Chapter 2696: The Path Towards The Dao Is Not Easy

The world enjoyed tranquility just like Li Qiye’s nonchalant and carefree mood.

He didn’t give a damn about Nine Secrets System or anything else for that matter. Plus, peace has returned anyway.

He stared at the deep blue sky while laying in his garden surrounded by the intoxicating smell of flowers and basking in the warm wind. This comfortable feeling was hard to come by.

He seemed to be asleep while becoming one with heaven and earth.

After a while, a sweet fragrance blew by and a goddess appeared before him - True Emperor Jiu Ning.

She was staying in Nine Secrets all this time even after Li Qiye took over. She also spent her time relaxing in her old home.

Though there was a feud between Li Qiye and her father, this didn’t create a barrier for her at all. These two still seemed like old friends.

She sat down next to him and smiled at the guy. Her faint smile was kingdom-toppling and made the sun and moon feel inadequate in comparison.

“There’s something on your mind.” She gently touched his head, resulting in a pleasant coolness streaming through him.

He opened his eyes and looked at her peerless features: “Everything is ephemeral like the clouds above, there’s nothing on my mind.”

“The clouds are indeed ephemeral, but people are chained by emotions and ties. Friendship, family, love, and comradery… All are subjected to them.” Her beauty took the breath away.

He nodded and eventually said: “Have you faced trouble after ascending all alone?”

“Difficulties are ingrained on the path of the dao.” She looked as exquisite as a blossoming flower. People would never be able to forget her face after one glance.

“Well said, if people seek an easy life, it’s better to be a carefree noble instead of vying for the dao.” Li Qiye praised.

“This logic especially applies to you.” She looked deep into his eyes.

How many would dare to look at a supreme existence in this manner nowadays? However, she was trying to look straight into his soul.

It took a while for him to respond: “That’s just part of life. One can’t appreciate the good times without experiencing the bad.”

“True invincibility… not just with the grand dao but also with the dao heart. No one can stay unbeaten but as long as they can get up again, they’ll truly become unbeatable one day.”

Li Qiye simply chuckled and continued staring at the sky.

“Brother, what is it that you seek?” The two of them sat there shoulder to shoulder without a care in the world, looking like best friends.

“What do you think it is?” He smiled.

“I don’t know.” She tilted her head: “I’ve seen many invincible characters. Some seek immortality, others strength or the apex, or pure freedom…”

She stopped and looked at him: “But I have no clue about you. I know you aren’t looking for any of these things because you already have them. Alas, where I stand is too low to see your high aspirations.”

“Hahaha…” Li Qiye patted her shoulder and laughed: “If your perspective is too low, then the rest of the world is pretty much blind.”

She smiled after hearing the praise. Someone like her should really exist up above; each of her little actions was enough to make the heart flutter.

“I know you’re not a regular person.” The emperor sentimentally said: “The prosperity and waves of the myriad ages are ephemeral in your eyes. You have walked across the realms and left behind legends, never staying in one place. But how can the sparrow and swallow know the will of the great swan? Perhaps no place was good enough to keep you around. The end of your destination will have your true pursuit, a thing that attracts you above all else.”

“Endless traveling doesn’t discredit the previous places. It doesn’t mean that those memories were worthless.” Li Qiye answered: “One could keep on moving in order to protect home; another simply stays because they don’t have the abilities to go farther, not out of sentiments.”

“I see.” The emperor carefully analyzed the comment.

She then stared deeply at his eyes and said: “What are you protecting? Your loved ones? That has to be it, or is it the three thousand worlds? Someone has to be the protector of the river of time, but who can uphold this responsibility?”

“Normal people do not know about the looming dangers or the necessity of having these protectors.” The emperor said: “They only worry about personal gains and the prosperity of their sects but that’s all meaningless in the grand scheme of things. As long as the world continues to exist, all will be well, so temporal protectors are crucial.” 

She seemingly wanted to get some clues judging by his eyes.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “You’re overthinking it, little lady. I’m neither a protector nor the savior of this world. I don’t believe in those things anyway.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” She disagreed: “You might think that you’re not a savior but that’s not the case for everyone else. For example, killing Solar Daoist was saving Imperial Lineage. This stopped numerous systems from being devoured.”

“Let them think what they want. Even if I didn’t do it, you would have done it yourself. It was only a matter of convenience.” Li Qiye said.

She only smiled in response, thinking that she got the upper hand in this exchange.

“Have you seen the three immortals?” Li Qiye asked after a brief lull.

The emperor’s expression became serious: “I have not. Immortal Lineage is far vaster than Imperial so I can’t fully explore it. There are far regions only available to progenitors. Anything less could only reach the surface or a superficial level of understanding.”

“You have the abilities and the potential, just lacking time and an opportunity. It’ll come, and accumulation is not a bad thing. You will be able to soar even higher with a better foundation.” He replied.

“Thank you for your blessing, Dao Brother.” She nodded: “I hope I’ll be able to search for the truths after becoming one.”

“Such as the tales about the three immortals.” He smiled.

She smiled wryly, still looking as pretty as ever: “That’s an extremely ancient legend, virtually impossible to verify. Who has actually seen them before? If yes, maybe only a very select few.”

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