Chapter 2720: To The Mountain

“Go climb it.” Li Qiye gave Jiahui a glance and commended.

“Climb it?” She pointed at herself then the mountain before stammering: “Me-me? Going up the divine mountain?”

“Yes, carry me up there.” Li Qiye slowly closed his eyes.

Jiahui’s vision darted back and forth between her and Li Qiye, thinking that he might be joking despite his serious expression.

No one has been able to do so for millions of years now. Even the strongest member of Mountguard couldn’t do so, let alone an ordinary disciple like her. Moreover, she needed to carry Li Qiye too? 

“I, I can’t do it. I think I’ll be turned into a mist of blood before reaching the halfway ridge.” She said without confidence.

“That’s why you have me on your back.” Li Qiye said insipidly.

The girl didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t an issue of lacking confidence or having low self-esteem, just a matter of abilities and being realistic.

“My insignificant cultivation can’t withstand the suppression from the mountain.” She added, knowing that even their sect’s Eternals powerful Eternals couldn’t do it.

“That’s irrelevant. What’s important here is whether you have enough determination and will to do so. The suppression won’t fall upon you.” Li Qiye said.

She had no response due to lacking enough information about the divine mountain. This lack of knowledge extended to the rest of the sect.

“Can you do it? Do you have what it takes to pass this mental trial?” Li Qiye opened his eyes and asked.

She has never thought about this matter before due to its impossible nature for an ordinary disciple like her.

An attempt should be left for the seniors of the sect so Li Qiye’s request completely caught her off guard.

“To live a boring life of adequacy or to risk it all for one shot. Your choice.” Li Qiye ended with this and closed his eyes.

“Fine, I’ll, I’ll do it! I will climb the mountain!” She took a deep breath and gritted her teeth after a long silence.

Li Qiye seemed to be asleep and didn’t hear her answer.


“What?! You want to climb up there?” Zhiting was shocked to hear Jiahui’s decision.

“I’ll be carrying the young noble.” Jiahui has made up her mind and wouldn’t listen to anyone.

Zhiting instinctively stared at the slumbering Li Qiye, realizing that it was his idea. 

“I’ll go with you.” She took a deep breath and nodded. She couldn’t let Jiahui go by herself due to the arduous task.

Jiahui shook her head and didn’t say anything.

“Then I’ll accompany you to the foot of the mountain.” Zhiting conceded.

Jiahui agreed and went to report this to her master.

“Insanity! Such foolishness!” Her master instantly scolded after hearing about her intent to climb the divine mountain on top of carrying a cripple.

This was nothing short of being suicidal because he himself wouldn’t be able to do it.

Alas, Jiahui maintained her stance and her master couldn’t stop her. There was no rule forbidding disciples from climbing up the mountain. The only deterrence in place was the fear of death.

“Don’t you know that once you fail to resist the suppression, it will turn you into blood?” Her master said with a grave tone.

She quietly nodded and didn’t tell him about Li Qiye.

Seeing his disciple as stubborn as a donkey prompted him to convene with several other elders. They eventually allowed her to do so in accordance with the sect’s rules.

“The elders have agreed. Your life is in your own hand.” Her master helplessly said: “It’s not too late to drop this. You have improved recently and showed great potential for a bright future, no need to throw your life away.”

He believed that there could only be one outcome - death for both her and Li Qiye. It was fine for a crippled mortal to die but a disciple like Jiahui dying would be such a waste. He had such high hopes for her recently too.

“Go back and prepare.” In the end, all he could do was watch.

Jiahui went back to gather some necessary items for climbing. She didn’t know how long this would take so she brought some dried rations and healing ointments.

Though her master completely disagreed with her decision, he still brought her a bottle of medicine. Perhaps it could prove useful later.

She set off with Li Qiye on her back for the mountain after ample preparation.

Numerous peers heard about this matter and became very confused. The whole thing seemed illogical. The task alone was impossible enough but she wanted to bring a mortal too?

“So ignorant, she doesn’t know her own limits.” Some criticized her choice.

Jiahui wasn’t popular in the sect but this climb of hers created quite a stir. Alas, very few actually cared about her wellbeing.

Those close to her tried to dissuade her from being so crazy but she maintained her decision. No one else could do anything about it.

Only Zhiting didn’t try after finding out that it was Li Qiye’s choice. It would be a good test for Jiahui. Thus, Zhiting also aided with the preparation process. She put more effort into helping Jiahui than she would for herself. She even gave Jiahui her weapons and treasures.

Those close to her came to see her climb. Of course, plenty of disciples came to watch the fun too.

“She’s insane, going up there with such meager power.” One senior brother shook his head.

“Well, Junior Sister Guo is a weird one. First, taking care of a cripple for no reason then climbing with him up the divine mountain? There must be something wrong with her mind.” Another senior sister sneered.

“Shut up!” Li Jiankun shouted: “There’s nothing wrong with saving him, Junior Sister Guo is just a kind person.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Those who dare to climb the mountain are full of determination. Few have the courage to even attempt this.”

He was the first brother of the sect and had a better vision compared to the others. No one else dared to say anything after this.

“Don’t force it if you can’t go any higher, no one will laugh at you. In case of danger, just throw that person away and run.” One close senior sister quietly told Jiahui while seeing her off.

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