Chapter 2698: Goodbyes

The cold night was ladened with tassels of light from the crescent moon. The rays warmed a bed filled with a holy aura.

Li Qiye held Liu Chuqing by the waist as she rested her head on his shoulder, deep in slumber. Her brows would occasionally quiver, same with her lips curling into a smile - the signs of a good dream.

She eventually opened her eyes, seemingly satisfied with the sweet situation after seeing the person in her heart. Her bashful cheeks turned red - one could never get tired of this scene.

She looked up and saw Li Qiye’s profound eyes as bright as the stars above. He resembled the ruler of the world, always peering and assessing without faltering to fatigue.

Her jade-like fingers brushed past his chest before massaging his other shoulder. He didn’t say anything due to his current focus.

“You have to leave.” She said with a gentle voice.

“Yes, I must.” He nodded with a natural expression.

She couldn’t help but sigh, knowing that this day was inevitable. Her man was a soaring dragon. Even a place as majestic as Nine Secrets couldn’t hold him back. In fact, Imperial wouldn’t suffice either.

“It’s a shame that I can’t go with you.” She held him by the waist and leaned her head into his broad chest, taking full advantage of this fleeting moment.

“Right.” Li Qiye nodded. Another one of many unpleasant goodbyes was about to happen.

“I will pray for you.” She quietly said, aware that his destination was endless and she couldn’t come along because she would become a burden.

Thus, the only thing she could do was protect this realm and wait for his return while praying.

He caressed her soft and clear skin, only replying with a sigh.

“Why can’t my talents and comprehension be better so that I can accompany you on the battlefields?” She lamented but eventually decided to keep the same decision.

She wasn’t strong enough to follow him but protecting Nine Secrets and this world was still within her abilities.

“Everyone has their own mission. Certain things can’t be changed or everything will change.” He said: “Some people are destined to slaughter their way forward while others focused on protecting their homes.”

He paused for a bit before looking at her clear eyes: “If you were to become someone who can kill on the battlefield and paint it with blood, then you will no longer be yourself, the kind and lovable Liu Chuqing.”

She nodded and murmured: “Right, everyone has their own mission…”

“That’s why you will be the lord of this system, a supreme existence guarding this land. It needs you, so you need to be you and no one else but you. I don’t want you to change either. Everyone is precious in a different way, and this goes double for you.” He whispered.

She slightly tilted her head and answered: “I, I will watch over this land until you return.”

He didn’t respond because the future was impossible to predict. No point making empty promises.

“Your main cultivation is the nine secrets so possessing this rope means controlling the entire system. No one will be able to wrest control away from you.” He handed the Nine Immortal Rope to her.

In spite of having already established a supreme status for her in Nine Secrets, he still gave her the rope so that she would have total control and the ultimate force of this system.

“I will use it well.” She took it and nodded: “If you don’t come back till I’m long gone, then just say a few words in front of my grave so that I can find comfort.”

“Silly girl.” He gently hugged her: “Why speak these foolish words, I’ll eventually return after everything is done.”

She strengthened her embrace and told herself to guard this land and wait forever for him.

On the second day, Li Qiye called for Ill Lord’s group while sitting on his throne.

Experts like them had no choice but to prostrate before their master, knowing that their power was akin to an ant.

“I shall be leaving. The world will be under Chuqing’s control from now on.” He said flatly.

“Rest assured, Young Noble, we will protect Her Highness till death while offering our full support.” The group swore while on their knees, having absolute loyalty for both Li Qiye and Liu Chuqing.

“Very well, you will help her watch over this land from now on.” Li Qiye nodded.

His words became laws and left no room for questioning. This command has firmly established the future path of Imperial Lineage.

“To the death.” The group said. Li Qiye saved them from the heavenly prison on top of giving them cultivation guidance. They were ready to give their lives in his service.

“Don’t worry during your trip, Young Noble. As long as we’re alive, Her Highness will be perfectly fine and the land will enjoy peace and prosperity.” Ill Lord powerfully added.

He was the strongest in the group and the other four always followed his command. This oath of his added further assurance.

“Okay, I leave matters here to you all.” Li Qiye said.

Next, he called for Bingchi Hanyu and Qin Jianyao. The two of them were in charge of their respective clan now.

“You two will also shine in the future and be responsible for Nine Secrets. The system shall flourish under your watch.”

“We will not let you down, Young Noble.” The two said respectfully.

“Chuqing will rule with the help of pillars such as yourselves.” Li Qiye looked at the two of them.

“Calm Lotus swears loyalty to Her Highness for generations, we’ll jump into boiling cauldrons for her sake.” Jianyao said.

She knew this day would come because someone as talented as Li Qiye wouldn’t hang around. His vision far exceeded regular people like them.

“The Bingchi Clan offers our service for generations to come.” Hanyu prostrated on the ground, completely subservient to him.

“Good, the future is bright as long as everyone works together. Your tales will be recorded in the historical annals.” He said.

“See you again, Young Noble.” Jianyao got up and bowed. She felt a sense of regrets while looking at this man since they might never meet again.

“Indeed.” He nodded.

After she left, Hanyu also got up and found her eyes wet with tears. She has been conquered by him and couldn’t bear to see his departure.

“Will, will we really meet again?” She emotionally asked.

“Yes, if it’s meant to be. Plus, this land is worthy of my remembrance.” Li Qiye chuckled.

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