Chapter 269: Fate Changing

Chapter 269: Fate Changing

Legends also stated that this ghost tribe truly believed in the third origin theory, and that they tried to find the true secret of the ghost race’s origin no matter the cost!

Later on, this ghost tribe was fortunate enough to actually find the Ghost Ancestral Tree in the legends as well as the Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key. As a result, they were able to solve the secret of the ghost race!

Because of this, the tribe became even more trusting of the third theory, and in their attempt of solving this mystery, it brought about a catastrophe to them.

“Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key!” Li Qiye gently stroked the wooden ruler in his hand and couldn’t help but smirk. Back at the grave auction, the moment he saw this wooden ruler, he immediately guessed its origin. Now, with it in his hand, he was completely certain that this was the Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key!

In fact, the ghost race always held a suspicious attitude regarding the Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key. They believed that it was just a nonexistent item made up by a few heretics!

It was not strange for them to adopt such an attitude; in the end, no future generations had ever seen this key before, let alone solving the secrets of the ghost race’s origin.

However, Li Qiye knew more than the ghost race and others when it came to the ghost race’s corpse and the Ghost Ancestral Tree in the legends. He knew that there was indeed such an ancient corpse, but whether it was the Progenitor of the ghost race or not… It was still worthy of further deliberation.

“Ninety-nine little ghosts.” Li Qiye gently stroked the wooden ruler and murmured: “Just like the legends! I also want to see what secrets and harvests you will bring me. You absolutely must not let me down.”

Above the wooden ruler were ninety-nine little ghosts with different expressions. In fact, Li Qiye knew that these ninety-nine ghosts were not carved on it!

Although the ruler was in his grasp, Li Qiye still needed time to research it. It was not such an easy matter to understand the mysterious profundity of the Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key!

However, 20,00 Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades to buy this key was absolutely worth it! This was an item that was desired by him. As the saying goes, being unable to find the destination after wearing out iron soles, then inadvertently finding it without any effort.

Once Chi Xiaodao prepared the materials, Li Qiye was ready to change his Fate! The elders that were not in secluded meditation wanted to observe Li Qiye’s Fate changing to determine whether it was true or false; however, Li Qiye rejected this.

Li Qiye only allowed Chi Xiaodie to observe from afar. The truth was that Chi Xiaodie was worried as well. In the end, Fate changing was not a trivial matter. Chi Xiaodao would become a cripple if there was a mistake.

Before they began, Chi Xiaodie was still quite restless as she couldn’t help but ask: “Isn’t this too difficult? Fate changing — this is defying the heavens and it will bring about the Heaven’s Wrath.”

Chi Xiaodie’s fear was not unjustified. Even a Legendary Alchemist would not necessarily have the ability to change one’s Fate! Fate changing was an extremely mystical matter; some Legendary Alchemists spent their whole life yet they were not able to understand its mystery.

Li Qiye glanced at her and answered: “Don’t worry, this is a trivial matter. To be more exact, this is not Fate changing but Fate advancement! Xiaodao is of a Turtle Fate, and your Chi Clan are all natural born Turtle Fates with a great chance of passing on this characteristic. Your Progenitor was of the Heavenly Turtle Fate so this is only advancing his True Fate back to its original level, nothing more.”

“True Fate changing is another story. For example, if you had an ordinary Fate type and you want to change it to a Saint Fate, that would truly be Fate changing. Such a heaven-defying matter would bring about the Heaven’s Extermination. The high heavens would never allow for such a thing to happen.” Li Qiye said dismissively.

Li Qiye was one hundred percent certain regarding this type of Fate advancement. During an older era, he and the Alchemist God had actually performed True Fate changing! They even worked on what was called the Immortal Fate in the legends! Later on, he had performed True Fate changing a few times. No one in the present times knew more about Fate changing and life extension compared to him!

Chi Xiaodie — still with some apprehension — inquired further: “Will this type of Fate advancement bring about the Heaven’s Wrath?” She was concerned about her little brother more than anyone else. She didn’t want anything unexpected to happen; otherwise, how could she face her mother’s entrustment?

“A minor Heaven’s Wrath should not be an issue. I have thought about this before agreeing to do it for him.” Li Qiye flicked his sleeve and said: “Okay, don’t stand here and bother me with your chit chat. I’m going to start.”

Chi Xiaodie was quite annoyed by Li Qiye and responded with a glare. As a heaven’s proud daughter, countless people always indulged her whims; especially the young geniuses, they were even more obedient towards her. However, this little demon simply didn’t put her in his eyes, so how could she not become angry?

