Chapter 2708: Coming Of Evil

“Boom!” A radiance illuminated the myriad realms as numerous golden bolts shot towards Li Qiye’s chest.

The world dimmed down, whether it be the sun and moon or the celestials above.

Only a shade of gold was left in the world after an apocalyptic explosion, fully engulfing Li Qiye.

“Boom!” The tsunamis from Li Qiye’s chest looked like millions of dragons roaring. They splashed straight into the sky.

Numerous stars were buried as a result, completely annihilated by the lightning waves.

The two different sources of lightning made everyone close their eyes due to the flashiness of the whole thing. Emperors and progenitors have fled long ago while shielding themselves.

This tribulation power was too much to handle, capable of killing anyone on contact. That’s why they no longer dared to watch this contest at the risk of revealing their positions and presence.

“Who is the one experiencing this tribulation?” The rest of the experts wondered in horror.

“It’s not a normal tribulation attempt.” One knowledgeable Eternal knew more than everyone else: “Someone is purposely going up against it and leading it into his body.”

“Well, who is it? Which invincible progenitor?” Everyone nearby shuddered. One wouldn’t even have the chance to resist after being struck, let alone deliberately baiting it.

One Eternal became too curious and opened his heavenly gaze in order to look at the center of the radiance.

“Boom!” His eyes exploded first then the rest of his body.

This mighty Eternal still couldn’t handle the golden radiance coming from Li Qiye’s ocean of lightning. Even progenitors would have a hard time.

“The power of the heaven…” Every existence was forced to the ground, no longer have the strength to even raise their head.

“Rumble!” The waves coming from Li Qiye washed the sky numerous times. Not a single star or spatial scarring was left behind now, only specks of dust.

Everyone in Three Immortals felt this terrifying presence. Since the start of time, they rarely saw tribulations happen in their world. Now, this extraordinary one left them stricken with terror.

The tribulation’s barrages against Li Qiye only increased in power, causing the three worlds to quake. All the bolts available were aimed at him now, a showing of the high heaven’s fury.

It wished to penetrate that ocean of lightning inside his chest. Alas, they could only create the massive tsunamis seen earlier that ravaged the upper sphere.

The entire battle so far has only lasted the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. However, this brief moment was too much for everyone to take. It seemed like an eternity of torture.

As time went on, the golden bolts from the tribulation became weaker.

“Is this the end?” People started relaxing after noticing this.

Of course, the emperors and progenitors took a deep breath - someone has actually managed to withstand this monstrous tribulation. Just how strong was this person?

“He must be on the same level as any progenitor from the Decemvirate.” One progenitor said, aware that he wouldn’t have been able to handle this tribulation even under his strongest state.

Everyone started breathing easier, thinking that the storm has passed. Unfortunately, a strange phenomenon happened in the sky.

“Boom!” An evil flame materialized and engulfed the world during the confusion.

“Such maliciousness!” Someone shouted and quivered in fear. The flame started sweeping everyone off their feet due to the pressure.

This blinding evil illuminated the world in no time at all.

“Finally.” Li Qiye wasn’t surprised at all and opened his dao heart to accept the incoming flame.

The flame instantly struck his dao heart and drowned it out, resulting in numerous detonations and earthquakes in Three Immortals.

Li Qiye transformed into a devil with flames oozing from his very being and blotting out the sky. A pair of black wings protruded from his back. Cracks appeared all around him and out came bone spurs with a cold glint.

He seemed to be changing into a massive monster with barbs on his head and fur everywhere else.

Clearly, an evil entity was trying to take over his body.

At the same time, numerous experts in the three worlds were also affected by this intense evil. Their heart started turning black so they underwent the same changes with bone spurs and hair all over.

“Damn!” An Eternal closed his eyes and tried his best to stop having any desire. He fled instantly and sealed himself.

“Such evil intents…” Even a progenitor felt his dao heart trembling after sensing this evil. Black strands of light appeared around him.

Not just the cultivators either, all living beings became affected. The mountains and rivers themselves started changing.

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