Chapter 2694: Tender Sentiment

True Emperor Jiu Ning was prominent for being the most brilliant emperor in Imperial during the previous generation.

Many emperors came out in each generation but she was the best among her peers. In fact, some said that she was comparable to her ancestor, Emperor Zheng.

One emotional spectator said: “I think people were right back then. She’s really on the same level as her ancestor who revitalized Nine Secrets.”

Her appearance was unexpected since she has been gone for so long. 

“Didn’t she leave Imperial for Immortal during the last generation?” Someone regained their composure and asked.

Though people haven’t seen her in person, they have heard of her legends before. Her ascension was to be expected. Such a thing happened every generation too.

A True Emperor would leave for Immortal after becoming strong enough, same with Eternals.

People aimed for higher ground while water flowed downstream - this was a part of life. However, her sudden return surprised the crowd.

“Looks like she was aware of a few things and came back for her father.” One Eternal said.

“That’s insane, it’s not easy to return at all from Immortal.” One old ancestor stared at her.

The difficulty of descending was well-documented from any world. It required a massive amount of resources, perhaps a great price too.

This process was proportionally harder for stronger beings, such as an emperor. But now, True Emperor Jiu Ning came back unscathed - a clear showcase of her abilities. 

The emperor wasn’t surprised to hear the refusal. She gently sighed: “How can a daughter watch her father die?” She looked at Lucidity King afterward.

The crowd turned soft after seeing her delicate and charming appearance. They would definitely forgive Lucidity King but Li Qiye remained apathetic.

The king stood there with a bitter expression and eventually said: “No need for this. This is my just deserts, I don’t have any regrets after living for three generations anyway and I’m very happy to see you coming down for my funeral.” He smiled brightly afterward.

Some members of the crowd exchanged stares, especially the Eternals from the last generation. They have heard some rumors about the discord between the king and his daughter. 

The emperor didn’t agree with all of her father's choices and didn’t give him her support. Otherwise, he would have been able to flatten the five powers with his authority on top of her power.

Rumor has it that she left for Immortal Lineage early because of these differences. Alas, regardless of their bad relationship, she still decided to come down for his funeral, not knowing that he was faking it at the time.

“That wasn’t a wise move.” She coldly uttered.

“Indeed, but you still came back because of me. It’s very much worth it just for that.” He laughed.

“Come, take me down.” He then turned towards Li Qiye and said without any fear of death.

He had no regrets since even his daughter came to see his passing. It was a fulfilled life.

“Sure thing.” Li Qiye chuckled and started walking towards them.

“Your Highness, my apology for not being able to perform a proper greeting.” Sun Lengying turned towards the emperor and said.

He watched her grow up and considered her as his own daughter, always showing her the same level of respect as he did towards Lucidity King.

“You two brothers are so alike, always causing trouble.” The emperor shook her head in response.

“Your Majesty, how about sparing them?” Liu Chuqing finally spoke for the first time, looking straight at Li Qiye in a gentle manner.

Li Qiye stopped and stared at her. 

Nowadays, no one would dare to look straight at him. They would shudder from his glare regardless of how powerful they are.

Alas, Chuqing had no fear and quietly said: “Her Highness Jiu Ning treated me well and taught me many things including the nine secrets. I owe her one.”

So it turned out that the emperor had an eye on the duo when they went to capture Liu Chuqing. Thus, she ambushed them and rescued Liu Chuqing.

She noticed that the girl was also cultivating the nine secrets so she generously taught her. She was the only one in the system who knew the nine secrets and has cultivated them for two generations, gaining impressive expertise.

She gave her lifelong knowledge to Liu Chuqing, something extremely beneficial for the latter.

The smiling Li Qiye focused on her soft gaze and gently touched her cheek: “I suppose I can make an exception with this favor if you are asking it of me.”

With that, he turned towards the other duo: “Consider yourselves lucky that our lady here is too kind. I shall break my own rule this time but if anything of this sort ever happens again, an ocean of blood will drown out this world.”

Everyone got chills after hearing this, seemingly able to see the bloody carnage as a result of Li Qiye’s rage. Just this comment of his scared the souls out of the Eternals present. No one really doubted his brutality and determination even though he had just changed his mind. 

They understood that he has a soft spot for Liu Chuqing who is undoubtedly his “reverse scale”, so to speak. Touch it and the end of days would come.

In fact, one could even say that everyone else is as meaningless as specks of dust compared to her in his eyes.

Even a twelve-palace True Emperor didn’t come close to changing his mind, but one request from her accomplished the task. Her influence far exceeded a progenitor now.

Perhaps the one who shouldn’t be trifled with the most in Imperial was Liu Chuqing, not Fiercest himself.

Provoking Fiercest might result in death, that’s all. Offending Liu Chuqing, on the other hand, would end with a total bloodbath all over Imperial Lineage.

Thus, everyone repeated in their head to never stir up trouble with Chuqing.

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