Chapter 2665: Lunar Sickle Formation

There was no point in hiding now and his plan was nearing fruition, needing only one last step.

“Fools, I didn’t give a damn since you two didn’t provoke me during your schemes but now, there will be consequences.” Li Qiye said murderously.

“No plans are perfect.” Lucidity King laughed in response: “The only mistake was miscalculating your power level, or it would have been flawless.”

The ancestors and Eternals nearby took a deep breath.

“Lucidity King used everyone as his chess pieces, stabilizing Nine Secrets on top of breaking the stalemate in Imperial.” One of them said.

They could see his plan now and became both creeped out and impressed.

He has reigned for three generations but Nine Secrets had a state of balance, same with Imperial and the three behemoths. However, everything changed after his fake death. The five great powers in Nine Secrets were broken down; the political landscape of Imperial changed drastically.

“I’ll kill you two first before the rest. Blood will flood Imperial’s sky today!” Li Qiye mercilessly said.

People could already smell the stench of blood and see the red ocean right now.

“A disaster is coming… Lucidity King brought this upon himself, but what about the rest?” One ancestor felt cold all over.

“Go!” Sun Lengying signaled for Lucidity King to escape while turning to flee.

They knew that there was no opposing Li Qiye since they weren’t stronger than the previous four masters. Everyone knew how that fight went.

“Protect your king!” A loud explosion occurred. Silver Secret Legion has arrived on the scene.

This was the strongest legion in Nine Secrets and one of the top legions in all of Imperial. Their march looked like a scaly dragon dancing across the sky.

They blocked in front of the two, acting like an endless wall sealing off this portion of the world to stop Li Qiye.

“They all going to die.” One ancestor shook his head.

Having the number advantage was meaningless when fighting against someone at Li Qiye’s level. One hundred or ten thousand troops were the same thing in his eyes; this applied to the elites of this legion too.

Despite the suicidal endeavor, they still stood strong because Lucidity King personally recruited them. They had absolute loyalty to him so death was just fine.

“Slay him!” The legion let out a battle roar.

“Buzz…” Numerous silver glints flashed. They turned all of their vitality and grand dao power into the sharpest silver rays.

The tsunami of rays instantly flew straight for Li Qiye, seemingly able to turn the world into a sieve.

This awesome move could destroy any kingdom or sect, but it was useless before Li Qiye. A protective glow emerged around him and none of the rays could get through.

This was an unfair battle. He could casually destroy this legion when playing around, let alone now in his furious state.

“Yeah, Silver Secret won’t exist after today.” One Eternal said with certainty.

“To formation!” The captains roared.

More silver rays shot to the sky, looking like the sharpest blades that could cut through space itself.

“Clank!” A chilling metallic resonation echoed after the formation was formed. In the sky was a large crescent moon, acting like a sickle.

It poured down shiny, razor-sharp light strands. Each strand could pierce through the earth and kill numerous experts. 

In fact, they could take down the majority of disciples from a sect before they could even react, crucifying them to the ground.

This silver sickle looked like the weapon of a death god, full of murderous aura and ready to reap countless lives. Just one sweep from it could take down a million lives.

“Lunar Sickle! The strongest ace card of the legion, but unfortunately, this is still not enough.” An Eternal shook his head.

The legion was powerful indeed, hence its world-renowned status. This particular move was notorious too.

During their conquest with Lucidity King, the legion had used this move to destroy a great sect and millions of people. That battle successfully intimidated the world, letting everyone know their potential for massacre.

Because of this, Silver Secret has always been Lucidity King’s trump card. The other legions from this system weren’t on the same level.

“Death!” The members of the legion roared again. There was no take back after this slash - the sickle needed to see blood.

“Clank!” The moon in the sky cut down at Li Qiye and instantly separated space. Numerous stars were lacerated as if they were pieces of tofu. This had enough force to separate a system into two halves as well.

The crowd was scared out of their mind while thinking that this slash could annihilate their entire system.

“Boom!” Li Qiye didn’t bother dodging. He simply raised his hand and grabbed the entire sickle.

The large moon couldn’t move at all, completely suppressed by him. The slash didn’t manage to wound him in the slightest to the astonishment of the spectators.

Eternals and ancestors had an awkward smile on their face. This slash was strong enough to kill an Eternal but not strong enough to see play against Li Qiye.

“Boom!” He flipped his palm and broke the moon before turning his sight towards the legion.

“Ahh!” Waves of miserable screams echoed in the sky. More than ten thousand members from Silver Secret Legion were turned into blood mists from a single palm crush from Li Qiye.

This mighty legion looked like insects in this fight, so easily defeated.

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