Chapter 2735: Unbeatable Finger

The sharp waves of energy billowed and drowned out Li Qiye. A gruesome outcome seemed inevitable.

The elders and school master of Mountguard were scared out of their mind. Jiahui standing nearby turned pale. She could sense the bone-chilling bite of these sabers, able to scrape the meat off the bones.

In this split second, Li Qiye pointed one finger at the sky and shattered the nearby space along with all laws.

“Pop!” Space crumbled along with all the sabers slashing towards him. Next, the uniformed men were rendered to blood.

The broken blades and pulverized men looked like shocking still images. The spectators became slack-jawed as a result. Just one finger strike crushed everything around him.

“Go to hell!” Fu Kun attacked without any warning, slashing with both hands.

The saber cut through space and appeared above Li Qiye’s head with lightning speed.

“Watch out!” Weizheng only reacted when the blade was mere inches away due to its immense speed.

“Clank!” However, the spectators saw the image of the Li Qiye holding it with two fingers.

His eyes were still close yet he didn’t have any difficulty stopping it. The blade seemingly presented itself to him and wanted to be stopped.

“Activate!” The alarmed Fu Kun exerted his true energy in order to pull his blade back.

Alas, Li Qiye’s fingers remained steady like two rocks pressing together. He turned red from trying so hard to move it.

He knew right away that the situation has gone sour and instantly retreated. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

“Clank!” The saber shattered. He couldn’t even make it out of the conference hall before a palm flies straight at him.

Fu Kun roared and threw out all of his treasures at the same time while utilizing his strongest merit laws.

Alas, these laws and treasures also crumbled so he got captured by Li Qiye’s hand.

Fu Kun felt so small after being captured even though Li Qiye looked like a cripple in that wheelchair. This man had more semblance to a sleeping behemoth from the primordial age. Its awakening could make the realms tremble.

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes and Fu Kun felt a ripple in space. The opening of his eyes meant daylight while their closing brought darkness to the world. Strangely enough, the darkness, in this case, wouldn't be that scary. The day was when the beast was at work to terrorize all inhabitants.

“Don’t, don’t do anything crazy!” The pale Fu Kun shouted: “I am an envv-oy of Eight Trigrams, you can’t kill me… we have millions of True Gods and one hundred thousand Eternals…”

“Oh yeah?” Li Qiye insipidly remarked.

This leisure tone of his scared the hell out of Fu Kun. He started begging: “Sen-, no, Venerable Ancestor, this lowly one was blind for offending you. I’m also a member of Immortal Demon System and also a descendant of yours, please spare my life…” 

Fu Kun no longer gave a damn about face and reputation, only thinking about how to keep his life. Dying meant losing everything so he conceded right away.

“Sorry, I don’t have a descendant like you.” Li Qiye threw Fu Kun down on the ground and crippled his grand dao and cultivation with one finger.

“No!” Fu Kun screamed and became paralyzed, seemingly turning into a 100-year-old mortal. Losing his cultivation was more painful than dying.

“Scram. If I see you or anyone else from Eight Trigrams around this part, no mercy will be shown.” Li Qiye declared before closing his eyes again.

Fu Kun shuddered and crawled outside. Future prospects were grim but at least he kept his life. He ran like a dog without a master out of Mountguard.

It wasn’t easy for him to move around now after losing his cultivation, looking just like a mortal on his deathbed.

No one in Mountguard tried to stop him during the escape.

Meanwhile, the elders in the conference hall still couldn’t believe it. They knew Li Qiye was strong but he astounded them again. A third-level Ascender still felt like an insect before him.

Jiahui pushed Li Qiye out of the hall while the rest stood there looking silly.

“That was dangerous.” One elder regained his wits and was drenched in sweat.

They glanced at each other while recalling how they offended Li Qiye back then. If Li Qiye didn’t show mercy, all of them along with Mountguard would have been obliterated.

“Everyone, we need to try harder to live up to the ancestor’s expectations. We can’t let him down.” Weizheng concluded.

“School Master, don’t worry, we’ll muster up more courage to face anything for the sake of reviving the sect.” A few of them guaranteed.

Weizheng nodded and looked at the blood spots on the ground: “Get someone to clean this.”

As he was leaving, he felt an unprecedented excitement. If their sect couldn’t rise up under Li Qiye’s protection, then it really deserves whatever fate awaits it.


Li Qiye’s divine intents were still occupied with refining that monstrous existence. The guy wasn’t even at his peak state yet fully destroying him remained an arduous task despite the help of the Primordial Wills.

Keep in mind that these wills were insanely strong. Progenitors couldn’t handle their destructive power and would be rendered to ashes in no time. Yet, this existence was holding on strong.

Of course, Li Qiye wasn’t in a hurry either. He had plenty of time to destroy the guy and take everything from him. That would be quite a harvest.

Moreover, this process gave Li Qiye a deeper understanding of these existences.

This was only the beginning. The future was full of challenges. Numerous monsters were still looking down on the helpless inhabitants of the realms.

He needed to know everything about his enemies before the final battle in order to come out victorious.

Inside his dao heart, the existence didn’t sit there awaiting death. He launched several resistances in order to stop the suppression.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye’s dao heart and Primordial Wills proved to be an unbreakable prison.

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