate was no longer the same as it used to be and was far less powerful than the great powers, as the descendants of the Chi Clan, it still had a certain strength that was apparent from witnessing the palace garden.

Many young prodigies who qualified to be inside had entered a long time before the start of the event to not miss such a rare opportunity. It was as if a waterfall made of people was entering the imperial palace. Some prodigies were riding their ancient chariots, signaling the pride of their clans. Others rode rare and precious beasts while some soared with their flying swords. Then, there were those who were sitting on their treasure mountains and came from above…

In a short amount of time, the palace garden became very bustling and crowded. Most of these young prodigies all had exceedingly high statuses. There were princesses and saint childs as well as descendants from the great powers or giants from different countries…

As the organizers, the Chi duo were quite busy. They quickly greeted the guests that came from everywhere without any breaks.

The young prodigies all came in groups of three or five. They were all dragons and phoenixes amongst men. It was quite a beautiful spectacle to behold when all the men were extraordinarily handsome and all the women were pretty enough to cause fishes to drown and the birds to fall down from the sky.

These groups were talking about all the important matters inside the Eastern Hundred Cities and other geniuses of the great powers.

“I heard Ba Xia was in the vicinity. I wonder if he will run here for this event or not.” A young Saint Child said.

Many of them were quite wary of Ba Xia. A royal prince shook his head and said: “I hope he doesn’t come here. That guy is too crazy and will always cause trouble wherever he goes.”

“He has been even more insane recently. Some people said that his Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique made some progress. I wonder if he had surpassed his minor physique tribulation or not.” A different friend said.

Ba Xia, the descendant of the Furious Immortal Saint Country, was the oldest royal prince. This was an amazing character, and he cultivated the country’s defining treasure — the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique!

A descendant from an ancient sect smiled and said: “Don’t worry, Ba Xia will definitely not come. Just recently, he was chasing a fierce beast and entered an ancient ridge. I’m afraid he won’t be able to come back so soon.”

“Ba Xia might not come, but his martial junior brother, Sima Longyun, will definitely come.” The royal prince said.

A Saint Child sneered and said: “What is so special about Sima Longyun? He is only one of the forty-eight Xiantian Physiques! He simply relied on the prestige of his older brother, Ba Xia. Hmph, he himself is very unlikely to be more powerful than me.”

Places with people will have jianghu; even the people of the younger generation of the Eastern Hundred Cities were not always friendly to each other. There was jealousy and revenge amongst many other things… [1. Jianghu, or rivers and lakes, is a hard concept to translate to English in one or two words. An easier way to think of the word jianghu is that it is the cultivation world in a xianxia.]

On the other side, there was another group of prodigies discussing the matters of the cities. An oldest disciple of an ancient sect with a lot of information revealed: “I heard that Great Child Yao Guang came out from his meditation.” [2. Yao Guang = Brilliance.]

All the sitting prodigies were shivering in their mind after they heard the name Great Child Yao Guang and changed their expressions. In fact, they couldn’t be blamed. When it came to the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, not too many people could stay calm within the Eastern Hundred Cities.

The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom was one of the oldest kingdoms in the Eastern Hundred Cities — one sect two emperors. Very few heritages could compare to its true strength.

Great Child Yao Guang, Zu Huangwu, was extremely talented as he also possessed two emperors’ best techniques. [3. Huangwu = Emperor Martial.]

“Three years ago, Zu Huangwu came to the Heavenly Dao Academy to challenge Yue Yi. After returning home, he went into secluded meditation without leaving. This time, since he came out, I’m afraid that he has merged both of his emperors’ arts. At this time, Yue Yi might no longer be his match and only Goddess Mei would be able to suppress his prestige in the entire Eastern Hundred Cities.” A Royal Noble emotionally said while sitting.

A royal prince shook his head and rejected that notion: “Not necessarily. I heard that Deity has arrived. Someone saw him descending down from the sky straight into the Heavenly Dao Academy with their own eyes!” [4. Deity here is not an actual god, but it is the combination of the two words god (shen) + man (ren). It is signifying the greatness or transcending factor of this person; just a really prestigious title.]

“Deity Jikong Wudi!” When this person was brought up, even the prodigies sitting nearby were alarmed and they all came together. [5. Wudi = Unbeatable or unequalled. One can clearly sense just how arrogant and great this name is, just like the character along with his title.]

“The Space Trample Mountain’s descendant wants to enter the secular world — truly great ah. Could it be that he wants to compete for the Heaven’s Will of this generation against Goddess Mei?” Another Great Child lost his colors and said.

The Space Trample Mountain’s descendant, Jikong Wudi... Even though he debuted very recently, he had already become a legend! People regarded him as a deity. There was even a saying in the contemporary times that, outside of the Eternal River Mei Suyao, no one else was comparable to him.

Even though Deity Jikong Wudi was not from the Eastern Hundred Cities, his fame was widespread and eclipsed countless young geniuses.

