Chapter 2711: Monstrous Being

The explosion of the holy light propelled Li Qiye into Immortal Lineage and smashed him into the ground.

Debris and blood splattered everywhere.

“Old man, why does fate bring us together again?” Li Qiye smiled wryly, seemingly unconscious.

However, he simply separated his divine intents from his body and moved them into his dao heart - truly going all out.

A holy light remained in his dao heart and illuminated a sacred world. The mountains, rivers, and each inch of land here were made from the light. Darkness shouldn’t be able to exist in this world.

“Rumble!” Strangely enough, waves of evil flames ravaged the land, wanting to crush it completely in order to get out.

They smashed into the sky multiple times but were met with increasing intensity of holiness. The holy light had its own tsunami and was continuously reinforced by the land itself. Thick particles of the holy affinity spewed out like springs.

Numerous holy runes were also floating in the air to refine the torrential darkness.

Of course, the other side didn’t relent. He was a true lord of darkness and continued to push against the holy light with similar momentum.

The dark affinity was as thick as squid ink and only got denser the deeper in. Light, once captured, wouldn’t be able to escape.

In this holy world, the light couldn’t make it to the core of the darkness. It needed to go one step and a time and clear out the perimeter first.

If one could open their holy gaze, they would be able to faintly see a monstrosity looming in the core of the darkness. This was a supreme character being trapped by the twelve laws and three vortexes right now.

Nevertheless, this existence still attacked the holy world, wanting to take it down along with Li Qiye’s dao heart.

A buzzing corrosion could be heard since the darkness has also turned into a cruel curse aiming to devour Li Qiye’s dao heart. However, the light was protecting him by refining it away.

“Rumble!” Offensive attempts from multiple fronts failed to affect Li Qiye’s dao heart.

Nothing in the world was tougher than his dao heart so he led this monstrous being here. He wanted to take the person’s dark laws and turn them into a seed. 

On the other hand, the dark being wanted to take over Li Qiye’s body and fell into this trap, perhaps knowingly.

This being was just too strong and could take down any progenitor. People considered invincible by others were only ants in comparison.

Power led to overconfidence and arrogance. Plus, the dark being truly desired Li Qiye’s body and needed to take down his dao heart anyway. Unfortunately, this resulted in an unfavorable situation.

As for Li Qiye, he needed to make this risky move as well because his dao heart was his best weapon - the only thing he could use to imprison a supreme character of this level.

“I will break your dao heart and take your body.” A roar came from the darkness. The dark being’s visage remained hidden, only a large pair of horns could be seen.

“I’m afraid you will never get the chance.” Li Qiye’s divine intents materialized into a figure resembling his original self.

This being exceeded all of his previous enemies so he needed to go all out by sending his full focus into this world inside his dao heart.

“You are not a saint; your light won’t last forever.” The dark being used a language too ancient to be traced - older than any existing world.

However, people at their level had no problem communicating. Their divine intents could understand everything.

“You surely know that darkness and light are just different forms of powers, only an immovable dao heart is eternal.” Li Qiye said: “I can become a saint with a single thought and bring light to the world, or a devil, the harbinger of darkness, if I will so.”

The dark existence didn’t respond, aware of this truth.

“If I was at my peak state, I would take you down so quickly and devour this world.” The being coldly threatened.

This wasn’t empty bravado either. This comment of his carried enough weight to intimidate any emperor, even progenitors.

“I won’t deny your unmatched strength. Progenitors and the darkness can’t compare to your group, but you should be able to recognize that the thing trapping you is a Primordial Will.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I’ll accept defeat if you can break out of it. But honestly, if you were capable of doing this, you wouldn’t need to avoid the high heaven’s watch right now and sneak to this place.”

“Damn that villainous heaven!” The existence in the darkness cursed.

“The heaven is indeed wretched and I do want to stomp on its face at times, but with regard to the issue of dealing with bastards like you, I actually commend its decision.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Boom!” The existence responded by releasing more energy. The holy world trembled a bit but this still wasn’t enough.

The Primordial Will rendered escaping an impossibility, not to mention the power of light canceling out the darkness.

“Don’t you want to have a talk? Cooperate and the world might even erect a meritorious tablet in your honor in the future.” Li Qiye said.

“Haha, worry about yourself first, you will die a terrible death in due time. If you think you’re unbeatable just because you can seal me, then you are sorely mistaken. There are those up there stronger than me.” The existence laughed.

“I’m aware. I’ve had a deal with that eye back in Moneyfall so I know quite a bit about your group’s situation.” Li Qiye wasn’t worried.

“Hmph, they’re living a borrowed life so they want nothing more than an unyielding dao heart like yours. You’ll be the finest delicacy.” The existence said.

“That’s only if they can actually handle me. But forget about that, let’s focus on you first. I’m not asking for much, just go ahead and talk. I’m a great listener.” Li Qiye said.

“Give up on this foolish notion. I’ve lived longer and experienced far more things than you.” The existence replied.

“To be expected. You really won’t yield, but that’s just fine. I will slowly annihilate you until only one divine intent is left. That’s when I’ll pry everything out of you.” 

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