Chapter 2717: I’m Eighteen

Desolate Mind Scripture was her merit law, a foundational block of Immortal Demon System passed down by Everlasting Forefather.

Guo Jiahui has been training with this law ever since joining Mountguard. Alas, she showed no signs of improvement and limited accomplishments. Thus, she couldn’t move on to a more powerful merit law.

On the contrary, this merit law was too simple for Li Qiye. He just needed to listen to a couple of chants before gaining a full grasp of its mysteries.

He knew Everlasting Forefather the best in this world. They have existed together for millions of years. Moreover, he could easily figure out a law from a system on his own at his current level. Unfortunately, this proved to be an arduous task for Jiahui - something that could affect her future.

In this second, she felt a door opening inside her mind allowing her to see a whole new world. The light from there illuminated her path. She found hope for the future and this increased her determination and courage to tread onward.

It took a while before she regained her wits from this beautiful immersion.

“Thank you for your guidance, Senior.” She bowed deeply towards him and didn’t know how to address the guy. She eventually chose to go with ‘senior’.

Though Li Qiye looked quite young, she didn’t want to be wrong. A slow girl like her could still tell that he was a hidden master despite his current state. Otherwise, he wouldn’t understand this scripture so well.

Li Qiye sitting in his wheelchair didn’t respond at all to her bowing.

She had no idea what was going on with Li Qiye and the reason for his pitiful state. Alas, she restrained her curiosity since the guy might ignore her anyway.

She accompanied him for a while longer under the sun before pushing him back home.

In the next several days, he continued to be sleeping just like before. She realized that he might not be in a vegetative state but couldn’t come up with another answer. Thus, she resumed her normal duty in taking care of him.

However, she stopped talking as much after finding out, no longer confiding in him about her days.

His imprinted law benefited her greatly and allowed her to understand the scripture. Her cultivation started becoming smooth with great improvements, almost like a fish returning to the water.

She quickly surpassed many peers in a short time. Her master praised her many times, thinking that it was a little miracle and that it was thanks to his teachings. 

With this, her state of mind naturally improved and this also played a positive role in her cultivation.

On this night, she and Li Qiye observed the stars. Normally, she would be talking nonstop to him right now. Alas, she became afraid of him after the previous awakening.

“Why aren’t you talking anymore?” Li Qiye suddenly asked with his eyes open.

“Se-senior.” She was still startled but fared much better than last time.

“You’re awake now?” She thought that he was alternating between consciousness and otherwise.

“It has been peaceful without your yabbering.” Li Qiye said.

“I… I’m afraid of disturbing you, Senior.” She became awkward and lowered her head.

“I’m only eighteen so don’t call me Senior. You may call me Young Noble instead.” Li Qiye closed his eyes.

The girl wanted to chuckle but didn’t dare to; her lips curled into a faint smile.

“Yes, Young Noble.” She nodded, finding herself to be very obedient before him for some unknown reason even though he couldn’t move at all.

Li Qiye seemingly had a natural dominating affinity over other living beings. His words must be obeyed even though he didn’t exert an imperious aura right now. This made Jiahui feel quite strange.

This brief conversation relaxed her. She slowly got used to his style and became normal again, chatting with him while taking care of his daily essentials. 

She didn’t mind a lack of response from him, thinking that he has entered a deep slumber once more.

She didn’t know when he would wake up again and wanted to help. Alas, she didn’t know where to start. Even the reason for his need to sleep eluded her.

Days passed on and the status quo remained the same between the two. Li Qiye focused on refining the being in his dao heart while she took care of him.


Guo Jiahui brought home a senior sister today. The girl wore a red dress and was slightly older than Jiahui, also more noticeably gorgeous.

“Young Noble, this is my senior sister.” Jiahui introduced the two.

“Young Noble.” The girl bowed respectfully towards Li Qiye.

Alas, the “cripple” in the wheelchair didn’t respond, still deep in his slumber.

The girl seemed unsure and looked over towards Jiahui. The latter pulled her away and whispered: “Let’s make something tasty.”

The two then became very busy in the kitchen.

The older girl’s name was Zhao Zhiting, Jiahui’s best friend in Mountguard. She joined the sect earlier and had the status of First Sister.

Jiahui didn’t stand out in any way so most peers didn’t give her the time of day. Only Zhao Zhiting watched over her like a sister and helped her with various matters. They slowly became friends and sisters as a result.

Zhiting had better talents so her cultivation was also stronger than Jiahui. However, Jiahui improved by leaps and bounds in recent days and almost caught up with her. This made her very curious.

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