Chapter 2734: Blatant Haughtiness

“School Master Chen, are you sure about your sect being able to keep this crown?” Fu Kun’s murderous intent escalated.

Fu Kun’s blatant threat changed the elders’ expression.

“Envoy Fu, the Virtuous Crown is our defining inheritance. The sage is also our glory.” Weizheng took a deep breath and reminded: “The great progenitor has made these rules. We’re also the ones to greet him after each reincarnation cycle. This has been unchanging for millions and millions of years in Immortal Demon System for it is the will of the progenitor.”

Weizheng reminded Fu Kun that Mountguard was law-abiding and had the proper status to do this. 

“Haha, School Master Chen, don’t wave a chicken feather as a token of authority.” Fu Kun sneered: “Your fallen sect is no longer qualified to inherit the crown or establish the next sage. It is time for you to lay low since rules are dead while people are living. They will be changed when no longer suitable.”

“Do you wish to be lawless, Envoy?” Weizheng’s tone became serious: “Even going as far as changing the will of the progenitor? Are you not afraid of backlash from the rest of the lineages in Immortal Demon System?”

“You overestimate the gravity of the situation.” Fu Kun smiled: “The world doesn’t dare to criticize my kingdom. It is the greatest lineage in Immortal Demon now with full authority. We are the new orthodox branch and should inherit the various wills of the progenitor.”

“And what about Everlasting Hall? Where do you think they stand, Envoy?” Weizheng said.

Fu Kun became frozen after hearing this; his expression changed. 

Eight Trigrams was indeed the greatest kingdom in Immortal Demon and had plenty of military potentials. Alas, there was still one lineage they were wary of - Longevity Hall.

Longevity Hall was the strongest and most mysterious lineage, the one truly possessing the reins of the system.

The forefather was an elusive figure during his era, especially after many generations of reincarnations. People simply didn’t know of his location.

He allowed Longevity Hall to reign Immortal Demon and become his representatives. In other words, their orders were his orders. They maintained this supreme status for a long period of time.

However, when the forefather stopped reincarnating, the hall also stopped caring about mundane matters and the external world.

Nevertheless, it still had a pivotal status in the system and was still as strong as ever.

As the hall became more and more aloof about politics, Eight Trigrams took advantage of this and rose up. More often than not, they claimed to be the orthodox branch with full authority over the system.

Of course, many great powers didn’t recognize this claim of theirs. One couldn’t refute their power but if they wanted the status of the main branch, they must gain the consent of Everlasting Hall. Either that, or the destruction of the hall.

All along, the kingdom remained wary of this mysterious power. This was another reason why they wanted the Virtuous Crown.

With it came the appointment of the next sage, meaning that they would be one step closer to being the orthodox branch, or at least further legitimizing the claim. With that, maybe they would be able to challenge the hall’s status in the system.

Fu Kun assumed a cool expression again and threatened: “School Master Chen, I won’t waste words with you any longer so be smart now and reap the benefits. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what’s about to come. You will become the sinner of Mountguard when it turns to ashes for making a terrible decision.” 

He had tried numerous persuasive methods by this point, both hard and soft It was time for him to take the Virtuous Crown away and bring it back to his kingdom.

“Envoy Fu, you wish to take it by force?” Weizheng knew that this was coming but still became furious.

“By force?” Fu Kun sneered and looked at the elders with disdain before staring at Weizheng again: “School Master, only taking it will be showing mercy. If you even dare to try and resist, we’ll massacre all of you.”

“You take us as cowards?!” An elder could no longer stay calm.

Fu Kun continued: “I alone can take ten and sweep through your sect. Come, try if you dare, see if you can handle one punch.”

“You!” This elder actually wanted to rush out but the others held him back.

The elders from Mountguard had an ugly grimace, infuriated by the contempt.

“Just a bunch of ants.” Fu Kun ignored them and slowly raised his hand towards the school master: “Be obedient and hand the crown over or face destruction.”

“Mountguard co-exists with the Virtuous Crown. There is no separating the two!” Weizheng’s color changed from red to white before powerfully replying.

“Fine, I’ll see who from your sect will be able to stop me!” Fu Kun snorted, ready to kill.

He strutted forward and reached for the crown on top of Jiahui’s head.

Weizheng tried to stop him but it was too late. The former was only a True God while the other was a third-level Ascender. He was inferior in both power and speed.

“Bam!” Fu Kun’s hand was pushed backward. He staggered one step back before staring straight at Li Qiye.

This cripple only flicked his finger and managed to stop him.

“Who are you!” Fu Kun shouted.

Li Qiye didn’t respond at all, not even bothering to open his eyes and look at him.

This infuriated Fu Kun, being treated in this manner by a youth in this tiny sect!

“Can’t hide for much longer, let’s see what you got! Men, cut him to pieces!” He murderously threatened and gave the command.

“Clank!” The elites standing to his sides unsheathed their blades.

The group was versed in containment and take-down. They didn’t hold anything back and unleashed waves of saber energy towards Li Qiye. The snow-white flashes drowned him out, on the verge of mincing him to pieces upon contact.

Alas, Li Qiye was still sleeping in his wheelchair to the horror of the elders.

“Watch out!” One of them shouted in astonishment.

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