Chapter 2699: Abdication

Li Qiye took out the three Immortal Slaying Swords and bestowed it: “Your clan has great weapon expertise, I’m sure you will make use of this sword formation in the future.

“I will not let you down.” She accepted it and said before turning to leave.

Alas, she didn’t make it far before running back and tightly held his neck, offering him her sweet lips. This hot kiss lasted for a long time because she didn’t know when he would come back, if ever.

“I’ll wait for you, always, till the seas run dry and the stones go soft.” Her soft whisper was a stark contrast to her determination.

She finally let go and ran away, disappearing into the hallway.

Li Qiye stood there quietly and watched her departing figure, eventually culminating in a sigh.

Goodbyes across millions of years didn’t fully kill his emotions. His heart was still hot and beating, not made of stone.

His next task was an abdication ceremony consisting of the strongest ancestors in Nine Secrets. They came with the greatest fanfare, showing both respect and sincerity.

Beneath the throne were thousands of people - sect masters, ancestors, and top Eternals.

The scene was magnificent and grand. No one else in Imperial had this much summoning power in the present day. Just one word from Li Qiye could summon the most powerful Eternal.

In fact, for the rest of the world, just being able to see Fiercest was a supreme honor.

All eyes were on him as he slowly walked out with Liu Chuqing next to him and True Emperor Jiu Ning in the back.

A twelve-palace emperor like her was being overshadowed by Li Qiye. Of course, everyone else was subjected to the same thing.

He looked just like a mortal while sitting on the throne, not exerting any impressive aura and divinity.

Alas, the great members of the crowd held their breath and stared at him with reverence.

“May you live forever, Your Majesty.” Everyone kneeled on the ground, including the people not from Nine Secrets.

Though he has yet to unify Imperial Lineage, he was already a crownless king of this world. The top Eternals and ancestors have submitted to him. Just being here was the greatest honor.

For example, not everyone was qualified to meet and bow to a progenitor. Li Qiye had greater prestige than one at the moment.

He started looking around; his gaze caused the crowd to shudder even though he looked quite normal at the moment. The supreme ancestors themselves trembled like ants beneath his feet.

“You may rise.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” The nervous crowd bowed once more before getting up.

They all kept their head lowered, only stealing a glance at him at the very most. No one dared to look him straight in the eyes.

“I’ll be brief today.” Li Qiye slowly announced: “The throne will be passed on to Her Highness, she’ll be in charge of the system henceforth.”

The crowd was stunned to hear this. Meanwhile, he placed his crown on her head and personally led her over to the throne.

No one expected such an early abdication. Nevertheless, they got on their knees again and shouted: “May your reign be eternal, Your Majesty!”

No one showed an inch of opposition or disrespect. In fact, it didn’t matter who Li Qiye was passing the throne to.

Now, Liu Chuqing has become the rightful ruler of Nine Secrets, the lord of all.

The reasons for the abdication didn’t matter at all. Li Qiye didn’t need to explain himself to the rest. Everyone else just needed to accept this and obey the new king from now on.

“Rise.” Liu Chuqing gave them permission this time around.

From now on, every other lineage in Nine Secrets must obey her commands. In fact, she became the new de facto ruler of Imperial the moment she sat down on this throne.

“Fiercest wishes to leave.” Many Eternals analyzed the situation.

This abdication gave Chuqing full authority. She inherited his will and would watch over this world in his stead.

“It’s inevitable, this happens for all progenitors too. There’s no reason why he would stay here when he has thirteen palaces.” The old ancestors expected this.

Li Qiye possessed the most amazing miracle in the thirteen palaces. Someone like him naturally deserved to soar among the nine firmaments. There was a bigger world waiting for him above and larger battlefields to be conquered as well. His staying here would be a total waste, an impossibility.

The crowd had conflicting feelings. Some rejoiced, others felt a sense of loss and disappointment...

“Well, a new age is starting and it shall be brilliant.” One ancestor speculated with optimism about the future.

All in all, this grand ceremony firmly established Liu Chuqing’s supremacy, mostly due to her relationship with Fiercest. 

“Her Highness will be the one to start it.” Another commented.

Liu Chuqing sat on the throne with a commendable composure taught by Li Qiye. She was a king now, no longer the shy girl like before. Of course, she still had many things to learn but she was determined not to let her man down.

Joy and shock weren’t present in her eyes despite being crowned king, only the image of Li Qiye.

Supreme authority and total supremacy didn’t matter to her. They weren’t comparable to him. She wanted to gaze at him for as long as possible since they might never meet again. Because of this, she ignored the crowd’s praises and congratulations.

“Your turn.” Li Qiye sighed and grabbed her hand.

She regained her wits and stood up alongside him.

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