Chapter 272: Goddess Mei Suyao

Chapter 272: Goddess Mei Suyao

Chi Xiaodao’s ancestor was Lion Monarch Ba Xian. The Lion Monarch cultivated the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique. During that era, people said that he himself personally created a supreme Immortal Physique Law, but others said that he obtained an extremely ancient version of this Physique Law.

Li Qiye looked at Chi Xiaodao and asked: “Does your Lion’s Roar Gate have the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique Law?”

A supreme Immortal Physique Law was something coveted by all great powers. Even Immortal Emperor lineages wished to obtain such an item.

“This…” Chi Xiaodao hesitated for a moment before finally answering Li Qiye: “This is our Chi Clan’s secret, but since I owe Brother Li a great debt, I can divulge a thing or two to you. The truth is, I don’t know the exact details. Our ancestor’s supreme law has been lost, but ten years ago, my grandfather went to the Heavenly Dao Academy because my maternal ancestor had cultivated at the academy. And so, my grandfather hoped to find an answer there. After his return, he underwent his death meditation and he never revealed the exact details to us…”

“... My grandfather is a natural born Saint Physique. Alas, his youth was a struggle since he did not have a suitable Saint Physique Law, thus his Saint Physique suffered great limitations. Regarding this meditation session, my grandfather told me that if he was successful, then he would obtain a grand completion Saint Physique. Because of this, outsiders always thought that my grandfather found our ancestor’s supreme Immortal Physique Law. However, since outsiders didn’t have absolute certainty, there have not been people attacking all the way to our door yet.” At this point, Chi Xiaodao was quite worried. Their current Lion’s Roar Gate was weak and far from being a match for a gigantic monster like the Furious Immortal Saint Country.

Li Qiye smiled and understood the inside reasonings, then he asked: “All the elders are devilishly training via meditation while maintaining a heavy guard. Is this to prevent outsiders from stealing the supreme Immortal Physique Law, or is it for a different reason?”

“I’m afraid that it is both.” Chi Xiaodao wryly smiled and said: “At the same time, it might be out of fear of an attack from the Saint Country so they made good preparations. Ever since the Saint Country came to propose to my sister, my Royal Father ordered for us to be on guard. My Royal Father himself does not dare to leave the Lion’s Roar Gate and had always been residing inside the imperial city, lest he risks internal unrest.”

Li Qiye stroked his chin and asked: “When is your grandfather coming out? I want to meet him for a bit.”

He still had the treasure box of Lion Monarch Ba Xian in his possession. This was meant to be passed down to his descendant. The Lion’s Roar Heavenly King, Chi Xiaodao’s grandfather, was the descendant of Lion Monarch Ba Xian.

“It‘s hard to say, and I also don’t know. Royal Father said that if grandfather was successful, then it could be within three to five years. If not, then it would not be any time in the foreseeable future.” Chi Xiaodao said.

Li Qiye pondered for a moment after hearing such an answer. His karma with the Lion’s Roar Gate was not shallow. The Chi Clan Ancestor was his general while there was a karmic fruit formed between him and Lion Monarch Ba Xian.

“Brother Li.” At this time, Chi Xiaodao lifted his head to look at Li Qiye while scratching his head, then he asked: “How do you feel about my big sister?” He wanted to hook Li Qiye up with his big sister. In fact, he also felt that Li Qiye was completely worthy of his big sister.

Li Qiye simply smiled and didn’t answer Chi Xiaodao.

“I understand.” Chi Xiaodao wryly smiled. Even a supreme character like Bing Yuxia could only be a maid in Li Qiye’s world; even though his sister was the Lion’s Roar Princess, but compared to Bing Yuxia, no matter whether it was their status, beauty, or talents, she was far from being Yuxia’s match.

Bing Yuxia could only be a maid in Li Qiye’s eyes, let alone his sister.

“Brother Li must come to this dao preaching.” Chi Xiaodao became spirited and changed the subject: “The person preaching the dao this time is quite amazing; maybe this person could enter Brother Li’s sight.”

Li Qiye smiled and asked: “What makes you say that?”

“The dao preacher this time is the Eternal River School’s Goddess Mei, the contemporary number one prodigy of the Eastern Hundred Cities. She can also be considered the number one person in the region.”

Chi Xiaodao quickly explained to Li Qiye. He couldn’t help but admire Goddess Mei. In fact, no one would be able to stay calm when it came to Goddess Mei of the Eastern Hundred Cities.

“Eternal River School.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and murmured.

Chi Xiaodao continued on: “Yep, the Eternal River School, the Eastern Hundred Cities’ number one sect. Goddess Mei is its current successor, and she is also their spokesperson for this generation.”

Only admiration could be found when the name Eternal River School was brought up at the Eastern Hundred Cities. Even in the entire Mortal Emperor World, this name was like thunder next to one’s ears.

Eternal River School — one sect three emperors! One of the most ancient heritages in the Mortal Emperor World. There were only a few existences capable of being compared to the Eternal River School, such as the Southern Barren Earth’s Mysterious Bamboo Mountain from the legends. [1. Cool fact, the man with the wound in his chest in the coffin at the peak of the Burial Ground was most likely from the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain.]

One sect three emperors — just how frightening was this existence? A sect with dual emperors, like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, was enough to become the most powerful heritage in the Grand Middle Territory.

