Chapter 2730: Choice

“S-senior, according t-to the rules of Immortal Demon System, the emergence of a crown master should be announced to all the other lineages, what do you think we should do?” Chen Weizheng stammered, beginning to treat Li Qiye as an ally.

This matter was quite a headache. Back during their prime, the issue of the crown and any sage was their own. However, after their decline, other powerful lineages in the system interfered in order to gain more clout.

“Do as you please.” Li Qiye answered and let Jiahui push him away. Zhiting also followed.

Weizheng respectfully saw them off and began to ponder.

The elders and hall leaders crowded him and said: “What now, School Master? What're our options?”

They didn’t have a clear direction because of the unexpected development. This insane master came out of nowhere and wanted to take over their sect.

“Any idea?” Weizheng looked at them and asked back.

The group exchanged glances and no one stepped up to speak.

Be forceful against Li Qiye? That’s impossible. What the hell could they use against him? That’s just not realistic. What about a softer approach with schemes? None either.

“How about this? We report this to Eight Trigrams and ask for help?” One senior said: “They have always considered themselves to be the leader of the system so they won’t sit idly by.”

“No, absolutely not.” An older elder replied before Weizheng could: “They have ulterior motives. Inviting them is easy, asking them to leave is impossible, akin to replacing a tiger with a wolf.”

“We’re still the orthodox branch of the system. If we ask Eight Trigrams for help, it’ll give them an excuse, legitimizing any takeover here.” A different elder disagreed as well.

They were still part of Everlasting Forefather’s main branch. Other great powers didn’t have this status and truly craved it.

“Yes, that’s not an option.” Weizheng voiced his opinion: “They won’t leave after coming and our sect will fall into their grasp, we’ll be nothing more than puppets at that point. On the other hand, this senior seems to have deep ties with our sect. I don’t think he has any ill will towards us.”

“I agree.” The older elder nodded: “In my opinion, this senior doesn’t want anything from us because he could just take it via force. There’s no need for him to stay at our sect, why bother putting in so much effort?”

The group agreed as well. To be frank, this guy could annihilate them with a single finger and then take whatever he wanted.

“I feel the same way. His power level is far beyond our imagination. If he wants something, it’s pretty much in his pocket already.” Another elder chimed in.

The group became quiet, not too content with this grim reality. Their library had great defensive barriers but he still took the scrolls without any difficulty. No one here could stop someone as strong as him so there was no need for him to scheme.

“What does he want then?” Another member was confused.

Li Qiye’s intention remained a mystery. Why did he care about an insignificant sect like theirs?

Someone like him should be at the level of a True Emperor. He didn’t need to hang around in this tiny pond. Alas, he specifically chose to do so and confused all the members here.

“The senior told us already, he’s here to revitalize our sect and to make up for its unworthy descendants. He’s taking over because he has deep ties with our progenitor.” Weizheng solemnly said.

“How valid is this?” Another hall leader asked.

After all, letting an unknown person take over one’s sect was indeed nerve-wracking. Skepticisms and doubts were warranted.

“Just think about it.” Weizheng said seriously: “Don’t forget, our library has been blessed by the progenitor before and our foundation has been built by the blood and sweat of the sages. However, this senior activated the foundation then took the scrolls without facing a single ounce of resistance. So, he should have been attacked if he didn’t have anything to do with the progenitor. Isn’t that the biggest proof?”

The group nodded in agreement after hearing this insightful breakdown.

“I feel the same way.” The older ancestor nodded: “He can be insanely strong but the defensive lines should still have affected him. That type of harmonization makes it seem like he’s part of our line, not an outsider.”

“That’s why this is a good opportunity for us.” Weizheng said: “Everyone can see that our foundation is stimulated, a great time for cultivation. Of course, the risks are obvious but we’re on a declining slope which will lead to destruction anyway. This is the crossroads for us, we have to grasp this chance and soar to the sky. Perhaps our combined effort will bring the sect back to its old glory.”

He became emotional at this point because he has tried so hard in the past but his abilities betrayed him. Li Qiye’s arrival showed him a glimmer of hope. There was no way he would let this chance go.

“Everyone, feel the grand dao power around us, we’ll train so much easier now. If we don’t do our best then the next generation will really be the end of us. We’ll really become sinners then.” An elder became excited.

This excitement spread to the rest of the group. A feeling of hopelessness has been pervading the sect in the past as they were reduced to a third-rated power. Now, they could finally see a chance for total revitalization. 

Doubts and skepticisms slowly turned into hope. They began to think of Li Qiye as a young ancestor instead of a stranger.

Meanwhile, Jiahui and Zhiting also trained hard after returning. Li Qiye’s power had done a number on them.

They used to think that their elders were strong but he only needed one finger to defeat everyone.

It was a godsend opportunity to have a master of this level around helping them with their cultivation.

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