Chapter 2673: Destructive Swing

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” A metallic harmonization could be heard as strands of dao laws descended from the great figure.

The laws fell into the dao source and began to absorb the true dao water, bringing it back to the emperor. The water quickly turned into a power source of the progenitorial level.

The spectators became slack-jawed after seeing this. They have never guessed about a method like this before, not even the knowledgeable Eternals and ancestors.

“That’s possible?” One ancestor smiled wryly: “Directly absorbing true dao water? A progenitor is just too unfathomable, capable of extracting a primal source of the dao.”

Everyone knew that a dao source co-existed together with true dao water. They were virtually the same thing, so a disciple from a system could extract this water for their own use.

The water and the source were connected by the power of a progenitor. If one could perform the extraction, it meant that they were capable of severing the existing ties, resulting in hurting the foundation of a system. This was detrimental to the future, akin to draining the pond to get the fish. No one wanted to do this for the sake of their descendants.

Puresword True Emperor was now taking in true dao water, even the power of the progenitor - the majority if not all of them.

“Wait a minute, it’s not the emperor doing it but rather the grand dao of the progenitor.” One wise ancestor noticed something.

Everyone got a better take of the situation right away. The grand dao of the progenitor has borrowed the emperor’s body so it was fine for the true dao water to enter him. They were one in the first place.

“This is ingenious by the Mu, very heaven-defying.” People finally understood the Mu’s ultimate move.

Their thirty-six elder ancestors brought out the scripture while the emperor lent his body for the grand dao, resulting in a great vessel containing the dao source’s power to take on Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” The form of the emperor right now resembled a glowing progenitor. This glow flipped the firmaments and tore apart the various celestials to the horror of the crowd.

“Boom!” The transformation was finished. Puresword True Emperor posed there with the might of an untouchable progenitor.

“Progenitor!” The members of the Mu System screamed and howled while prostrating on the ground.

“Progenitor, show the world our might!” They slammed their head on the ground while sobbing all over. Some became bloodied from overdoing it.

Being able to see the style of their progenitor was an honor for these disciples, a life worth living.

“Bam!” The emperor took one step forward, stomping out the yin and yang as a result. 

The destructive stomp robbed the breath of the spectators.

“It’s just like a progenitor coming back to life. The Mu has done it now.” One person shuddered and said in a daze.

“To the death.” The emperor’s voice threatened the land. This form of his had the bearing of a progenitor.

“Go, I’ve been waiting.” Li Qiye smiled and got up.

Eyes were agape with anticipation. No one wanted to miss this brilliant fight.

“Die!” The emperor roared and swung his rod.

“Boom!” The world turned dark as everything returned to the origin - a chaotic mess. Light, yin and yang, karma, cycles - all were utterly shattered back to the primordial chaos. The celestials and various affinities disappeared.

One could hear the cry of the gluttonous beast. The listeners dropped to the ground, paralyzed.

“Oh, mother!” People still cried out despite knowing that the smash wasn’t aimed at them.

Even Eternals felt insignificant before this suppressive smash. That’s why they were forced down on their knees and couldn’t stand up straight. Loud thumps resounded everywhere.

“Bang!” The rod finally struck Li Qiye.

He didn’t use a weapon against this mighty attack, still preferring to block with his bare hands.

They became golden and shiny as if cast from gold. He crossed them in order to stop the apocalyptic hit.

The world and time itself nearly faced extinction. Debris and dust scattered all around.

Li Qiye was pushed below the ground; the area nearby got pulverized. Who knows if he was still in one piece?

The horrified crowd became frozen. That smash earlier could have ended an entire system. How many people could actually withstand it?

“Is he dead?” The crowd exchanged glances.

“He’s probably in bits and pieces now.” Those who have absolute faith in Li Qiye started wavering because that hit earlier was something else. It was as if Progenitor Mu Yun himself delivered it.

“Alright, the Mu is still unshakable.” People concluded.

If someone else were to fight the Mu while leading all of the experts in their system, that hit earlier would have ended them too.

“Rumble!” The earth started shaking, then the sky.

The rod pushing down was being slowly lifted up.

“Look, it’s Fiercest!” A keen-eyed spectator shouted.

Everyone looked down and saw Li Qiye’s arms still crossing to stop the rod. He was glowing with strands of chaos energy as big as waterfalls.

This chaos energy was unreasonably thick. He seemed to be coming out of the primordial chaos, almost like a being existing before the start of the world.

He possessed the origin forces even before channeling his aura, becoming the start of this world - its progenitor.

“Rumble!’ He continued to push up the unstoppable rod.

The rod exuded an endless amount of progenitorial power but this wasn’t enough to suppress Li Qiye.

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