Chapter 2691: Crucified

“Ah!” A miserable lament echoed across the world as blood dripped down from the tip of the spear.

Terra Damnation has pierced through the daoist’s chest but he didn’t die right away. The wound started to burn and subjected him to endless torment.

“Ah!” The next screams were louder than the previous, tearing apart the blue clouds. The power of the spear was gradually refining him.

People couldn’t help but shudder while listening to his pitiful cries. One could only imagine the pain he was going through.

“Yes, that’s how it should be.” Alas, some found this to be the right judgment and felt much better.

“Fiercest is the guardian of our world.” One person sighed and felt a weight off their shoulders.

Li Qiye’s status soared to an all-time high. They felt that he killed daoist for the sake of Imperial Lineage.

“Ah…” The final scream resounded before the daoist turned to specks of dust scattering away.

A bright lake appeared at the killing ground.

“Look over there!” Worldly energy gathered along with thick true dao water.

“Boom!” These two essences suddenly returned to the Mu System.

“That’s everything the daoist stole from the Mu.” One expert said.

“Fiercest is really something else. This method is too heaven-defying.” One Eternal sentimentally added.

Though the daoist was burnt to a crisp by the spear, the powers he stole from the system were still around.

“Rumble!” The water and energy jumped back to the system in a torrential fashion.

This was akin to an ocean pouring down on a desert and quickly filling up the place.

Loud explosions occurred all over the place. The collapsed mountains and peaks, dried lakes and rivers began to recover. The barren forests had green leaves once more.

Though the system couldn’t regain its old appearance, the influx of energy and water gave it enough life force to no longer be a useless wasteland.

“Fiercest is so generous too, who else can do something like this?” Everyone, including his old enemies, had nothing but respect for this act of this.

Even a fool knew that these energy sources were great nutrients, especially for people above the realm of Eternals. They could refine the sources into their own for amazing benefits.

All would covet such gains. Moreover, Li Qiye obtained it in a justified manner. There was no guilt for him in keeping them.

Alas, he chose to return them back to the Mu System to the astonishment of the crowd. No one should have been able to resist this temptation.

“Boom!” The system became bright with water splashing again. Life force has returned but unfortunately, not a single mortal and cultivator from the system itself could be found. Nevertheless, a new group could take root here and make it their home.

“It still doesn’t matter.” One spectator shook their head. The system was still around but the previous inhabitants have been massacred by Solar Daoist. It’s just an abandoned system now.

“Maybe there are still survivors.” One ancestor sighed quietly. After all, not all of the disciples from Mu were here. Some might have been visiting other systems.

Finally, the entire system started floating away before disappearing completely. No one knew where it was heading to.

It never appeared again in Imperial Lineage. This once prestigious system became history in just one night.

The spectators had complicated feelings while watching this. One of the three untouchable behemoths went down just like this.

Their own system couldn’t compare to the Mu. This result made everyone more cautious.

“No flower can bloom for a hundred days; no man will enjoy a thousand good days.” An ancestor reflected.

People began to ruminate about their own circumstances, hoping to never repeat the Mu’s mistake.

Everyone was distracted by the floating system and forgot about Lucidity King and Sun Lengying.

“Oh, not running?” Li Qiye, on the other hand, remembered and appeared before those two.

They didn’t respond and looked a bit silly, aware of their fate.

All eyes turned towards them. They used to be dominating characters but were completely insignificant before Li Qiye.

In fact, they resembled ants now. He could easily take down an Everlasting like Solar Daoist, let alone them.

“The world is vast but there is nowhere for us to run and hide.” Lucidity King let out a bitter smile.

They didn’t want to run even if Li Qiye were to ignore them. Running to the edge of the world was meaningless because if Li Qiye wanted to kill them, he could do so with a single palm strike regardless of the distance.

“They courted death.” No one sympathized with these two at the moment.

“Looks like you have some self-awareness. Will you end yourself or do I have to do it?” Li Qiye smiled.

The crowd stared at the two. Big shots like them couldn’t die without fanfare. Perhaps they could die in a grand and dignified manner right now.

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