Chapter 2704: Seering The Heaven’s Will

“Seering the heaven’s will?” The emperor’s expression soured, aware of the taboo behind the act. Someone as powerful as her couldn’t easily do so either.

“It’s not an ordinary attempt either, the person is reaching for the future to read a million years of fate and providence. The heaven and earth do not allow this!”

The emperor took a deep breath after hearing the gravity of the situation.

In a successful attempt, this person would know the future and could make ample preparation. In fact, they might even be able to change their fate and avoid any disaster.

From this, many things would divert from the original path. People’s original fate would no longer be the same. Changing the future was indeed heaven-defying and terrorizing.

Due to this, peering blatantly into the future would bring about a terrible tribulation. This particular one was monstrous beyond belief.

Remember, Three Immortals was different from the nine worlds and thirteen continents.

Imperial and progenitorial ascensions rarely brought down a tribulation in this world.

In the case of the former, only extremely brilliant existences would have one during their imperial ascension.

This was the case for progenitors as well. The rare case of tribulation would be quite weak. The majority of progenitors could easily handle it.

This one in the sky was unprecedented in terms of power. Perhaps Three Immortals has never experienced one like this before. It looked to be on a world-destroying level.

That’s why everyone in Immortal, from humans to beasts and birds, started hiding from fear. Progenitors and emperors also did the same thing. They shrouded themselves in order to avoid attracting this heavenly tribulation.

“Who is doing it?” True Emperor Jiu Ning stared at the gathering storms and wondered.

“Can it be?” She suddenly thought of a legendary progenitor who is famed for reading the future and changing fate. Numerous great beings have come to this person for help.

The person was one of the few progenitors left in Immortal. Few have actually seen this mysterious person’s real form.

“But why, the progenitor knows the consequence of doing so.” She shuddered. This progenitor never abused his divination ability and normally refused people coming to help. Only a selected few were lucky enough to get help.

It has been a long time since she heard of her in action. In fact, there were rumors of her retiring from divination altogether.

If he was the one doing this right now to peer the heavens and read the future, the consequences would be unfathomable. He himself might die as a result of just a single mistake.

“What makes him go all out right now? To read so far into the future without a care about the consequences?” She wondered.

An invincible progenitor like her should be relatively carefree about worldly matters. There must be a deeper reason behind this.

“A good swimmer is more likely to drown.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Those capable of reading the heavens always get the itch. Looking at the future is too tempting. No one can resist this regardless of how strong their dao heart is. 

“I see.” She understood this adage.

“They always want to see the future, even if not their own. Others’ future will do just fine. As they grow even stronger, they want to read the overarching momentum a million years from now. This temptation is deeply rooted in the mind. One day, just the most random thing can trigger this desire, rendering them unable to hold on.” He continued.

The emperor took a deep breath, aware of the temptation. After reaching the realm of progenitors, most would want to travel even further, hence the need to learn about the unknowns.

“Rumble!” The explosions intensified in power, wanting to destroy all of Immortal Lineage.

“Creak…” The gate above the heaven finally closed and the darkness won.

Of course, the various systems lit up in order to illuminate their domains but the sky remained sealed.

The sensation of being imprisoned permeated the air. Everyone felt suffocated.

“Rumble!” The lightning currents grew stronger and looked like floods, strangely emitting some light to the otherwise dark world.

Light returned to this form but it had an intimidating pressure instead of pacifying the inhabitants here. Thunder and lightning bolts grew stronger, ready to turn this world into ashes.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The arcs of lightning washed the sky again and again.

Eventually, a few peaks and sacred grounds started glowing as well, same with a few people. This type of resonation proliferated.

It also happened to Li Qiye and True Emperor Jiu Ning. In the beginning, there were no crackling and explosions, only a flashing light - virtually indiscernible.

As the bolts in the sky intensified, the glows on everywhere also became brighter with accompanying crackles.

The two found lightning flashing around them as if they were born with this affinity.

The emperor fared better but Li Qiye was having a hard time. The currents on him started small but grew increasingly thicker from within.

“This is a large-scale heavenly tribulation. The stronger the being, the stronger the tribulation if they don’t hide.” Li Qiye looked at himself and said before focusing back on the sky.

This happened to the emperors and progenitors scattered all over Immortal Lineage. They instantly shrouded themselves in order to fool the high heaven. The currents disappeared after doing so.

The emperor used a dao technique to hide her aura then a better method to shroud everything else about her. Just like that, she disappeared from sight and so did the currents on her.

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