Chapter 2693: True Emperor Jiu Ning

“We need to show what we got even if it means dying!” Lucidity King declared resoundingly.

“Commendable courage, very well, I shall let you have a dignified death.” Li Qiye was amused.

Sun Lengying and Lucidity King looked at each other before nodding somberly. This duo didn’t need words to understand each other. One glance was more than sufficient.

“Go!” The two roared and attacked at the same time.

The king had a majestic and regal aura; Sun Lengying’s merciless sword bit like a poisonous snake, aiming for the fatal spot.

However, people weren’t that interested in watching because the result was obvious.

“Clank!” Li Qiye casually flicked his finger twice and sent out two dao laws.

“Boom!” Their domineering moves and their strange yet dangerous weapons didn’t matter.

The two dao laws crushed everything along with the duo’s barriers.

“Pluff!” The laws shot through the two’s chest like divine arrows and pinned them down, staining the ground with their blood at a rapid rate.

“Ah!” The duo screamed and struggled but they couldn’t move at all.

They eventually gave up because the power gap was insane. Further struggling was futile.

Everyone expected this outcome. These two were indeed mighty, perhaps some of the strongest Eternals around. Alas, they were mere worms before him. He only needed to lift his foot and stomp down.

Some started recalling their glorious past. Just hearing the title “Lucidity” back then was enough to intimidate people - such a striking contrast to the current scene.

“Crossing my line will result in a thousand methods to make you two wish for death. Just any one of them will torture you for an eternity, to the point where you can’t handle living but can’t commit suicide either. Your screams will echo in Imperial for ten thousand years.” Li Qiye stared insipidly at them.

The nonchalant comment frightened the crowd and made them tremble from top to bottom. Everyone could imagine the wails of torment spanning across an eternity. Just how terrible would the prolonged torture be? They started swearing to never provoke Fiercest in their mind since once fallen into his grasp, death might be a sweet release.

“Make your move.” The king still smiled: “No one can live forever. I have experienced three generations and seen enough of life. It is my honor to die to thirteen palaces.”

Lucidity King showed his unyielding characteristic, something superior compared to many Eternals and big shots.

“Dao Brother, please show mercy and spare the two of them?” A heavenly voice disrupted the conversation.

Two girls descended from the sky but one of them garnered everyone’s attention. 

One of them was the captured Liu Chuqing. The other looked like an immortal in a light green dress. A very simple style looked exceptional because of her, brimming with life. When people breathed in, they felt an immortal presence.

“So pretty.” Everyone got drawn in while looking at her.

 No one had any licentious glint in their eyes - only pure admiration and intoxication. Her beauty was one thing but her aura was transcending. She should only exist in the upper world, not in the mortal realms.

“I’m afraid not.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Fate has brought us together once before but this is not enough for you to ask me this favor and not enough for me to show mercy.”

The girl was the mysterious guest when Li Qiye had just gotten to Nine Secrets. It was as if she appeared in his dream before.

“I know.” The girl sighed: “But I’m still asking you to show benevolence. It’s fine to destroy their cultivation so they’ll become mortals for the rest of their lives.”

Everyone was surprised to see this woman coming out of nowhere to help the duo. They didn’t recognize her and had no idea of her origin.

“I will not ask anyone for mercy, it’s just death. Don’t beg for my sake.” Lucidity King laughed boisterously.

“Shut up!” The girl shouted and an imperial aura oozed out. The powerful Eternals spectating shuddered in response.

Strangely enough, the proud king obediently obeyed her and stopped speaking.

“Dao Brother, I will offer you my service if you agree to spare them.” The girl beseeched again.

Anyone else would have felt bad saying no to a beauty like this and caved, not Li Qiye.

He simply shook his head and smiled: “No, those who have crossed my line are doomed. Even a progenitor can’t convince me otherwise, let alone a twelve-palace emperor like you.” 

Li Qiye didn’t back down from his original stance.

“I, I know who she is, that’s True Emperor Jiu Ning!” An ancient ancestor blurted out in astonishment.

“What?!” The members of the crowd were shocked and couldn’t close their mouth.

“That’s True Emperor Jiu Ning?” The experts here stared intensely at the girl.

“Yes, that’s her. I’ve seen her before one generation ago. She had only become a True Emperor then but now, she has twelve palaces.”

“A twelve-palace emperor…” The crowd became stirred. This was a top-level existence, only inferior to progenitors.

“She’s Lucidity King’s daughter.” Everyone felt like this was a dream.

The world knew that Lucidity King’s proudest deed wasn’t reigning for three generations or his numerous conquests. It was his peerless daughter - True Emperor Jiu Ning.

She didn’t let him down at all. The brilliant woman has become a twelve-palace True Emperor, the strongest of this level in Three Immortals.

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