Chapter 2688: The Spear’s Viciousness

“Clank!” The spear attacked with extremity, turning the terra back into a realm of ghosts. It seemed to be refining everything and destroying three thousand worlds. 

Both gods and emperors would turn to dust before its might; the world would return to nothingness, replaced by this realm of ghosts. Even the strongest existence would become helpless in this ghastly domain like a fish on the chopping board.

“Ugh…” People felt something pricking their heart as if they were the target of the spear.

“Ah!” One even fell to the ground and couldn’t get back up.

The terrorizing intent of the weapon assaulted the crowd, scaring them out of their mind.

Li Qiye didn’t try to dodge and crossed his wrists in order to stop the thrust.

Fiery sparks splattered everywhere - a scene a thousand times more majestic than fireworks at night. Each spark could easily destroy a star. This impact had a world-destroying force.

The spectators were startled at Li Qiye’s choice once again. Everyone could see that this thrust was at a whole different level compared to the rod earlier from the emperor.

One shouldn’t use their body to block it. In fact, nothing in this world should be able to stop it.

“Clank!” However, he actually managed to stop the thrust.

“This is insanity, Fiercest is definitely the number one existence in Imperial Lineage.” This train of thought became the consensus.

They heaved a sigh of relief while hoping for Fiercest’s victory because a loss would result in destruction for Imperial.

“Don’t celebrate so soon. Die!” The daoist sneered after the first impact.

“Buzz.” The black glow of the spear intensified. These black rays looked like sharp needles capable of piercing through the primordial chaos.

“Boom!” This explosion of radiance had an ultimate penetrating force, making everything else seems feeble.

The spear broke through Li Qiye’s defense by splitting into these rays and heading straight for his chest. The speed of these rays has exceeded time and space.

It was too late for a full evasion but Li Qiye managed to shift his body ever so slightly.

“Pluff!” Blood spilled outward. The spear in the form of these black rays pierced his shoulder.

Time seemed to be frozen for the astounded spectators.

“No!” They screamed, not wanting to see this development at all.

“Shit!” Even the experienced Eternals became nervous and sweaty. Everyone worried about Li Qiye’s well-being regardless of their previous impression of him.

They didn’t want Imperial to face an apocalypse in the hands of the daoist so they placed their hope on Fiercest.

“Buzz.” The terrifying rays of darkness infected the open wound, wanting to spread all over his body and take over.

“That’s dangerous!” The crowd gasped. The wound alone was already devastating but the consequences would be unimaginable with this invasion of darkness.

“Haha, no one can survive after being wounded by this spear, they’ll be devoured by darkness!” The daoist laughed nefariously and gloated: “You brought this upon yourself, courting death for going against me!”

“Buzz.” The terrible darkness invaded, wanting to devour Li Qiye.

“What should he do?” The spectators felt like ants stuck in a hot pan, completely at a loss of what to do.

Some wanted to help but they weren’t strong enough to even touch the daoist. A number advantage didn’t matter here due to the disparity in power.

“He’s too careless and should have used a weapon in the beginning.” Many older characters started blaming themselves for not reminding Fiercest in the beginning.

Everyone knew how strong his body was. Even Puresword True Emperor and the power of his system couldn’t hurt Fiercest. Alas, this spear seemed to be effective.

A corrosive noise continued as the darkness proliferated inside Li Qiye.

“This Terra Damnation is an extremely evil weapon. Any wound caused by it is very dangerous, he fell into the daoist’s trap.” The crowd was struck by anxiety, feeling their heart hanging by a thread.

“Haha, die now, this is the fate of those who dare to oppose me!” The daoist laughed while watching, thinking that victory was imminent.

In his eyes right now, Fiercest was no different from a dead man. No one has ever been able to survive his weapon. Imperial Lineage would be his for the taking after Fiercest’s death. No one else would be able to stop him.

“C’mon, don’t lose!” Some spectators started shouting while others quietly prayed.

“A miracle will definitely happen! Don’t falter!” People saw his golden glow dying down because of the invading darkness.

This dark force was intense, able to suppress Li Qiye’s indestructible body.

Most of the people present normally didn’t believe in miracles but now, they were wishing for one so that Fiercest could reverse the tides.

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