Chapter 2687: Terra Damnation

The daoist’s expression seemed as cold as ice while staring at Li Qiye.

“Clank!” He summoned a spear and pointed it at Li Qiye: “I shall slay you today!”

He spoke mercilessly and confidently - showing off his determination while also building morale.

All in all, he truly feared Li Qiye but there was no other choice. He needed to build courage and momentum to put up a good fight.

“This is your hidden power?” Li Qiye glanced at the spear and smiled.

All eyes were on this spear that the daoist used to kill Puresword True Emperor earlier. The moment the emperor got pinned by this spear, he couldn’t move at all from the suppression.

Black from top to bottom and made from unknown material, perhaps black metals or just ashen rocks fully polished.

However, no signs of polishing could be found. The tip down to the body then the hilt seemed to be of one piece. In other words, perhaps this was its shape from the very beginning, not made by men. The heaven and earth were its parents and gave it their powers.

It certainly didn’t look powerful but in the hands of the daoist, it had enough sharpness to pierce the sky and earth. Gods and emperors became powerless once struck.

A long observation of the spear would spark an illusion. The spectators felt that it resembles a world of darkness that could suck their souls. Inside this abomination were ghosts and devils being born… 

“Don't stare too long, it has some evil power.” An Eternal noticed something and loudly warned the others.

Those nearby quickly averted their gaze out of fear.

Meanwhile, the daoist gripped his spear tightly and found himself becoming more confident. This spear was immensely powerful and had pierced through an ancestral weapon before. That’s why Puresword True Emperor couldn’t do anything earlier.

“This spear is an ultimate artifact from a redemption land, capable of tearing the world asunder and slaying the gods and emperors like dogs.” The daoist threatened. [1]

He paid a heavy price to obtain it but he didn’t mind at all. A weapon more powerful than the ancestral level was completely worth it.

In the eyes of regular people, artifacts belonging to progenitors were peerless, but his spear had taken them down before. Very few things in this world were stronger.

“From a redemption land, huh, how interesting. I wonder how much you actually know about this spear.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“All I know is that it is stronger than an ancestral weapon and is comparable to a Paragon Artifact.” The daoist coldly responded.

“Stronger than an ancestral weapon and is comparable to a Paragon Artifact?” Some of the crowd were amazed.

Ancestral weapons were at the apex for many systems. As for Paragon Artifacts, these things couldn’t be sought after because progenitors seldom left them behind.

The crowd was rightfully intimidated when the daoist revealed the spear’s potential.

“Looks like you don’t even know what you’re holding.” Li Qiye smirked and said: “But I’ll be a nice guy today and tell you more about the spear. Its name is Terra Damnation, born in Fiendish Ground. Stemming from the darkness and gestated by ghastly energy gave it a merciless characteristic, truly an ominous weapon.” 

“How, how do you know?!” The daoist took one step back, aghast.

He got the spear from a redemption land after paying an extravagant sum. He himself didn’t know of its origin, only that it was an ultimate treasure - extremely heaven-defying. He valued it greatly and rarely showed it to others.

He didn’t take it out in the earlier exchanges so he got pulverized by Li Qiye. Of course, it was essential in his takedown of the emperor. Now, he required its power again.

This was his true ace card, not the samsara severing technique.

“This spear shall be mine, it is being wasted in your possession.” Li Qiye smiled.

“In your dream.” The daoist scowled: “It has been refined to become one with my supreme grand dao. How are you going to seize it?”

“You’ll find out very soon. Alright, let’s get started. Show me how sharp it is.” Li Qiye confidently said.

“Boom!” A golden glow erupted and turned him into a supreme warrior attendant of Buddha, seemingly made from gold.

“This is your only chance.” This supreme form made Li Qiye look like the ruler of the world with the universe in his grasp.

The daoist’s eyes spewed out bloody rays filled with hatred and murderous intent after seeing this.

“Boom!” He started glowing as well.

This glow of his destroyed his prior image of being a transcending immortal. A while ago, he looked like he was on the verge of ascending. Now, this bloody glow around him had rays as beautiful as blood. They even had the stench of blood.

People felt as if there were millions of vengeful specters wailing, truly a scene from hell. The sky turned red as a result. The glow continuously intensified until space itself was stained red.

This murderous aura made the stars withered. Their vitality and energy were completely drained in a terrifying manner.

The laws dragging behind him shot up to the sky like heavenly waterfalls, creating something resembling the tail of a peacock. These laws belonged to a progenitor and originally had a righteous aura. Now, they looked like roaring blood dragons from hell with ferocious visage.

“Damn!” The crowd shuddered after seeing this form of the daoist. He looked like a devil king thirsty for blood. 

“Die!” He roared and attacked with his Terra Damnation.

“Clank!” The spear let out a metallic hymn. The area nearby suddenly turned black as if it has been covered and devoured.

Darkness came along with numerous ghosts and devils. Cries of torments echoed, resulting in pandemonium.

These terrifying images came and left quickly. The darkness and the evil within condensed into a single point - the tip of the spear.

This thrust encompassed the power of darkness and fiends. Its power could pierce through the heart and send the victim towards eternal damnation before the actual physical contact.

1. Moneyfall is a redemption land, exchanging money for items

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