Chapter 2686: Unmoved By Force Or Persuasion

The boulder pressing down on everyone’s back no longer existed after the blatant declaration to kill from Fiercest.

“He’s the real number one expert of our world, so straightforward and upright in both his abilities and personalities.”

“He’s so peerless…” People weren’t stingy with praises about Li Qiye.

“I think Fiercest is a far better sounding title than number one expert.” Another expert agreed.

Everyone was afraid of Fiercest working together with the daoist. The latter has intimidated everyone after devouring the Mu System.

These two together would bring about a disaster for all of Imperial. The daoist alone was troublesome enough even if Fiercest were to refrain from devouring systems. 

No one else would be able to stop the daoist from doing so. He could have his pick of systems for meals since they would be powerless to stop him. 

Just imagine that terrible future - Imperial would fall into damnation.

Fortunately, not only did Fiercest refuse to team up with the daoist, he even wanted to kill the guy. This was the best possible development for the rest of the world, truly a cause for celebration.

Fiercest looked like a savior at this moment. Only a supreme existence like him would be able to slay a devil like the daoist. 

His declaration earlier sounded nonchalant but even a fool knew that there was no take back.

The daoist realized that Fiercest wouldn’t spare him regardless of his attitude. The guy simply wanted to kill him. It wasn’t an issue of face or anything.

He took a deep breath and said: “Young Noble Li, your cultivation is definitely unbeatable, but I, Solar Daoist, am not that easily bullied either. I have devoured the Mu System and my power far exceeded the past…”

“I know.” Li Qiye interrupted the guy: “It’s only one system. Plus, you have only devoured it and has yet to fully digest it, unable to take its power as your own.”

“Even then, my power has risen to the next step.” The daoist’s voice became serious.

His tone toughened because he wasn’t a coward. His conceding attitude earlier was only a temporary plan.

“You think too highly of yourself and the Mu System. It’s not much in my eyes, same with your devious method for absorbing a system’s power. In fact, if the Mu progenitor were here and dares to oppose me, I would still kill him all the same. Do you think you’re stronger than him?” Li Qiye said while staring straight at the daoist.

The daoist felt the pressure. Yes, he was far inferior compared to Progenitor Mu Yun even after absorbing this system.

Remember, Progenitor Mu Yun was at the immortal level, one of the most accomplished progenitors up there. An Everlasting like him was nothing in comparison.

Fiercest didn’t even care for the progenitor, let alone an Everlasting.

“You know, I’m starting to like Fiercest more and more, his overbearing arrogance is becoming very likable.” Another spectator praised.

A while ago, people wouldn’t like his disdainful comment towards Progenitor Mu Yun. Alas, it sounded so pleasant right now.

The daoist had nothing to say as the crowd waited for his response. They wondered how he would take on Fiercest.

“Buzz.” However, he betrayed the crowd’s expectations by not using a supreme technique to fight to the bloody end. Space suddenly fluctuated and time flowed chaotically, allowing him to disappear from thin air.

“Not good, he’s escaping!” One Eternal shouted in astonishment.

“This is problematic.” Most became frightened.

People wouldn’t be able to find him so easily after this. If he could wait long enough for Fiercest to leave Imperial Lineage, he would be able to come out again and reign terror.

“Pop!” The spatial fabrics in the air suddenly reversed and stopped, resulting in massive ripples.

“Boom!” The daoist was forced out of the void.

“Don’t leave so soon.” Li Qiye appeared and blocked his path.

The alarmed daoist’s eyes flashed brightly. Another buzz sounded as he disappeared once more.

“Pop!” Unfortunately, space rippled again and Li Qiye forced him out from hiding. This cat-and-mouse game repeated several times afterward.

“Well done! Fiercest is the best!” The crowd couldn’t help but cheer.

The daoist kept being forced out of his spatial leap by Li Qiye and couldn’t escape.

His fleeing technique was impressive indeed. He wasn’t just moving within one spatial constraint but rather leaping from one dimension to another on top of changing the temporal timeline. Only a being at his level would be able to move unhindered through these two affinities.

It should be impossible to stop or give chase after the guy made it into the void.

Unfortunately, he was facing Li Qiye who was an undisputed lord at controlling space and time. The daoist was only displaying his slight skill before an expert by choosing to escape in this manner.

He eventually gave up and had an unsightly expression. It didn’t matter which timeline and dimension he ran off to since Li Qiye always found him and banished him back to their current area.

“Fiercest is really the best.” The crowd sang high praises of him.

In fact, they were surprised to see the daoist fleeing away because masters like him usually cared about face and reputation. Many would rather die in a battle instead of running.

The daoist, on the other hand, chose to run away without saying anything. The majestic image of an Everlasting crumbled before the crowd.

“At least I’m giving you a chance to attack. Yes, struggle for your life.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Seems like this won’t end until one of us dies today.” The daoist uttered coldly with a fierce glare.

A mountain couldn’t have two tigers. One of them must fall in the future; it was only a matter of time. They were only accelerating it ahead of schedule.

“You’re mistaken, the only one dying will be you.” Li Qiye calmly said.

The daoist took a deep breath in response: “Don’t be so sure, I haven’t shown my true power and abilities just yet.”

“Am I not giving you a chance right now? Go all out so you can die without regrets.” Li Qiye didn’t care at all.

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