Chapter 2685: Solar Daoist Yields

The spotlight returned to Li Qiye. Everyone hoped that Li Qiye would kill Solar Daoist.

A while ago, they wanted the daoist to win so that hope could return to Imperial LIneage. But now, both the young and old wanted to see this daoist’s death.

His action has incited the fury of the crowd and could only be described as evil. Only a depraved being would do something like this. His status and reputation as an Everlasting have been ruined.

But most importantly, the daoist has just received a massive boost in power. The guy was already unbeatable enough, who could stop him now after he took in the Mu System? This guy might be able to reign terror in Immortal Lineage now.

If the daoist had the gall to devour one system, he might repeat this again to another system. All of Imperial Lineage might fall to this monster.

That’s why Fiercest became the last bastion of hope. He was the only one who could kill Solar Daoist now.

“Please, destroy this monster for Imperial’s sake.” One person placed their palms together and quietly prayed.

In fact, the majority of the crowd was doing the same thing. They just didn’t dare to express this opinion outwardly out of fear.

Li Qiye posed coolly with both hands behind his back. No one could read his thoughts.

“Young Noble Li, I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds by destroying the Mu in your stead. Are you satisfied with the outcome?” The daoist cupped his fist towards Li Qiye and spoke with humility. He had no sign of anger like before as he tried to curry favor.

The crowd didn’t like this development because a truce might actually be possible now. After all, the daoist became far stronger after devouring the Mu System. Fiercest might not fight him since the two of them didn’t have a big feud.

“I don’t need anyone to help me finish my business.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I humbly apologize for making this mistake. I didn’t think it through and acted rashly, please be benevolent and forgive me.” The daoist bowed and smiled.

“So you don’t want revenge for your descendant?” Li Qiye became amused at this act.

“Of course not, I do not dare.” The daoist quickly responded: “He deserved death for being an ignorant fool. An insect like him dared to prance around in front of you, Young Noble? I would have killed him myself and bring his head to you.”

Everyone could see that the daoist was very afraid of Li Qiye, hence his current attitude.

As the saying goes - one can’t slap a smiling face. It wouldn’t be surprising for Fiercest to spare the daoist right now.

If the latter were to escape this place alive, he would become a calamity in the future. The spectators shuddered after thinking this through.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smirked, still impossible to read.

“Young Noble, if there is nothing else, please excuse me.” The daoist respectfully said: “If you ever need me in the future, just say the words and I will jump into the boiling water and offer my full assistance.”

The crowd became increasingly hopeless as this conversation went on. The daoist took it a step further, seemingly wanting to work under Li Qiye.

Who in this world wouldn’t want an Everlasting under them? Did really matter whether he was evil or not?

They started wondering if they would refuse while being in Li Qiye’s shoes. These two together would be quite frightening. No other systems would be able to oppose their tyranny.

“Don’t leave so soon.” Li Qiye chuckled and gestured at the guy.

“You have more words of wisdom to teach me?” The daoist took the role of inferiority. 

The crowd found it surprising that he maintained this humble act despite gaining an immense power boost earlier. 

In fact, they should be impressed with the daoist’s intelligence. He only went against Li Qiye to bait the Mu into using his fusion technique. Now with his goal accomplished, there was no need for him to fight Li Qiye any longer.

Plus, he could see that Li Qiye was unfathomable from the two previous exchanges, unable to read the guy’s true power.

“No wise words here. Make your move though.” Li Qiye said while posing in a confident manner.

The daoist’s expression obviously changed but he quickly put a smile back on: “You’re joking, Young Noble. You are the heaven’s favorite, the untouchable supreme of this generation. A weakling like me does not dare to be disrespectful towards you. Please forgive me.”

The daoist had no confidence right now because he hasn’t fully digested the system just yet. He needed to do so in order to fully turn back into his original self.

“Flattery is useless.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I have decided to kill so it doesn’t matter how much you beg. Make your move.”

“Yes!” Some of the crowd couldn’t help cheering. They became relieved since a truce won’t be happening. Fiercest seemed determined to kill the daoist.

“Fiercest is a man among men, that’s how one should be.” One ancestor gave a thumbs-up.

“He’s always so domineering, no one can compare with him in terms of style.” Another guy had a beaming smile.

Many considered him to be a savior right now due to his decision.

The daoist took one step back and smiled wryly: “Young Noble, there is no animosity between us, so why the need to fight? If you are angry about my interference earlier, I will apologize and prepare gifts until you are satisfied.”

The daoist wanted to leave as soon as possible since he wasn’t confident in winning. Complete refining the dao source’s power would allow him to grow much stronger. It wouldn’t be late then to come up with methods to kill this guy.

“Forget about escaping already.” Li Qiye smiled: “The Mu Clan invited a wolf into their own home, a suicidal endeavor, so I don't care about that. I’m not killing you to be a savior or anything but in my eyes, you deserve death, so I want to kill you right now. No need for any other reasons.”

“So cool. Who can stop Fiercest from killing when he wishes to do so?” The crowd was celebrating right now after hearing these “pleasant” words from Fiercest.

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