Chapter 2669: Simple Win

The divine peaks and majestic figures seemed to be coming back to life, fueled by the power of the entire system.

“Sixty-four peaks, sixty-four unstoppable beings.” One person quietly said after tallying.

“The sixty-four ancestors! The great followers of Progenitor Mu Yun with no lack of emperors and Everlastings among them.” An ancestor from a different system recognized their background.

“Progenitor Mu Yun must have been insanely strong.” Someone else shuddered after feeling this aura.

Of course, these ancestors were no longer around. Even if they were still alive, they couldn’t stay at the Mu Clan anyway. These peaks and figures were supreme techniques left behind by them to protect the clan.

“Progenitor Mu Yun was indeed invincible in his era. Just these sixty-four ancestors leading legions alone were enough to sweep through Three Immortals, completely unbeatable. From a historical perspective, Progenitor Mu Yun still stood out among his peers. After all, an immortal-level progenitor is no joke.” One Eternal commented.

Everyone had respect for this particular being. A progenitor was impressive enough, let alone one at the immortal level.

“Boom!” The sixty-four peaks became resplendent and transparent. Each of them gestated profundities and runes containing boundless dao power.

The various dao runes floated up like the tides and imprinted themselves onto the figures.

“Buzz.” Rays of light capable of cutting the world and the stars emerged from these figures in a blinding manner.

“Boom!” The figures seemed to be coming back to life to their peak state. Their eyes resembled numerous suns capable of scorching the ground.

Everyone shuddered before their terrible power. Just their gazes alone could render these spectators to ashes.

“Seal!” The figures shouted in unison. They didn’t waste time and gathered a storm of dao within their palms.

“Pop!” Everyone sensed the various affinities of the world being sucked out by these ancestors and became frozen. This ability was truly frightening. Their opponents would become helpless as a result.

“Now!” They roared again, unleashing this temporal freezing ability downward.

The dao of time was still shiny but it has been engulfed by this particular ability right now. It has exceeded speed and entered the domain of time mastery while shooting for Li Qiye.

“Pop!” It was impossible to dodge because all beings were contained within the timeline.

Thus, when this dao seal came knocking, the victim’s past, present, and future were all frozen. Running or resisting were impossible. 

Everyone saw Li Qiye standing there like a statue. His personal timeline was still shiny but he couldn’t move.

This temporal blockade was extremely resilient. Nothing could break it down to free the victim inside.

“What do you think?” People glanced at each other.

“It’s amazing. Even a frog inside the well can see how strong Progenitor Mu Yun used to be back then.” 

“Yes, the progenitor had a mythical ability to control time, that’s why these ancestors are able to work together to step into this temporal domain to seal the enemy.” One ancestor said.

Remember, the clan was illustrious even back in Immortal Lineage. If they didn’t provoke Magnificence True Emperor, perhaps they would still be up there right now.

“But Fiercest is invincible, or so people say, can he be sealed just like that?” One young expert stated his skepticism about Li Qiye’s reputation.

“You’re still too young, boy. Watch, Progenitor Mu Yun isn’t the only person with mastery over time.” A powerful ancestor who has seen Li Qiye in action before chuckled.

“Buzz.” The moment this ancestor finished speaking, Li Qiye inside the temporal blockade rattled ever so slightly.

“Crack.” The minute movement still caused cracks all over his sealed temporal dao.

Next, the blockade shattered and he walked out.

“See, boy, don’t look down on Fiercest.” The previous ancestor smiled.

“Progenitor Mu Yun’s temporal mastery is only average at best. Maybe he can put up a fight in person.” Li Qiye claimed.

“Seal!” The sixty-four figures tried again with the same temporal sealing ability. A bright expanse descended again from above.

“So elementary.” Li Qiye said while slightly shaking again. In this split second, he has jumped out of both the past and future and poofed away.

“Boom!” The temporal seal instantly failed.

Li Qiye emerged again within their domain. Each of his steps began to suppress the Mu residence.

“Kill him!” The figures shouted and raised their hands. 

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Countless swords soared to the sky to form an ocean of blades.

Sword energies ravaged a million-mile surrounding like a storm. They slashed together, severing the dao with a god-slaying sharpness.

“What a joke.” Li Qiye reached down and pulled up a mountain range spanning for ten million miles.

“Boom!” The mountain range was refined after one caress, turning into a steel truncheon.

“Rumble!” He swung mercilessly and crushed the incoming swords.

After taking care of this ocean, he took another step forward for another smash.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” This mighty smash crushed the sixty-four peaks to smithereens along with the ancestral figures. 

The crowd was completely shaken. Nothing was left but debris; the area has turned into ruins.

The created momentum of the sixty-four ancestors and their abilities no longer existed.

The move felt so simple, just a single smash. This was something usually seen in a fight between two villagers. 

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