Chapter 2710: The Heavenly Change Heralds A Monster

“Boom!” Nothing managed to escape the overwhelming holy light after the previous boost of power.

“Buzz.” The evil intents that have resurfaced were annihilated without fail.

The old progenitors themselves took a deep breath. The mightiest devils and lords of darkness would still be washed and rendered to dust before this holy affinity.

The emperors and progenitors didn’t try to dodge the light and simply let it do its thing. Because of this, the bright particles penetrated them and killed any existing evil intent and darkness.

“Boom!” A great blast blinded everyone’s vision. No one knew what was going on.

Once they regained their sight, the world has returned to its original appearance as if nothing had happened.

Everyone instantly looked towards the source of the light, the area most affected by the tribulation. Alas, there was nothing there.

They started looking at all four directions and at each other. The signs of them turning evil were no longer there. Everything seemed to be a bad dream earlier, not part of reality.

However, a nightmare wouldn’t feel that real. Plus, not everyone could share the same one.

The crowd became befuddled, unable to get a good read of the situation. Only the extremely powerful Eternals, emperors, and ancient progenitors had an idea.

Some of them started flying upward where Li Qiye stood earlier.

The progenitors exercised prudence and summoned powerful defensive artifacts and techniques. After confirming that it was safe, they finally jumped into the center.

However, none of them found a single trace of the previous event.

“One step too late.” One progenitor became disappointed. He was plenty fast yet he still couldn’t meet the person capable of withstanding the tribulation and destroying the darkness.

“Who could it be?” This question popped up in his mind.

This progenitor decided to use divination but nothing came up. Everything relating to this event has been sealed. He wasn’t strong enough to break this containment to read the movements of the heaven.

“Something big will happen soon.” Another one said with regrets before leaving.

Several other figures emerged after he was gone. They also wanted to find an answer. Alas, they found the same non-answer as the progenitor prior.

“Well, which progenitor was it?” The group wondered. They knew that very few progenitors were staying in Immortal Lineage right now. No one among them was actually this powerful.

“It might be one of the ten.” A powerful emperor murmured.

“No way. With this power? Probably even stronger than Gao Yang, certainly among the top three or even the number one spot of the Decemvirate.” A different master took a deep breath.

Meanwhile, a chilling eye in the most dangerous area of a redeeming ground has been watching everything.

This eye watched the events clearly while acting like a good, non-interfering spectator. It finally moved a bit after the finale.

“An outsider? From where? A true overlord has shown up after the three immortals.” A deep voice sounded in this area.

“A blessing or a disaster? The latter will be inevitable.” Certain existences in the darkness could still communicate through the spatial planes.

“It’s finally coming. This world has been hidden for too long now, can’t really ask for more.” One more emotional voice answered.


Tranquility returned after the explosion of the holy light. The event seemed like a nightmare with no real lasting effect. People couldn’t tell if it was a good or bad thing.

Nevertheless, it stirred discussions all over the realms, mainly for gossiping reasons. In the end, many believed that a devil lord had descended but was instantly taken care of by an invincible progenitor whose identity remained unknown. 

The background of the devil lord was unknown as well. Such a thing never happened before in Three Immortals so they didn’t know the source of this evil existence.

Meanwhile, the real masters continued to search for an answer, wanting to see the progenitor who saved them all. They roamed the land and tried to calculate the answer to no avail.

However, the Heaven Calculating Pavilion suddenly sent out a message: “The heavenly change heralds a monster.” [1]

Everyone became excited and engraved the phrase to heart. They carefully contemplated the meaning behind it and came up with different interpretations.

However, this phrase plus what had transpired just now made them shiver.

“Is something terrible really going to happen? The darkness and a monstrous devil are coming?” Someone murmured.

“Maybe it’s referring to the large-scale devilization process earlier, hence the word monster.” A few experts believed this.

“Who passed down this message from the pavilion?” A powerful Eternal asked around.

“Jade-zenith Progenitor.” A group of Eternals asked around enough and got a shocking answer.

“The progenitor calculated the heaven’s will.” Even other progenitors took a deep breath after hearing this.

For millions of years now, everyone knew that Jade-zenith Progenitor was peerless in divination. Her words were made of gold, capable of predicting someone’s fate and even the heaven’s mandate.

Something big was definitely looming on the horizon since she passed down this type of message.

“Then what’s going to happen in the future? What is the heaven's mandate?” Some progenitors started visiting the pavilion in order to see Jade-zenith.

Alas, she wouldn’t grant an audience to any powerful character, leaving only the message prior.

“Seems like Jade-zenith Progenitor doesn’t want to seer any further.” The progenitors sighed and left.

Trying to predict the heaven’s mandate was extremely dangerous since it was a rebellious deed. A mighty being like herself was no exception.

Her single phrase spread across Immortal Lineage like a storm. Every system became cautious, afraid of a devil appearing out of nowhere.

Some even planned for the worst and prepared an escape plan for the future.

1. The characters for monster here are actually translated as Fierce. It’s missing the number one part for Fiercest. In this particular context for the narrative, the people here just consider it as an ominous thing. Monster probably fits the context the most, I can’t translate it as Fierce here. Just know that it’s talking about Li Qiye

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