This one sect three emperors Eternal River School was unfathomable. It was established in the ancient Desolate Era and thrived all the way to the Desolace Expansion Era, to the Ancient Ming Era, and then the Emperors Era until now. It was a heritage that embedded itself through the rivers of time in the Mortal Emperor World.

It could withstand the test of time without any sign of declination; this was indicative of its monstrous might.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. Eternal River School ah! In that distant era, it once had quite a memorable item.

Chi Xiaodao went on to say: “Goddess Mei is the successor of the Eternal River School. She is now travelling throughout the world in this era to cultivate. She has been part of the mundane world for very long now and had preached the dao for many geniuses. In recent years, many prodigies chose to follow her. My Royal Father paid a hefty fee to invite her to preach the dao at our imperial city during her travels.”

“Upon hearing this, needless to say about the geniuses in my country, even the prodigies of nearby heritages and countries all came running in hopes to hear her preaching the dao in person. It is not convenient for my Royal Father to show himself this time, so my sister is the host for this dao preaching session.” Chi Xiaodao explained.

Li Qiye let a smile bloom and looked at Chi Xiaodao before saying: “Is your father using this dao preaching opportunity for your sister to meet some men, or is he using this opportunity to climb up the Eternal River School?”

“Umm...” Chi Xiaodao coughed and had to answer: “Probably both. Many geniuses from the powers nearby will come here to listen, and my Royal Father hopes that my sister could find someone she loves. If my sister marries away, then the Saint Country can’t really say anything else.”

Li Qiye simply smiled and did not add anything else. He only thought that the Royal Lord of the Lion’s Roar Gate truly gave his daughter a lot of consideration.

“For this dao preaching session, my sister will be the host and I will only be helping out.” Chi Xiaodao quickly said: “How about Brother Li help my sister out? I trust that Brother Li can deal with anything.”

Although Chi Xiaodao understood that his sister didn’t have a chance and that his efforts were useless, he still tried his best to create such an opportunity for his sister.

“I’ll just watch from the outside.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “You and your sister can take care of such a small matter.” How could he not know Chi Xiaodao’s intentions?

Chi Xiaodao said no more. After staying together with Li Qiye, he understood that one must grasp their own opportunities. His sister really missed a good chance and didn’t win Li Qiye’s favor.

Goddess Mei’s dao preaching at the Lion’s Roar imperial city became sensational news throughout the entire country, maybe even the entire Eastern Hundred Cities. In just a short amount of time, there were many rowdy discussions.

Countless cultivators came to see the famous person, especially the younger generation who were too excited in wanting to see the supreme air of the goddess.

“Goddess Mei, the Eternal River Successor; the person who entered the secular world, Mei Suyao! Anyone who had ever met Mei Suyao all proclaimed that a person like her should only appear in the high heavens. For what reason did she descend down to the mortal world!?”

There were once countless saintesses and princesses along with noble daughters who were proud of their appearances and talents, but rumor has it that after these girls met Mei Suyao, they couldn’t help but become dejected with low self-esteem from being utterly eclipsed. They became afraid of walking together with Mei Suyao and didn’t dare to compete with her.

Mei Suyao was not simply a person entering the secular world from the Eternal River School. Her fame was also not because of a shallow reason like her beauty. The more frightening part was that legends stated that she was a natural born Immortal Bone — unrivaled and extremely rare even through the rivers of time.

A cultivator’s talents had to do with their Life Wheel, Physique, and Fate Palace. Outside of these three things, other things rarely had a direct effect on cultivation, but an Immortal Bone was one of these rare things.

Moreover, an Immortal Bone was extremely unique and rare. Rumor has it that a person with the Dao Bone would be invincible in their era. There was even a rumor stating that a person with the Dao Bone was comparable to having an Immortal Physique!

Of course, they were only legends and people could not gather accurate speculations because ever since time immemorial, very few people had the Dao Bone.

However, Mei Suyao’s Dao Bone was even more amazing. Legend has it that her Dao Bone was located between her eyebrows. This was the soulbone, so it was called the Immortal Soulbone. [2. Soulbone is a made up term. 眉心, or eyebrows + heart/soul/mind/intelligence is the area between the eyebrows, usually where there dao markings or the third eye in eastern literature is; it’s an extremely important/profound part of cultivation. But this doesn’t translate too well into English, and I especially didn’t want a medical term so I’ll use soulbone for this.]

Hearsay stated that the Immortal Soulbone was the number one Immortal Bone. Whether this was true or not, people did not have a way of finding out. However, Mei Suyao possessing an Immortal Soulbone was extremely frightening.

The Immortal Soulbone could turn complexity into simplicity. This meant that no matter the merit law, even if they were Emperor Laws or Heaven’s Will Secret Laws, as long as Mei Suyao took a glance, she would immediately be able to grasp their profundities. She could learn anything in an instant.

This was still not the most terrifying matter. Rumor has it that Mei Suyao’s Immortal Soulbone far exceeded people’s imaginations. She could drain the Heavenly Dao and surpass the True Gods; she was completely unique in this world.

As the successor of the Eternal River School and someone who had entered the secular world, Mei Suyao’s natural born Immortal Soulbone was unfathomable. Not to mention the younger generation, even predecessors were wary of her.

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