The Space Trample Mountain was Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s heritage. Even though it was considered an Immortal Emperor lineage in the Mortal Emperor World, it was not situated in the Five Desolaces, Eastern Hundred Cities, nor the Grand Middle Territory. It was built in a foreign space, high and hidden in the firmament where outsiders could not easily enter.

“Deity is coming.” Even the most talented prodigies became dejected after hearing this name. A person comparable to Mei Suyao was definitely not just with hollow prestige.

Li Qiye also came. He silently sat in an ordinary obscure corner of the garden and poured his own drink. Even though there were countless Saint Childs and princesses in the garden, Li Qiye didn’t want to start a conversation with any of them. He simply sat there in silence in a forgettable corner.

Li Qiye also didn’t want to go bother Chi Xiaodao, who was very busy at this moment.

“Big Brother is sure enjoying yourself.” After Li Qiye finished drinking a cup, a person immediately poured him another. With a tanned skin color, this young man carried a heroic presence. His body was the embodiment of natural sunlight; especially his little smirk hanging above his slightly dark face, it gave him quite a different style.

This person sat down and immediately poured a cup for Li Qiye while revealing a big smile.

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “Do you not feel itchy after changing your face every day? Isn’t it a great thing to just be yourself?” Having said that, he started drinking along; he didn’t hand another cup to the young man either.

The young man dryly smiled and said: “Big Brother is messing with me. I am not as confident as Big Brother, heh. I have many enemies at the Eastern Hundred Cities, so I have to hide from the wind.” This guy was not a new person, it was Sikong Toutian who escaped some time ago!

At the moment, Sikong Toutian returned once again and actually penetrated the royal palace. This brat was truly skilled; however, he had completely changed his appearance at the moment, and outsiders did not know that he was Sikong Toutian. Of course, he couldn’t escape from Li Qiye’s eyes.

“Big Brother, the Space Trample Mountain’s Deity also came.” Sikong Toutian passed a message to Li Qiye.

“So what if the people from the Space Trample Mountain came? What does it have to do with me?” Finished speaking, he drank another cup.

Sikong Toutian hurriedly poured another cup for him and said: “I heard Big Brother killed Jikong Jian back at Ancient Sky City. I’m thinking that Jikong Wudi will find you to get even.”

Sikong Toutian himself was quite amazing. However, in front of Li Qiye, he didn’t dare to bluster and actually went as far as acting like a little brother.

“You really have some abilities ah, you actually ran over to the Grand Middle Territory in such a short amount of time and found out about this matter so clearly.” Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “Are you scheming against me?”

Sikong Toutian’s expression immediately changed as he pointed his finger towards the sky and said: “Big Brother, your joke is too much. I, Sikong Toutian, am only a little punk. Big Brother, you are a god from the nine firmaments. Even if I am one hundred times more courageous, I still wouldn’t dare to have the slightest shred of disrespect towards Big Brother. Big Brother slays True Gods in the Nine Heavens and massacres Demon Kings in hell. As for such a lowly character like me, I am too busy being respectful and in awe of Big Brother, so how could I have time to even dare be disrespectful towards Big Brother?”

“Fine, stop your flattering.” Li Qiye continued on: “If someone who comes out of the Heaven’s Secret Valley was a punk, then there are too many punks in this world.” Having said that, he placed his cup in front of Sikong Toutian.

With a shiver in his heart, Sikong Toutian immediately turned pale after hearing Li Qiye words! Ever since he came into being, no one had ever been able to see through his origin because it had always been a mystery. He had met countless powerful characters, including Mortal Kings of Ancient Kingdoms, but they were not able to recognize his origin. Yet today, Li Qiye easily revealed his secret.

Sikong Toutian’s heart fluttered for a moment before taking a deep breath. Then, he poured more wine for Li Qiye and immediately smiled: “Big Brother’s vision is as bright as a torch; nothing can hide from you.”

“Don’t worry, if you don’t annoy me, I won’t go to the Heaven’s Secret Valley and flip over your Mortal King Palace.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said as he looked at Sikong Toutian.

The hands that Sikong Toutian was using to hold the wine gourd couldn’t help but shake. He had met countless great characters, but no one was able to make him so fearful like Li Qiye.

“How is the Old Mortal doing?” Li Qiye instilled even more fear into the dazed Sikong Toutian.

Sikong Toutian took another breath to compose himself, then he forced a smile to say: “I won’t lie to Big Brother. In fact, I have never seen Mortal Ancestor in all of my years. I heard the other ancestors say that Mortal Ancestor had been cultivating for a long time.”

“Since he was able to withstand the Heavens, there is still a chance.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

It was very likely that no one in the contemporary times knew of a heritage like the Heaven’s Secret Valley. People who were privy to this were all extremely ancient old undyings and could be considered legendary characters. If these characters were alive in this world, then they were all halting their blood force.

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