Chapter 2715: Guo Jiahui

The group finally made it back to Mountguard School and instantly reported to their seniors.

The once famous sect has fallen into a third-rate one, far inferior versus its peers. It used to be an authority figure in all of Three Immortals, not just in Immortal Demon System. It also reigned over this system for a long period of time.

Its name had an impressive history. As long as one was within the territory of the sect, they could always see a towering mountain reaching the sky. It looked to be the center of the world.

It wasn’t the tallest one in the system but it looked like the imperious king of all mountains.

The mountain didn’t have a name but according to the legends, there was a cave at the very top with the name “Immortal Demon”.

Everyone knew about this particular cave since it represented Everlasting Forefather. The sect got its name from protecting this mountain.

Its progenitor was a disciple of Everlasting Forefather. The progenitor usually cultivated here back during his era.

Thus, this disciple decided to create his own sect here in order to protect his master.

But why would an incredible progenitor need protection from his disciple?

According to the rumors, Everlasting Forefather would come back again in this cave after each cycle. Thus, Mountguard’s greatest responsibility was to be there for that moment.

When the progenitor was experiencing the various cycles, Mountguard also stood at the height of its power, producing numerous Everlasting and emperors.

No one could touch them at that point. They served as guardians of their progenitor and defended the system as well.

Unfortunately, the forefather eventually disappeared and his samsara cycles stopped. The sect gradually weakened afterward before falling off the cliff completely. The once strongest sect in Immortal Demon became a third-rate one.

Nevertheless, the subsequent generations still protected this place. They would have official yearly ceremonies to worship the mountain and their progenitor.

Though far from their golden age, the sect still had several thousand disciples - not too bad relative to their peers.

The group handed the herbs to the sect in exchange for considerable contribution points. The seniors noticed their rich harvest and nodded approvingly.

This trip was amazing for them so each disciple became quite excited. Finally, Li Jiankun told the seniors about Guo Jiahui’s decision to save Li Qiye.

One senior took a look and shook his head: “There’s no divine intent in there so he can’t be saved. He’ll be a vegetable for the rest of his life.”

The group took this as fact now. Of course, this senior had a decent cultivation but he couldn’t see through Li Qiye’s real situation.

In this last moment, some friends of Jiahui told her to change her mind. Alas, she chose to keep him here to take care of his needs.

“You need to take good care of him. Don’t let others use this to criticize our sect and damage our reputation.” The senior didn’t stop her nor force her to throw this cripple away.

“I understand.” Jiahui confirmed.

Most didn’t understand but still respected it. She then brought him back to her place.

The once-mighty sect had plenty of territories even to this day. Thus, many disciples had their own peak, the same for Jiahui.

It wasn’t a special location or anything but she still had freedom here. The first thing she did was cleaning him up. 

At the start, she thought that he would be all skin and bones but after taking him off his clothes, she saw his vigorous muscles.

She naturally blushed due to her inexperience and was at a loss of what to do next. Alas, she couldn’t ask anyone else for help. She awkwardly cleaned him from top to bottom before finding suitable clothing for him.

Once finished, she took a good look and found that he was very ordinary-looking, clearly a mortal.

However, for some strange reasons, perhaps due to her own feelings, she appreciated his appearance and thought that he was very pleasing to the eye.

“Just a little similar, not him.” She quietly sighed and stroked his cheek: “My older brother was ordinary too but he was the best brother anyone can ask for.”

Her mood became dejected as she wept softly. She recalled her youth and her older brother - just another common-looking fella.

As he escorted her to Mountguard School to learn cultivation, he fell down a cliff along the way and died.

Because of this, after seeing Li Qiye’s ordinary appearance, it sparked some deeply-rooted emotions in her. That’s why she made the decision to take care of this mortal.

Though Li Qiye wasn’t her brother, she still took good care of him despite being busy with her own tasks and cultivation. She even made a wheelchair to take him out to the sun to enjoy the fresh air.

Li Qiye was aware of the events happening outside but he chose to ignore them. All of his focus remained on refining the monstrosity within his dao heart.

Of course, he would have been perfectly fine due to his current power level even if she didn’t bring him back to the sect, no different from another rock in the mountain.

“I failed five times today while reciting the mental chant. The senior brothers and sisters have done it, even the juniors too, I must be truly stupid…” She sat next to him beneath the sun. Who knows if she was the one keeping him company or vice versa?

She regular told him the events going on in her life since she had few friends here at Mountguard, both the good and bad. A man in a vegetative state was probably the best listener.

She has grown accustomed to not getting a response because he hasn’t batted an eye ever since he was brought back to Mountguard.

Alas, she didn’t know that Li Qiye heard every single word. He just didn’t have time to care right now.

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