“Sis, you can rest assured. I believe that Brother Li absolutely has this ability.” Chi Xiaodao quickly comforted his sister. He was really afraid that these two will argue again.

“Good, get ready for it. Do you remember the method I told you before?” Li Qiye asked Chi Xiaodao.

Chi Xiaodao then took a deep breath and gently nodded his head: “Brother Li, I am prepared. Go for it.”

Li Qiye summoned the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron and slightly shouted: “Open…”

As his words rang down, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron fell to the ground and turned into a gigantic cauldron with its frog mouth shut tight. The inside became its own vast heaven and earth.

At this time, Li Qiye’s left hand touched the cauldron’s body and channeled his alchemy dao. The Myriad Heavenly Cauldron’s origin flame blazingly appeared. One flame contraption immediately formed and transformed as an ancient medicinal fragrance arose. Inside the transforming flames were faint divine trees with magical arts — mysterious and inscrutable.

Seeing the transformations of the flame caused the Chi duo to become shocked. They had seen the alchemists in the sect refining dan, but they had never seen such a level of flame control or contraption creation!

As the fire continuously changed its form, the flame contraption finally turned into an ancient style medicinal contraption. With roars of tigers and lions resonating from within, it was extremely huge and could contain three to five people.

“Put in the materials.” At this time, Li Qiye gazed at the transformation of the medicinal contraption and commanded.

Chi Xiaodie didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately placed the prepared materials in order. The intervals in between were all according to Li Qiye’s command.

Li Qiye used his alchemy dao to control the contraption to refine all the medicinal materials. In a flash, these materials became part of the contraption. Li Qiye shouted and the cauldron suddenly changed. It took the medicinal dregs out of the contraption and put them into the cauldron’s origin flame, so there were only the purest of essences inside the contraption.

Such a removal method astonished the brother and sister even though they weren’t experts on the alchemy dao. This was absolutely the technique of a master; at the very least, no alchemists inside their Lion’s Roar Gate were able to do such a thing.

“Your turn!” At this point, Li Qiye shouted towards Chi Xiaodao who then jumped into the medicinal cauldron without any hesitation.

“Boom, boom, boom!” After he jumped into the cauldron, his entire body was dipped into the medicinal concoction. At this second, explosions resonated from within as strange images consisting of flying dragons and phoenixes started to appear.

Next were the “zi, zi, zi” sounds. The medicinal concoction pierced into Chi Xiaodao’s meridians like fine needles. This immediately caused him to tremble with unbearable pain; his face became distorted, revealing his state of extreme pain.

Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but to hold her breath while witnessing such a scene. Her heart was hanging on a thread as she clenched her fists tightly from being worried.

As the medicinal concoctions were piercing Chi Xiaodao’s meridians, a lion’s roar resounded. A golden lion emerged in all of its incomparable tyranny. Chi Xiaodao’s body was immediately on the verge of exploding as his muscles bulged; they were filled with outbreaking power.

“Open your Fate Palace!” Li Qiye immediately shouted right when Chi Xiaodao’s Tyrannical Lion Physique appeared.

Chi Xiaodao roared as his Fate Palace appeared above his head along with his True Fate. At this time, there was an old turtle inside his Fate Palace — this was an extremely rare True Fate. Many other cultivators only had a pure True Fate without anything else to accompany it, but not Chi Xiaodao who had the old turtle as his friend!

The Tyrannical Lion acted as if it had seen its enemy the moment it laid its eyes on the old turtle. It immediately rushed up, aiming to bite this old turtle.

“Go…” In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye shouted and the entire cauldron shook. A dragon made from medicines jumped out of the medicinal contraption as the dragon roars pierced the nine heavens. It coiled its body and immediately clung onto the Tyrannical Lion.

“Rawr”, the lion retaliated, thus resulting in a battle inside the medicinal contraption between a lion and dragon. With continuous cries, the dragon tried to coil itself around the lion while the lion tried to snap it away.

“Get ready for the pain!” Li Qiye cried out. In a flash, his right hand lifted up the cauldron’s origin fire and this fire immediately turned into a long and thin acupuncture needle.

“Poof!” Li Qiye struck like lightning with his fiery needle into the old turtle’s body. In a split second, the old turtle was writhing around in pain.

“Ah…” Chi Xiaodao also had a difficult time bearing this pain. This was a type of suffering from the depths of the soul; it was far beyond the pain threshold of flesh. He screamed out in pain as he nearly crushed his teeth in agony.

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