Chapter 273: Dao Preaching Event

Chapter 273: Dao Preaching Event

The imperial city of the Lion’s Roar Country suddenly became very lively after the news of Mei Suyao coming to preach the dao traveled far and wide. The sea of people was ten times larger than normal. One could say that anyone who had previously heard of her good name all wanted to see her supreme elegance. Even if they had no way of getting close to the goddess, catching just a glimpse of her from the distance was more than enough.

“Rumor has it that she also wanted to go to the Southern Barren Earth before this. I didn’t expect her to return so soon.” In just a short period of time, the entire bustling imperial city, no, the entire country was talking about Mei Suyao.

“Yeah, I did hear that Goddess Mei went to the Southern Barren Earth to visit the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain.” An informed cultivator immediately spread the word.

After hearing this news, there were some Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints who were not too surprised; one Ancient Saint couldn’t help but say: “Eastern Eternal River, Southern Mysterious Bamboo — the two strongest contemporary forces of the Mortal Emperor World. Both of these grand heritages are one sect three emperors. The descendants of these two sects have a tradition of competing against each other; Goddess Mei going to the Barren Earth to visit the Bamboo Mountain is quite ordinary.”

“The descendant of the Bamboo Mountain this time is also quite amazing. I wonder who won in their competition?” A southern cultivator knew even more about this matter.

“Goddess Mei’s dao preaching is like the deluge of heavenly flowers fluttering down from above, causing others to lose their way back home. After it is over, it becomes ingrained into the hearts of the listeners and it won’t dissipate for a long time. Three years ago, I had the fortune of listening to Goddess Mei preaching the dao back at the Eternal River School. I benefitted so much from it that I won’t be able to forget it for the rest of my life.” A young prodigy who once heard Goddess Mei’s dao preaching before didn’t mind traversing millions of miles to come here. Those who had previously heard her preaching became even more charmed and lost.

The Lion’s Roar Gate was only a minor country. There were very few great sects inside its territory and there was also a paltry amount of cultivators. However, after Mei Suyao arrived, there were so many cultivators here that it crowded the imperial city.

The Lion’s Roar disciples mustered all of their strength in order to maintain order within the imperial city. The entire gate expended quite a bit of effort regarding this matter.

In fact, the royal lord of the Lion’s Roar Gate spent a great deal of time contemplating in order to successfully convince Mei Suyao to have her preach the dao at their imperial city. [1. The royal lord is Chi Xiaodao’s father.]

The country actually used the imperial palace’s garden as the place for her dao preaching. [2. This is a big deal because the imperial palace is always meant for the king and his harem.]

Countless cultivators wanted to enter the city in order to hear this dao preaching session, but it was not such an easy matter. If everyone could enter the imperial palace, then the palace itself would be flooded. As such, they all had to go through a selection phase before being able to join in.

First, all the older cultivators were declined at the door. This was because Mei Suyao’s dao preaching was extremely beneficial to the younger generation, so the older ones shouldn’t take this opportunity from the young. Second, people with too low of a cultivation would also be kicked out. In the end, for the weaker ones, even if they were to hear the dao preaching, they most likely would not be able to understand. It would be like playing the zither to an ox. Third…

As the host and organizer for this session, Chi Xiaodie was extremely busy. Even Chi Xiaodao had to arrange many things and became as tired as a servant.

Of course, even if he was even more drained, Chi Xiaodao would still be smiling nonstop. This brat was this cheerful due to a very simple reason — because the Princess Bao Yun in his heart was also coming to listen to Mei Suyao.

Especially after sweeping through all of his previous worries, Chi Xiaodao became even more bright. After winning Li Qiye’s support, he was determined to chase after the princess and he wanted to see her as soon as possible.

The only free person at the Lion’s Roar Gate was Li Qiye. He stayed behind in secluded meditation without caring for external matters. He would stroll around the gate during his free time to bask in its scenery, so he spent his time quite comfortably.

Li Qiye finally entered the imperial city one day before the dao preaching event. He noticed that it was filled with people and shook his head, thinking that this was a bit too much. The current Mei Suyao of the Eternal River School was not necessarily able to transcend the Eternal River Progenitor — Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui! [3. Xiu Shui = Water Sleeve. Hmph, sleeve made out of water? It is a bit of a weird title. Her affinity is of course water because it is the Eternal River School. Sleeve must be describing her gentle and elegant manner.]

Just imagine that year when Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui, Jue Tianyu, was preaching her dao. Not to mention the Mortal Emperor World, even the cultivators and rulers from all over the Nine Worlds came just to see her prestige. However, at that time, she was not even an invincible Immortal Emperor. [4. Her real name is Jue Tianyu, meaning Severing the Heavens.]

Thinking back to that far era with its lustrous romantic spring filled Li Qiye with remembrance. During that era, he did not have the strength to personally groom an Immortal Emperor. Back then, Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui was truly renowned in this world with her extreme talents; even the kings of all the Nine Worlds fell over for her.

Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui, the Eternal River Progenitor, the person who formed the emperor foundation that allowed the Eternal River School to stand strong throughout the ages! Li Qiye couldn’t help but become emotional as he looked towards the Eternal River School’s direction. Their first meeting was truly something worth remembering.

Eternal River School — one sect three emperors. Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui was its progenitor and one of the very few female Immortal Emperors.

The school had three Immortal Emperors: Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui, Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan, and Immortal Emperor Guan Feng. Even though it was considered one of the strongest heritages of the Immortal Emperor World, only Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan was human. Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui, on the other hand, belonged to the first branch of the Charming Spirit Race. [5. Nu Zhan = Furious Battle, Guan Feng = Observing Phoenix or Phoenix Gate]

The Charming Spirit Race were the high heaven’s favored child, and it could be considered the most gifted race out of the myriad of races.

Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui came from the Charming Spirit Race and finally became an invincible Immortal Emperor with the Heaven’s Will. Her life could be considered to be the most brilliant during the Desolate Era. Even though many eras passed, even today, many people still relished in her old tales.

“Immortal Emperor ah, that year…” Li Qiye couldn’t help but lament after recalling the old matters from a long time ago.

“Goddess Mei has arrived!” Right when Li Qiye was in a daze while recalling his past, the imperial city suddenly went into an uproar as waves of people like primordial wild beasts rushed out. As Li Qiye was just standing there, he was pushed around until he arrived at the side of the monstrous crowd.

“Goddess Mei is here, hurry and come watch.” Suddenly, deafening cries resounded everywhere. Both men and women were excited, especially the younger males who were extremely obsessed.

Li Qiye could only smile while shaking his head at the sight of these obsessed male cultivators. He had witnessed this familiar scene countless times throughout the ages.

“Gallop gallop gallop…”

A horse carriage approached on a winding path that had faint green smoke, just like a rainbow in the sky. Anywhere this horse carriage passed seemed to turn into a paradise. It was as if there were hundreds of flowers showing off their beauty amongst the lush vegetation and flowing springs.

One could feel the immortal rhythm even before the person appeared. The loud imperial city fell silent in an instant. It was quite frustrating being at this scene as countless cultivators in the imperial city were constantly pushing each other.

However, when this carriage arrived, it was as if the ruthless summer had turned cold; a sensation penetrated one’s soul, allowing them to be very refreshed.

The carriage driver was an old man and Mei Suyao was nowhere in sight. The only discernible thing was a faint shadow inside the horse carriage; it was like a graceful present, like a fairy coming into being — extremely peerless.

This graceful shadow swayed countless cultivators in the city. At this moment, all of them held their breath and stared at the faint shadow inside the carriage.

“It is Goddess Mei…” A person excitedly murmured, but even with all of his enthusiasm, he didn’t dare to say it loudly.

Li Qiye glanced from the far distance with a smile while gently shaking his head. This was too exaggerated. However, the Eternal River School was truly formidable to be able to groom such a descendant. Li Qiye didn’t look for a long time so he quickly entered the imperial palace.

When Mei Suyao’s carriage traveled by, another unit came in suit. This unit was extremely gallant and all of their mounts were mysterious beasts, including heavenly stallions, winged tigers, and even dragonhorses…

This unit was led by a young man. He was extremely handsome and tall and was adorned with silver armor and a silver spear. His aura was extremely bright; he would be the swan amongst the chickens no matter where he went.

“It is Saint Child Qian Yue!” A person recognized his identity after seeing him. [6. Saint Child Thousand Mountains.]

An Eastern Hundred Cities’ cultivator said: “Saint Child Qian Yue is truly sincere. I heard that he became charmed the first time he laid his eyes on Goddess Mei. He wanted to chase after her and was willing to be her follower, but unfortunately, Goddess Mei declined him.”

“Yeah, I heard that when Goddess Mei went to the Southern Barren Earth to preach the dao, Saint Child Qian Yue also followed.” Another cultivator added.

“Saint Child Qian Yue was someone loved by all in the Eastern Hundred Cities. How many girls have fallen for him? But who would have thought that he was willing to lose it all just to follow Goddess Mei. He’s even willing to become her servant.” A girl said with regret.

An Ancient Saint predecessor shook his head to say: “It is easier said than done regarding being accepted into the Eternal River School, especially its first branch; being admitted into the first branch is harder than reaching the sky. The first branch — in the secular world — represents the Eternal River School; only amazing geniuses throughout the eras were able to join this branch. I heard that Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan and Immortal Emperor Guan Feng all came from this branch! Saint Child Qian Yue is indeed a dragon and phoenix amongst men within the Eastern Hundred Cities, but it is impossible for him to enter the first branch. Otherwise, countless young prodigies of the cities would be willing to follow Goddess Mei.”

“No matter what, we have to enter the imperial palace this time to listen to Goddess Mei.” A young prodigy clenched his fists tightly and set his goal.

Even watching Mei Suyao from afar or just a glimpse of her beautiful shadow was enough to make people swoon and cause them to go crazy.

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