Chapter 2680: Dao Sealing The High Heaven

The fate of the daoist commanded everyone’s attention as they stared nervously at the crater. Some started praying for his well being even though they had nothing to do with him. As long as he was alive, they could still have a sliver of hope.

“Bam!” Sure enough, a figure soared to the sky after causing a storm of debris.

“Yes, he’s alive!” Someone shouted excitedly.

“Right, Solar Daoist is alive…” An emotional Eternal emphasized.

They heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, the daoist wasn’t defeated with a single move. Otherwise, it would be a fatal blow to all cultivators in Imperial as well. No one would be able to live well under Fiercest’s shadow.

The floating daoist looked quite sorry with blood everywhere. Though the hole in his chest has closed, a scar still remained. He no longer had the same transcending style as before.

Puresword True Emperor relaxed after seeing this because their carefully laid-out combination plan would be useless with the daoist dead.

Hope still remained at least. Perhaps the clan would still be able to reverse the tides.

“Looks like I have underestimated you.” The daoist scowled.

He has grown used to seeing the fear on everyone’s face after becoming an Everlasting. The whole world wanted to flatter and earn his grace. Even a behemoth like the Mu was respectful towards him.

Who would have thought that his first battle would result in an utter defeat? And to a junior at that.

This humiliation would forever be a stain in his life. This made him unable to stay cool and became visibly annoyed with murderous intent.

“Your sight simply stops at the Everlasting level so your knowledge is also inadequate, rendering you unable to see my true terror.” Li Qiye said flatly.

Everyone felt that he was qualified to make this disdainful statement. A being as powerful as the daoist was no different from a random passerby or a mere ant to Fiercest. His overwhelming strength left all of them breathless and robbed them of their goal in cultivation.

“It’s too early to speak! We have plenty of methods left. Let’s see who will be the last one smiling.” The daoist’s expression was ugly after hearing this.

“You can have a thousand methods and it’ll still be useless.” Li Qiye stretched and said: “Time to send all of you on your way and finish this.”

The crowd became tense. This nonchalant comment meant that a massacre was about to start. A character of Li Qiye’s level could cause unbelievable damage, turning this system into ashes in just a short time.

“Hmph.” The daoist scowled before exchanging glances with the emperor. The two of them then moved closer towards Li Qiye and assumed a pincer position.

The emperor was in front and the daoist in the back, ready to work together to suppress Li Qiye.

Of course, this situation wasn’t optimistic at all for them. The emperor was still wounded so they were inferior in terms of raw power. 

“It’s starting.” Some spectators became excited about the incoming ferocious battle.

“Decline is inevitable.” One ancestor gently sighed.

Both of these two were unquestionably tough but the spectators weren’t bullish about them. Li Qiye was just too unfathomable.

“Do they actually stand a chance?” One expert murmured.

“It’s hard.” An Eternal sighed in response: “Both the daoist and the emperor have used their ace cards. They need something even more heaven-defying to gain the upper hand. Otherwise, all of them and the Mu System will be annihilated by Fiercest. None of us is strong enough to actually have a good idea of Fiercest’s power. In my opinion, this is over unless a progenitor joins in.” 


“Okay, the two of you can start. Try your best so you can die without regrets.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

The two looked at each other again while wearing a serious grimace. They knew that even their combined effort wouldn’t be enough to take on Fiercest. Alas, they still needed to try.

“Hundred suns severing the samsara!” The daoist roared and attacked first. His one hundred suns became shiny as they followed the newly-emerged temporal lines. [1]

The temporal lines instantly reached Li Qiye’s own timeline. Next, a loud blast ensued as the suns flew straight at him.

The emperor made his move at this exact moment before Li Qiye’s counter in accordance to their plan.

“Dao sealing the high heaven!” He raised his Gluttonous Battle Rod.

It sent out numerous dao laws from a progenitor in the blink of an eye. One could hear metallic clankings since the laws turned into peerless chains that lock Li Qiye’s everything - his space and time, grand dao, vitality…

This progenitorial seal wished to render him immobile and helpless.

1. I thought they got destroyed earlier

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