Chapter 2706: Delicious Tribulation

“Rumble!” The bolts crazily struck Li Qiye, resulting in deafening explosions. Each boom made blood splatter and created terrible holes through the flesh and bones.

The emperor took a deep breath while observing this brutal scene. Not many people could withstand this terrifying tribulation.

However, Li Qiye was still alive instead of being rendered to ashes as others would.

Of course, she didn’t agree with his choice of facing it directly using his body. Only Fiercest would do something so crazy. She also thought that he was the only one who could last this long in all of Three Immortals.

The next scene astounded her even more. Loud bangs occurred like before and glowing currents appeared on him.

She thought that this was the remnant power of the tribulation and that the glowing currents were resonating with the lightning bolts.

“Wait a minute…” She noticed something amiss and that these lights were different from the ones caused by the tribulation at the start.

As the golden bolts increased in power, the bright currents on Li Qiye also became stronger with higher concentration.

She finally realized that these thick currents were actually coming from Li Qiye, not the heavenly tribulation.

Every aspect of the situation escalated and currents formed inside his body.

Because of all the holes on his body, she saw strands of lightning emanating from his chest and a massive world with its own boundless galaxy.

Strangely enough, this galaxy wasn’t gestating the stars but rather a great pool of lighting. [1]

This pool grew to the size of an ocean in no time at all with countless lightning bolts within. Moreover, the bolts have started to liquify.

They came in all shapes and forms - varying colors as well - purple, golden, black… One could find any imaginable type of lightning bolts here.

“Those aren’t regular bolts. They’re at least at the heavenly tribulation level, capable of world destruction.” She became startled after seeing the content of his chest.

Why? Because the lightning bolts there weren’t regular; all came from various types of tribulations.

This was simply unfathomable even for someone of her level. She had never seen anything like this before inside someone else. How many tribulations had he experienced in order to possess so many? From this, she could see just how powerful his physique as well, able to store so much power.

This lightning storage came from the trip he took to get to Three Immortals. He was immersed in that ocean for so long so it has become a part of him.

The currents on his body came from this internal ocean and eventually became lightning halos rotating around him.

“Buzz.” His body instantly became transparent and healed at an unbelievable rate as if time was reversing.

The fleshy bits and spilled blood flowed back with time and returned to their original positions on Li Qiye. This process nullified all the previous damages.

“Rumble!” The hostile lightning bolts were still attacking. Alas, they no longer blasted him to pieces.

The ocean of lightning inside Li Qiye somehow won their attention. These bolts struggled and rampaged in there but in the end, they fell into the ocean and fused with it. Just like that, there were more golden bolts in the ocean now.

She gasped at this sight - a person strong enough to take in tribulations with his body - a feat for the ages.

She realized why others fled instantly while Li Qiye became excited and treated the tribulation like a feast.

In fact, this was indeed a delicious feast for him. Though it destroyed his body earlier, the golden bolts have become a part of his ocean, increasing the power of his lightning tribulation.

It meant that his body was a weapon of mass destruction if he were to ever release it. She was certain that it was one of his ace cards, a heaven-defying tool for war.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” It seemed that the actual heavenly tribulation above was enraged by his action. It sent down more lightning barrages, never resting until there was nothing left of him.

They doubled in number. In fact, the bolts heading for the other areas stopped and changed direction towards him.

Unfortunately, the floods of golden lightning couldn’t affect him in the slightest. They fell down to his ocean and only served to increase his power.

She could hear the furious cry of the tribulation now. It maintained its hellbent determination on taking him down.

1. The words for pool of lightning also mean battery, but I don’t think battery is right here so I’m separating the character

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