Chapter 2712: Immortals Do Not Exist

The dark existence only answered with retaliation. The darkness became ferocious and wanted to flip the holy world over with even more monstrous tsunamis.

The waves of onslaught resulted in disappointment and failure, unable to corrode Li Qiye’s dao heart.

As long as his dao heart stood strong, this dark existence would never be able to escape to the outside, forever subjected to being withered down.

This seemingly swift process was extremely dangerous. The existence was of a level far beyond progenitors, standing at the very apex of history. In fact, it alone could take on multiple progenitors at the same time.

This meant that emperors and Eternals were nothing more than ants in its eyes.

If it were to invade a progenitor’s dao heart, even the most gifted one, this progenitor wouldn’t be able to handle the dark corrosion. The progenitor’s dao heart would fall and his body would be stolen.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye’s dao heart was special too. Moreover, it was trapped by the Primordial Wills and couldn’t get out.

It seemed that its fate has been sealed.

“What are you hoping to accomplish?” The dark being asked.

“What about you all?” Li Qiye chuckled: “Wait, let me guess, I have seen your actions before from the eye. Your pursuit is very simple, just immortality, and you would do anything for this goal with wanton regard for the rest.”

“Haha, same for you.” The existence snorted: “Isn’t that your pursuit too? You have reigned the world for ages in the past with total authority, but that’s only ephemeral in your eyes. You wish for immortality just like us.”

“You’re wrong there. My pursuit is not to become an immortal with everlasting life. I only want an answer.” Li Qiye smiled.

“An answer? It doesn’t exist, no one can give it to you just like how no one gave one to us. However, the real answer is in your heart - immortality.” 

An immortal touches my head and ties my hair, granting me everlasting life. Tell me what an immortal is then.” Li Qiye chuckled. [1]

“We are immortals, and you will be one too.” The existence said.

“You all are pseudo-immortals at best.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“Then who are the real immortals in your eyes then?” The existence didn’t become angry and spoke as if this was only a dao discussion.

Li Qiye didn’t respond.

“If your definition consists of everlasting life, then we are immortals, true immortals since we can’t be destroyed.” The existence said.

“Really now? You think you’re indestructible?  ” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Try if you’re skeptical. Even if you destroy me, I’ll still be eternal as long as I have one strand of essence left.” The existence spoke nonchalantly and with confidence after calming down.

“I will since I have plenty of patience.” Li Qiye smiled.

“So what if you can get everything you want from me? You’ll become one of us, living for immortality. As you have said earlier - an immortal touches my head and ties my hair, granting me everlasting life. I’m the one teaching you how to come an immortal!” The existence asserted.

“You sound quite confident.” Li Qiye said.

“Though we are outside, we are also existing with the heaven and earth for an eternity. We have seen and experienced far more things than you. I have witnessed those even more gifted with greater determination than you. All of them still joined us in the end. Darkness and light are just mere concepts, watch.” The existence calmly spoke.

“Buzz.” All of its ink-like darkness suddenly turned into a holy brilliance.

Inside the glorious waves of light stood this existence, still shrouded by the blinding light. It no longer chose to attack Li Qiye’s light but tried to meld into one with him.

Li Qiye’s holy light didn’t hold back and still suppressed its brethren, not allowing a fusion to take place. It still considered this holy expanse from the dark existence to be darkness.

“You’re right, light and darkness can change with a single thought. They are mere forms, just another type of method. That’s why even if you turn into a true saint, I will still suppress and destroy you.” Li Qiye said.

“I know, but this is my answer to you. We are the same and you will join us after becoming a true immortal. The myriad ages are ephemeral; the reincarnation cycles are just part of an order.” The existence said.

“Stop boasting, if you’re a true immortal, then there’s no immortal in this world.” Li Qiye smiled. This line had several layers of meaning, not as obvious as it seemed.

“Doubt all you want. You won’t be able to escape your fate in the future. You already have your answer.” The existence laughed.

“We’ll see about that, but there’s one thing I’m certain of right now - your demise.” Li Qiye threatened.

“Hmph, you got lucky. Who can actually stop me from devouring your world during my prime? Hmph, I’m reduced to this from being stuck in the gap or your dao heart wouldn’t be able to trap me.”The existence said with arrogance and pride, fully deserving of so. 

“Blame your fortune then.” Li Qiye retorted.

“Boom!” The existence turned its holy light back into darkness for more explosive rounds of assault against Li Qiye’s holy world and dao heart.

This being could use both light and darkness with a single thought. It could turn into a saint if it wanted to. However, it chose darkness since that’s its most skillful aspect.

At their level, becoming a devil or a saint didn’t really matter. They remained themselves with the same personality and intrinsic nature.

This group of terrifying beings’ truest nature was being everlasting. In this sense, they could be considered immortals.


1. Li Qiye recited a line from the poet Li Bai from the Tang Dynasty here. He’s a very popular poet whose poems are widely repeated in historical novels by the MCs who were transported to the past. I honestly don’t know how to incorporate the line without it sounding weird because this world has no sign of ancient China but the author uses these poems and lines anyway. The literal translation of the line is, “An immortal touches my head and ties my hair, granting me everlasting life.” One interpretation is the imagery of a youth being taught immortal arts by an immortal. I honestly think I should just omit this because it will just confuse the reader. It confused me too, maybe Chinese readers can help me with the author’s intent here. In my personal opinion, he said that line so the readers who actually know the full poems can imagine a scene with immortals in it, but English readers wouldn’t know the full poem anyway. This is the first time I’ve seen it too even though I’ve read a lot of Li Bai’s stuff

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